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I have *stuff*, what should I post first?

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research on new ways to deal with student loan debt
9 (60.0%)

catch up on the lotrips listing*
4 (26.7%)

evidence (not much) about women's lives in pre-Islamic Arabia
9 (60.0%)

picspam from the Two Towers-era promo shots from karin-woywod (with permission)
7 (46.7%)

the next chapter of that Dom/Billy/Rachel happy kinky threesome**
1 (6.7%)

picspam of Dom's character in FF lounging around with a nearly-naked woman
2 (13.3%)

the beginnings of an Eijah/Sean Bean commentfic
2 (13.3%)

something completely different (explain below)
1 (6.7%)

ticky box!
3 (20.0%)

ticky ticky bang, bang!
9 (60.0%)

happy ticky in my pants!
1 (6.7%)

something completely different:

*[livejournal.com profile] lotrips LotR RPS fanfic listing which I am way behind on.

**[livejournal.com profile] push_pull_push our ongoing happy kinky threesome AU
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