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[personal profile] hanarobi suggested that I try posting tersely. So I am.

Today I ended up working on details because the big picture is too much. So far behind in everything else.
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  • [ profile] slashababy lotrips holiday fic exchange (10th anniversary, I just realized that!)

  • a gorgeous photo of Sean Astin and Billy from RingCon! I tried to make an icon but it was all muddy :-(

    (via astinland and -- there's more here)

  • I finished our 2011 taxes! (self-employment made things complicated, extension runs to October 15 so it was a Deadline)

  • Had a scare at work but did not get fired, just asked to telecommute more. My contract's up in December and is not getting renewed mainly because my boss wants someone to be her acolyte rather than her equal. Sigh.
ETA: fixed the LJ link, d'oh


2009-12-30 07:30 pm
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I've been working away at a particular problem for ages, kept being defeated about every week in the last two months or so. AND I FINALLY FIXED IT! My self-esteem was seriously cracking. And I'm getting paid (not enough) to write about it. FIXED!

Also, Peter Jackson is being knighted, apparently as a "Knight Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit". Yay?
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Hiya all, I have a problem I've never come across before and can't find the answer in my books or searches.

I need to send specific parameters based on whether or not a field is filled in. If field A is filled in, I need to send ps=A:foo, etc. Advice? directions? Could I do it in XSLT? I'm fine with that, I just need to do it reasonably cleanly.

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I was chatting with a senior marketing guy I know at the conference, and he mentioned that people keep asking him for references to people who can write blogs for their corporations.

The cool thing is that he already educates them about how this kind of blog is not marketing fluff, it's a conversation with customers (and potential customers). And when I critiqued one major issue in his product's blog, he agreed. Good sign.

I said I knew a bunch of incredibly articulate but ridiculously underpaid writers. He said, send me their names and I will pass them on. Companies would get coherent writing and you'd get paid real money -- good deal all around.

Those of you who are un- and under-employed and interested, please comment here or email me. Would be good if you have a non-fandom or at least non-porn blog that you can show him.
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One of my friends is getting linked from the forums at and he's quite curious as to what they're saying about his software. He's one of the coolest hippie-programmer guys left, it's educational/science software, Graphing Calculator, at So if anyone is a member, please let me know. He doesn't want to intrude, just dying of curiousity about the gist of the discussion.

ETA: their webmaster is a geek, so information has been transferred ;-)
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I'm going be in DC next week, Wednesday-Friday, and I need to choose a hotel near the Library of Congress, which I think is downtown (been decades since I've been there). I'm looking for something quiet, $150 per night or less and with wireless internet. Suggestions?

Of course, I'd love to get together with people! Wednesday night and Friday day/evening are best. Please let me know!

Also, I have a hotel in NY but would love to see people: Saturday and Sunday are best for me. Anyone want to go see Threepenny Opera with me?
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My sweet old Mac server blew its hard drive today, so some mail is bouncing hard, and is down. Sigh.

I have a helpful and very cute (bike rider, lycra pants) geek offering to fix me up with a new server and mail handling. But it will take some time. and effort that I'll have to take from writing and RPSing.

If you need to get ahold of me, msilverstar at livejournal dot com still works.
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