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There was a young actor named Dom,
Who wore eyeliner with without any qualm.
When asked "why the show?"
He said "Don't you know?"
"I live to amuse," with aplomb.

- written my RPG character, Vanilla Billy on the Establishment

One of my mailing lists has a report on the Berlin premiere. )
TORN confirmation of our tickets )

No news on my father-in-law yet.


2003-12-11 10:33 pm
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My father-in-law is doing surprisingly well, thank you all for your kind thoughts and sympathy.

To cheer me up, the following report came over a mailing list and I have permission to post it.

(And there is some question as to whether Dom's German grammar was correct, did he say he was born in Berlin, or gave birth there? "Ich wurd geboren in Berlin." vs. "Ich habe geboren in Berlin." [livejournal.com profile] shirasade reports he got it the wrong way around. At least he's not a jelly doughnut, like President Kennedy.)

my friend's Berlin Premiere notes )

Also posted in my _silver_star_ journal, so you can refer the slash-averse.
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