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I would so love to go with fan-friends, the pretty is the only reason I'm going and it won't be nearly as much fun alone.

*waves hands, jumps up and down* is there anyone around here???

[livejournal.com profile] skyeathena seems to have just had a flying visit and I'm loooonely. If any of you know fans around here, in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, please send them to me. I promise not to blather too much.
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My ticket is for October 7 (Tuesday) 10 am (when they open). I haven't made an overseas phone call in ages, had to remember the UK country code (I do know it's 44). Instructions here, should be able to order online (grump). I got one extra ticket, I'm sure someone will want to come. Or I could scalp it ;-). WOTR says tickets are going fast, but they were quite open for the days I wanted.

I've decided I'm going to use LJ as an actual journal (amazing thought, no?). If you want to read my travails, let me know and I'll friend you from that journal. I'd prefer to keep this one relatively cheerful.
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rec: [livejournal.com profile] andrealyn just wrote ABC,123 (NC-17), a fabulous sexy Billy/Dom/Orlando threesome that subtly cycles among points of view, using letters of the alphabet to start paragraphs. (And I just got the 123 joke.)

rec: [livejournal.com profile] strawberryelfsp has a funny Billy/Dom trilogy starting with Billy loopy from painkillers: Out of My Head, then Four To Six Hours Later, and ...And Call Me in the Morning (last one rated R-ish) Lovely angsty-schmoopy Dom with a smartass interior monologue and a longing for love. It may have started with a joke as crack!fic, but it certainly ended in a very satisfying way, hot and sweet together.

For [livejournal.com profile] shaenie and other fans of The Billeh, a larger-than-life picture, still crisp and clear, at patsie999's journal

From my favorite columnist of all time, and a friend from The Well, the inimitable Jon Carroll:

... All of which is but mere prelude to The Box Office Oracle, a site that lets you create your own movie and instantly see how it did at the box office, its critical response and its Oscar chances. Be a studio executive in the privacy of your own home! Tinker with the fate of movie stars! Lions and tigers and bears!
more from Jon on this topic )

and the exceedingly funny 'homosexual agenda' revealed )

And to bed for me too, before midnight, amazing. I hope I won't wake up at 5:30 am again.
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