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I'm going to New York for my yearly conference, and am considering upgrading to business class. It's a hassle: merging the family air miles, going from a less-convenient airport and paying an extra $50 over JetBlue. Anyone know if it's worthwhile?
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My talk went really really well. At least five people told me so :-D The case studies on the same topic were interesting and none of them contradicted me, which is always nice. Mucho gracias to [ profile] cara_chapel and [ profile] megolas in particular, who chatted me through various panic attacks. What a week.

I was too late to get stuff from the deli, and I ended up rushing around the airport like a mad thing, got the gate wrong and thought I had to run to the other end of the terminal, and spilled papaya juice all over my takeout food. Papaya juice looks really really gross when dripping off food. It was hurry up and wait -- plane left an hour late and I was bored out of my gourd and watching mostly bad TV (except Jon Stewart who I loved), and tired but not sleepy, which was good cos there was a baby crying across the aisle about half the time.

Home is wonderful, my kids are darling, my husband and I had a long cuddle and talk, I went back to sleep this morning and am finally mostly-rested.

BBCA is having Sharpe on Saturday, Secret Smile with David Tennant on Monday, and Green Wing sometime soon. Yay for cable!
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I'm going be in DC next week, Wednesday-Friday, and I need to choose a hotel near the Library of Congress, which I think is downtown (been decades since I've been there). I'm looking for something quiet, $150 per night or less and with wireless internet. Suggestions?

Of course, I'd love to get together with people! Wednesday night and Friday day/evening are best. Please let me know!

Also, I have a hotel in NY but would love to see people: Saturday and Sunday are best for me. Anyone want to go see Threepenny Opera with me?
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Am in Samur on a gorgeous summer evening, but my feet hurt too much to walk any more: Due to a train strike; we rented a car and are driving around the Loire valley: Next; Brittany and Normandy: (commas and periods are too hard; but at least it`s a Mac kiosk in the bar-- yay for iMacs)

Still enjoying ourselves; trying not to eat or walk too much: I was so hot I bought a pink tiered skirt; it is much nicerto wear: In Berkeley; zhen it is 70 F / 24 C; it is low humidity: here it is sticky qnd yuk:

More tomorrow i hope zhen I find q better access ^point!

<3 all
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I could wax eloquent about the horrific process of getting from one international terminal to another in Heathrow, which involved over an hour of standing in three different unnecessary lines after nine hours of flying. Along with poor patient kids and old people who were far worse off than we were. So I'll just say: WTF were they thinking????

SF to London was nice and smooth, a little low on snacks but otherwise fine. T'husband was very cuddly and we both watched "Sideways" on the little TV sets. He read me Douglas Adams bits out loud. I drowsed some, he slept, the lucky dog. But he also got horribly allergic to something in the air, so it evened out.

I'm on a Heathrow lounge chair online via t-mobile and intend to enjoy every additional second of this layover!
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Second part of the Elijah-Sean show on Sunday night, the night I became a total fangirl. Yes, I have an Elijah picture signed to me. And I love it.

teasing Sean about the size of his brain... and then the kiss )
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The Dom show was fabulous, but it was the Elijah-and-Sean show that turned me into a fangirl. It was so incredibly fun! They are sweet, sincere guys, I can't believe anyone could fake that much pleasure in talking with the fans. A mutual admiration society to be sure.

This is less of a report and more of notes because I was having too much fun to be coherent. Lots of help from [ profile] marysiak -- go look at her art at and buy her pictures! Also info from [ profile] samena and [ profile] dutch_eowyn, who were great company --thanks loves!.

first part of notes )

More soon, I promise!
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Am at C4. More soon!

These are paraphrases *not* quotes, I am not a court reporter!

Dom notes: He was wearing a green scarf wrapped around his neck and chewing gum, probably to sooth a sore throat. His ears really are big and stick out, but you don't notice except at certain angles. Towards the end, he was sitting on his stool, lounging back, grabbing the stool between his legs.



2003-07-30 09:56 am
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All sortsa questions.

If someone has successfully downloaded the ROTK trailer, I have a account that could share it (with you folks only) until the bandwidth runs out. Let me know and I'll give you a password.
[ETA: I'm slowly downloading both versions, will post when I have them on, if it's still a problem getting to them. But I have client visits and will be gone until 6 pm PDT, so it will be late]

Does anyone know where the Comic Con backstage story is? The one by the friend of Leah (the hobbit) who held her glasses, gave Sean the book, and peaked through the curtains with Elijah and Dom? I cannot find it anywhere and want to share it with some people who were out of town

And finally, if I manage to fly in a day early for part of Collectormania, should I take the flight that leaves San Francisco in the morning and gets to Heathrow on Saturday at 6 am local time, 10 pm Pacific time? Or the one that leaves SFO in the afternoon and arrives at 10 am local time, 2 am Pacific time? The second one would let me sleep on the plane, if I can manage it (which I only can rarely). Either way, I'm worried that jetlag and sleep deficit will make me such a mess that I won't be able to enjoy the show.... So advice please?
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My ticket is for October 7 (Tuesday) 10 am (when they open). I haven't made an overseas phone call in ages, had to remember the UK country code (I do know it's 44). Instructions here, should be able to order online (grump). I got one extra ticket, I'm sure someone will want to come. Or I could scalp it ;-). WOTR says tickets are going fast, but they were quite open for the days I wanted.

I've decided I'm going to use LJ as an actual journal (amazing thought, no?). If you want to read my travails, let me know and I'll friend you from that journal. I'd prefer to keep this one relatively cheerful.
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