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I love research so much, it's ridiculous. I have a story bunny and now I know a whole lot about New Zealand's stance on imported Left-Hand Drive (driver's seat on the left) cars.

so I'm going to share it! )

Wish I'd spend as much time actually writing...
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I had 27 windows open, most of them with at least five tabs. I keep meaning to comment, to rec, to read more carefully... but it isn't going to happen. I apologize for not doing all those good things, but I'm making links as I finally get them closed:

[ profile] greenqueen's nostalgic LotR actors (huggy) picspam

LOST Finale Explained Well - one of the show's writers makes a whole lot more clear to me.

It's [ profile] monaboyd_month! 30+ days of DomandBilly fannish goodness :-D

LotR actor picspams, Billy Boyd news, femslashy porn inspiration, kink poll, etc. )

also, updated my fanfiction recs


2009-11-08 06:20 pm
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I'm not doing NaNoWrimo, but am doing WriSoMiFu (Write Something You Miserable Fuck). I've written 1663 1403 words of what's going to be some very kinky character development for Billy in our Push-Pull-Push universe. Also going to be posting a new fic there tomorrow, finally

Viggo,fug Charlize Theron went to the AFI tribute to Viggo this week. Shame her dress is so fugly. I thought the GoFug girls would hate it, and I was right. It's all pretty awful, but that hemline is all kinds of fail. via just_jared, I think.

There's a really good interview with Viggo on the CBC site for the show The Hour. He shows up about 28 minutes in, saying he drove from New York state and got stuck at the border: he's clearly a bit punchy and silly, makes Leafs jokes (Toronto hockey team) in the middle of describing The Road (very spoilery), and generally seems a bit sillier than normal. Link from viggo-works.

Dom with a snake on his head cut for squicks )

Short documentary on Sean Bean's movie Cash, has Sean in an amusing pompadour hairstyle ) link via [ profile] bean_daily

And finally, Sir Christopher Lee! )
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[ profile] acari had a fab post on German words in English. I took a history of the English language course in college and never quite recovered ;-) )

The most widely used Yiddish-derived word in fandom is "maven", meaning someone who's an expert in a field, with the connotation of also being trustworthy and helpful. William Safaire popularized it, calling himself a language maven in the 60s.

ETA: the above is about Yiddish-in-American-English, not at all about UK or Commonwealth English. Yiddish being pretty much a mix of German and Hebrew, with some Russian and Polish thrown in, spoken by Ashkenazi Jews who lived in The Pale, an area pretty much overlayed by and variously ruled by Germany, Russia, Poland and Lithuania. My great-grandparents were native Yiddish speakers but I don't know much at all, which makes me kinds sad.
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[ profile] feelforfaith and I are planning to start [ profile] lotrips_remix signups later this month after the Slashy Oscars nominations are closed.

Yet more fandom stuff )

Happy (late) Birthday to sophrosyne31, who still stops in to post, sometimes angry, sometimes content, always wonderful. I am SO glad we got to meet that time, even if it was raining!

And early to yueni: I hope your China plans work out and you find things more exciting and satisfying there! Please let us know how it goes, good or bad, ok?

I don't know exactly when Dani's (juke_box_dive) birthday is, but it's coming soon. You are one of my favorite writers in fandom, able to weave details into an amazing tapestry of words. You write with such empathy, bringing me in to every emotion and sensation as I read. You are also a pinkly fabulous person! Happy birthday!
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I've read a hell of a lot of LOTR RPS, and I've never seen one which used the exact words of the original, without author credit

But the evidence of extensive copying and pasting of text from "Jane Eyre" into the published version of [ profile] namarie120's story "A Hidden Passage" is compelling. I admire [ profile] caras_galadhon for bringing out into the open.

My problem with this the situation is that the author accepted the praise, awards, and publication as though she deserved credit. If she'd said something about how great a writer Charlotte Brontë was, and explained that a huge part of the story was lifted from the original, that would have been appropriate attribution. Accepting those compliments was more than just a lie, and accepting the award it wronged the writers who wrote every word of their fic.

the original fanfic Disclaimer and the published Author's Note )

an anon said: i was betrayed by someone i trusted. i was made to feel a fool for lavishing praise on someone who claimed someone else's work..

That makes me very sad. I don't want [ profile] namarie120 to delete her journal and run away. What I'd like to have seen, and to see now, would be an acknowledgment that large parts of the story were not hers, an apology for misleading people, and for her to return the Slashy Oscar award so it can be given to the runner up.

What should we do next time, if we see something in a fic that's way too familiar? I don't really know, but in this case, emailing to her clearly did not work, because several people tried that. Perhaps friends in a group could approach the author and encourage her or him to come clean. And, as a final step, posting to a journal or to a community might be necessary. Because it's a moral and ethical error to plagiarize, and the faster we get it over with, the better. Anyone with other thoughts or useful experience, please tell me, I want to know!

More useful posts on this topic by caras_galadhon (the original post), slashfairy's meditation on it, telesilla's lively discussion, and jasmineskie's comment.

To end on an up note (via [ profile] ruuger), a fabulous pastiche with a very distinctive and un-Brontë voice: JAYNE EYRE! (Link found in Fandom_Wank)
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I'm not doing nanowrimo, as I don't seem to have a novel in me waiting to get out. I do have some WIPs that I adore, so I am doing [ profile] wrisomifu aka Write Something, You Miserable Fuck, because I want to get them done and posted so (maybe someone else can love them too).

Join us? [ profile] wrisomifu - So you suck. Nobody cares. (Because we all do, too.)

(wording gacked from [ profile] apple_pi)

ETA: "membership will be open to new members until midnight (PST) on Thursday, November 1", but I have to send them names to invite. So I will OF COURSE!
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From today's Language Log:
The different forms of the pronoun they have been used with singular antecedents throughout the history of English. The established usage is to use it when the antecedent is so indefinite that any choice of gender would be unmotivated: any employee who wants their office repainted, or a customer who finds that their shipment was incomplete. Most writers use this (it is particuarly common in Jane Austen, for example), and almost everyone does in speech. It is not a mistake and never has been. Singular they is an excellent choice in many contexts when choice of a gendered singular pronoun would imply falsely that one sex or the other is being excluded. To say Every writer has his own style implies that all writers are male. If your company is open to hiring women as writers, then Every writer has their own style is preferable. (Older grammars that say he can be used to include females are just factually wrong: notice that the phrase if either your father or your mother breaks his hip is incoherent!).
I've been saying this for years. Nice to have linguistic support.

ETA: the dinosaurs agree (via [ profile] buckle_berry)
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After much work, and working as a team with [ profile] yueni, the Lotrips Slasha baby 2006 stories are up! All 57 of them! There are some stories I really love in there. It's my present to fandom :-)

I wrote a backup this time, wonder if anyone will guess which one ;-)

Now, I'm off to see the relatives: I promise to try to relax and enjoy it.

(I'd meant to post an entry with the header for each story in the comm and link to the page, so people can comment. I'll do it on Wednesday, unless someone feels very energetic and wants to volunteer. It's dull but easy work, and doesn't require access to the server. If you feel like doing this, let me know and I'll deputize you.)
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I just found out that I really don't like dialog-only fic. The [ profile] workshoppers comm started with that format, and I found it frustrating to read, couldn't write it, couldn't even give helpful feedback. I suppose it's good to have learned it now.

How about you all? Do you like dialog-only fic, hate it or have mixed reactions?
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There's a meme floating around (as memes are wont to do) about favorite characters in various books and movies. And I tried to figure out my favorite characters in the Lord of the Rings, and failed miserably.

I love them all. From Frodo to Gandalf to Fatty Bolger to Tom Bombadil to Aragorn to Elrond to Galadrial to Theodin to Eowyn to Faramir to Sam to Gimli to Merry to Arwen to Legolas to Pippin...I even have some sympathy for Denethor, Snaga and Grishnakh. Can't possibly choose a favorite.

And apparently that all-inclusive philosophy came with me to Lotrips. I'm not complaining.
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The Lotrips Remix '06 is up and running, and I hope everyone considers joining in. There have been some amazing stories in the past, and I'm very much looking forward to reading what we can do this year. Please consider joining: the more energetic and creative people we have involved, the merrier!

Fabulous Remixes from 2003

Fantastic Remixes from 2004

Delightful Remixes from 2005
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Happy birthday to [ profile] madzilla, [ profile] zoniduck, [ profile] 2am_optimism, [ profile] dancingyel, and [ profile] kiltsandlollies! Some of my favorite people online -- may your next years be wonderful!

I haven't been posting anything personal lately because nothing much has changed. I am feeling more creative, though -- viz my recent drabble :-) I also co-wrote some happy domestic sex for establishment!Billy and Rachel.
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My Establishment fic is fairly readable as standalone fic, and therefore, I link.

est!Billy is happily engaged to Rachel Weisz and spent Valentine's evening on their couch having sexy fun.

est!Miranda is unattached, exploring mild kink and friendly sex with David Tennant. The first time, he took the lead, but the second time she topped, and quite enjoyed herself.

est!Alan Cumming is cheerfully switching (and swishing) his way around The Est. He and Lin Fiorentino had a lovely spanky evening.

I had a fantastic time writing these. They're pretty much PWP but I adore these characters and think the results are pretty damn hot.
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Sky News mentions LOST and singles out Dom as a British actor, but not Naveen or Adewale. Racist much?

I wonder if the LOST cast color-coordinated for the SAGs, cos they look great, esp. Maggie Grace in that spectacular copper gown. But I think that was a happy metrosexual Hollywood kiss Dom gave Naveen, nothing really exciting.

Was watching Good Eats and saw glimpses of Orlando in an ad for an Elizabethtown party thing ("Behind the Bash") on the Food Network, Wednesday Feb. 1, evening. I'm sure it will make Orli-fans happy to watch.

Random: kidlet was right, rainbows do have red on top. I assumed that infrared shorter wavelength would make the red on the bottom, but nooooo.

And I have my tigging chops back. *glomps co-writers* I dunno if I'm writing anything worth reading, but I am so enjoying the process. Someday: solofic!
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Monty Python meme: Right. You're in. Listen. The only people we hate more than the Romans are the fucking Judean People's Front. That always cracks me up!

Really cute pictures of Dom and Evi on the beach in Hawaii, playing and kissing.

Fabulous pictures from [ profile] lilithlotr of Viggo at the History of Violence opening in Spain.

Amazing pictures of Miranda lately on [ profile] otto_daily, and she's coming to the One Ring Convention in January! I am so going, mostly to see her, Billy, and my darling friends. And I am so not buying the fancy expensive tickets -- Creation was incompetent last time and I expect they will be again. I'll go à la carte and just get what I really want.

Miranda RPS thoughts )
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I am way behind on commenting and reccing and life. Still love you all but yikes! Don't be surprised to get late late comments from me cos there are things I need to say, but also don't be surprised if I'm not commenting where you think I might.

ETA: Viggo on Charlie Rose and Letterman: both fabulous interviews in different ways! Viggo was my intro to Lotrips and fandom, and I still adore him!

LOST stuff )

Neil Gaiman )

movies, omg so many, esp. Serenity! )

thoughts about storytelling vs. catharsis )
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I'm writing Billy in the Establishment RPG. The rest of the Est is a kinky BDSM club for celebrities, but Billy is straight and vanilla and quite on the outside. It's fun -- I always have to be different, so it works for me.

In the game, Billy is still very close to Dom and Elijah, who are in an intense though loving relationship. This means I get to write with [ profile] almostnever and [ profile] anatsuno which makes me very very happy. They are fabulous at writing on several levels, and surprise me in wonderful ways all the time.

Est!Billy talking with Dom and a little with Lij )

and now for something out of game character )
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I dreamed about Dominic, but not in a good way. In my dream, he going to be executed on some trumped-up charge. He was saying goodbye to his beautiful little daughter, saying he would never see her again, but she should always remember that he loved her. It hurts to just think about it, even 14 hours later.

I think the dream came from a combination of seeing pictures of the execution scene from Monseigneur Renard and current death penalty sentences in the state of California (one was just stayed to examine evidence).

So I decided to use it. I wrote it into an RPG, where my Billy character in the Est dreams it about Dom and calls to tell him. I think that helped.

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