2003-09-29 11:02 pm
msilverstar: (they say)
So I put on Sharon Osborn to watch Dom because, well, everyone else was. Am on Pacific time so I got [livejournal.com profile] undone27's transcript ahead of time, as well as screen caps.

I was in the living room, so I ended up watching whilst sitting next to t'husband and t'son. (Kid liked Paul Rodriguez, so it was a net gain). But I found that I wasn't really likely to perform fangirlish squealing anyway.

Watching Dominic, I find his looks are quite unexceptional. Cute but nothing earthshaking, though his voice is nicely velvety. I feel pretty much the same about all of the guys except Viggo, and him only when he turns teh sexeh on. I'm enjoying the fun they have in public performance, especially the hobbits, but I'd rather talk to them than snog them!

Doesn't seem to stop me from devouring good smut, or even writing some of my own, but it makes everything quite AUish.
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