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for the Lotrips 100 challenge, the sin of gluttony

There's a bubble nestling in the little hollow at the base of his neck while he's creating bubble fantasias for the children. You watch as the bubble gets thinner until it finally pops.

Your mouth waters for the combination of sweat and sex and plastic and machine oil that all taste of Richard to you. The taste of shared ambition, from before you started the machine that may kill you yet.

Fran thinks you stopped years ago. But when filming gets overwhelming, you and he sometimes run away and fuck. It might be called gluttony, but it keeps you sane.
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Note: I think this is a charming story and am pleased to post it here, by permission of the author.

Title: Padding Around
Author: Hanarobi
Rating: PG-13. For Language mostly.
Pairing: EW and very mild implied EW/DM
Summary: Elijah wandering around, wondering.
Point: All who wander are not lost. Then again, some are. At least for a while.
Feedback: Yes, please. It is my first story.
Thanks: To Msilverstar for the beta and for the really nice welcome.
Disclaimer: Total work of fiction. I know nothing about any of these people. I certainly don't know anything about anyone's sexual orientation. No profit.  Just for entertainment.

Padding Around )
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