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Pairing: Billy Boyd / Viggo Mortensen - LOTR RPS
Rating: PG-13
Author: MSilverstar
Date September 16, 2003
Feedback: yes please! also constructive criticism of any kind.
Disclaimer: not true, I made it up
Archive: yes, go ahead, please let me know
Notes: For all of you who wanted more Billy-Viggoverse after JalapeƱo and Burns Night (Haggis). Written for the LiveJournal Contra Le Montre non-alcoholic drink challenge.
Note 2: My web site is finally up. Took me long enough.


Tea for everyday, maté for remembrance.

Echoes of Ophelia, and Swann. You can't remember all the time, that way lies madness. But sometimes forgetting is worse.

The taste of maté brings it all back.

How his arms can be hard and soft at the same time. What happens when you laugh whilst fucking. Tenderness that melts reserve, that makes your heart unfold in your chest like a flower. A rare smile lighting up any room. How he goes quiet sometimes, needs to be held. The smell of dirt, tang of sweat, taste of semen.

Some people cry in their beer.

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