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  • Orange is the New Black - in small doses, it's really intense and reminds me about the failures of our society
  • Call the Midwife - I liked that jenny didn't fall in love with the guy who pursues her, and she did break up with the married guy.  It's an interesting combination of romance, religion and gritty reality, and the screaming labor is always
  • MASH - We used to watch it every week, when it was a contemporary answer to the Vietnam War, it's weird seeing the period from so far away. Parts of it have aged better than others, the sexism is gross but Larry Linville is oddly attractive at times.
  • Almighty Johnsons - Such weird show, but I like it a lot, and my fave Dean O'Gorman is very fun to watch.  It starts off very male but gets more balanced and has truly unexpected plot twists.  The Axl/Helen bodyswap episode is bizarrely  funny and memorable and the Gin Wigmore soundtrack is great.
  • Tried Silver Linings Playbook and was bored out of my skull.
  • The West Wing - girlchild adores it, the crackly dialog, she has no idea what a great fantasy that was during the Bush administration
Amazon Prime (they are losing money on us, heh)
  • Dancing on the Edge- Jazz musicians in 1930s England - we finished this one, Angel Coulby & Chiwetel Ejiofor were good, but the plot was a gigantic mess and not much was resolved.  Loved Wunmi Mosaku as the backup singer who comes into her own.
  • Borgia - parts of it work for me, some of the costumes are spectacular, but there's way too much exposition, Cesare looks and acts like a young Sean Penn, and Pope Alexander with a New York accent is just jarring.
  • The Americans - girlchild likes it, I'm not entirely sure. 
  • VEEP - just starting this, so far not too much embarrassment humor
  • Mozart in the Jungle - all of them have interesting flaws, and there's a certain schadenfreude in seeing beautiful people in imperfect lives. (I got a 3 month sub to try it out)
  • Poldark - Aidan Turner acting moody and shirtless, also pretty costumes, pretty Cornwall, OTT plot...
  • The Blue Rose - a temp and her friends fighting corruption in New Zealand, with a bit by Mark Ferguson
  • Falcón - Spanish police detective in Seviille, actors include Marton Csokas, Hayey Atwell, Santiego Cabera, all looking gorgeous
  • The Clinic - Irish medical clinic soap opera, nicely done, eventually will have a young Aidan Turner as the receptionist
  • Partners in Crime - Agatha Christie's Tommy and Tuppence, looking forward to that!
Other means
  • Underground (WGN) the trailer looks good, and I was annoyed with Turn for so little Aldus Hodge, and I hope it's a great story of slaves freeing themselves
  • Agent Carter - bought season 1 on itunes, and probably will get the second one for female friendship if nothing else

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