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This Is the Way the World Ends by [ profile] sema427 (formerly [ profile] semaphore27 and [ profile] scriptorium27). Primarily Dom/Billy, supporting cast includes Elijah/Orlando, Sean Astin/OFC and Viggo/OFC.

I'm not a horror fan, but the lush intensity of the characters and events in here makes it utterly wonderful. Sema summarized it like this:
In this story, the world of Lotrips mingles with that of Stephen King’s The Stand, with the timelines bumped slightly into the future. In a nutshell, the basic premise of the book is: after the population of the US has been devastated by a "super flu" the survivors divide into two groups, those who follow Mother Abigail, and represent good, and those who are drawn to Randall Flagg, a demon.
I am such a wuss that it kinda squicks me to even paste those words, and the sadness of the story makes me cry in places, but it's ultimately hopeful.

Warnings: explicit violence, nuclear explosion, partner and child death, self-sacrifice, excruciating pain...

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54, 55, 56 : #56 (April 2010) is the latest posted at time of rec.

ETA: I found that last one, #56 in her [ profile] scriptorium27 journal
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[personal profile] anatsuno linked to a Merlin tentacle porn manifesto, and it's fantastic, full of clever thoughts and links to good fic (mostly BBC Merlin/Arthur).

RPS makes it harder to incorporate tentacles, but AUs are good :-) I only remember one for Lotrips:
"Pet" by [personal profile] anatsuno & [ profile] shaenie, (Elijah/Viggo)
[alternate site, shaenie's part 3]

LOTR RPS: Elijah as a defiantly independent (but broke) scientist with a tentacle fetish. Viggo as a man who has found, or been found by, an alien with a sensuous nature, which he thinks of as Pet. Viggo who has a direct brain connection to the Pet, and to his spy cameras in Elijah's apartment. When they finally make contact, Pet and Elijah take to each other in very porny ways, with Viggo watching/feeling too. And the tentacle part is really sexy. Apparently destined to be a WIP forever, it's amazing as is -- a wild AU grounded in recognizable characters -- and it's really great and hot.

Five more in other fandoms: )
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A funny thing happened on the way to the librarie also known as the "Bookshop Monaboyd"*. Co-written by [ profile] v_angelique and [ profile] rainbowcobweb, it manages to get both of the characters' inner voices as well as snappy dialog.

In this AU Billy owns a bookshop in Paris and Dom's a teacher at a primary school. There's a some odd reason they don't shag until about the seventh date, but I can't remember it and the UST (Unsatisfied Sexual Tension) is so good that I honestly don't care. Then there's a whole bunch of happy sex, with just a touch of imperfection. They experiment with bondage and D/s, with some very hot switching top and bottom roles. And then it gets a bit fluffy, with times out with friends (including a fun Andy Serkis) and meeting their families and clubbing in Manchester and getting married and living happily ever after. All in all, very satisfying.

* "librarie" means bookstore in French, "bibliotheque" is the word for library

For another thousand or so of my recs, see msilverstar on delicious
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Simla by ismenin

OK this isn't technically a WIP, in that she just posted the last chapter, but it was in progress when I started my list, and it's way too much fun to skip.

It's an AU set in a romanticized colonial India, where Dom is Prince Udom Singh, Maharajah of the fictional country of Ranjipore, and Elijah a well-connected British officer. They meet and discover their mutual adoration and sexual compatibility, but there are complications. It's a lovely long romp, with lots of danger, plots, and political maneuvering, as well as very enthusiastic sex.

Supporting cast includes Billy as Elijah's valet (who has his own secrets), Ian McKellen as an elderly doctor, David Wenham as a British officer, Bernard Hill as a British soldier, Viggo as another rajah, and I'm sure more that I missed.

For more recs, see my LOTR RPS recs on delicious

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Boston by eff_reality

AU with Billy as a graduate student of film and Dom as a prostitute. Unlike most relationships, this one starts with the sex and then they move towards each other emotionally, but sometimes veer off in the wrong direction. This series works really well: it's slow and complicated and the sex is delicious, and there's chicken soup. Orlando and Elijah appear as friends. I'm enjoying the later chapters as much as the first ones, getting into both their heads in alternating points of view.

My LOTR RPS recs on delicious

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The Little AU by slashfairy

A Viggo/Orlando/Karl ménage à trois AU, this series generally tracks real events in these actors' lives from 2000 to the present. A lovely series of vignettes, just slices of life: some blissfully happy, some intense, some frustrated. There's sex but that's not the point, the real story is of love.

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Beyond the Sea by suede_scripture

Long, involved, satisfying AU wherein a stressed-out New York social worker (Dom), on a cruise where he meets a singer (Billy). Their characters are complex and realistic enough to make it more than a simple romance, and the sex is wonderful. Supporting roles by Sean Astin (social worker), Elijah (cruise ship steward) to Liv (manicurist). The first series, Beyond the Sea, is complete; the second, Threadbare Gypsy Soul is progressing nicely.

Warning: Realistic NYC social worker failures includes Details of child abuse and death..
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The Beguilement by itstonedme
Gorgeous sensuous AU series in which Orlando is a designer, Elijah a high-end prostitute, but none of that matters when they meet, and two years later, meet again. Beautifully written explicit sex with a strong emotional connection between them. Cameos by Dom and Ian McKellan. Most sections are about 3,000 words. First sections are standalones, later ones are more of a series. All of it compelling and hot as hell.

Other Elijah/Orlando fic recs
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I have been making so many recs, I love reccing, I want all appropriate people to see the gorgeous fic! I also have about 800 recs at, maybe you'll like some of those...

My main fandom is now and always will be Lotrips. But I've branched out a bit, and rec fic in lots of other fandoms (including ones like SGA that I don't even watch), because good stories are worth sharing.

So: my last 12 recs: lotrips, bandom, merlin, torchwood )

That would be lotrips, bandom, merlin (mostly RPS and/or AUs), and doctor who/torchwood. Feeds are at delicious/rss/msilverstar, msil_fanfic_recs on LJ, [syndicated profile] msil_fanfic_recs_feed on dreamwidth.

I would post recs here more often if it wasn't such a huge pain in the ass. This took me hours to fix up and I hate the format. Anyone have a nice delicious to LJ/DW script that runs on Macs? I'll run a command-line program in the Terminal if I have to.

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My Remix is woooonderful, thoughtful and sexy and gives me shivers in a very good way. There's a little bit of bondage and stuff, but it's not hard-core at all, really more about character than kinky sex. From What You Do, Because of You, Dom/Orlando, amazing!

I sympathize with all my SGA-loving friends: they shouldn't oughta cancel your show! [ profile] telesilla is having The Second International Blanket Fort Day for group hugs and commiseration.
small headshot andy garcia

We watched Ocean's Eleven the other night. Didn't do much for me, but Andy Garcia was gorgeous.

There's an interesting fanfic and children's literature survey.

We now have corn-based cat litter and an amazing cat brush, The Furminator! (Wot, you think "cats" is not a fandom? I beg to differ.)
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Hobbit spam! Screenshots from the trilogy: all Hobbits, all the time. Great captions cracked me up, but the pictures made me all nostalgic.

I'm reading a very satisfying Dom/Billy WIP Boston by [ profile] eff_reality. And I don't just say that because I suggested the name. It's Billy the film history graduate student, and Dom, the mostly-cheerful prostitute, but it plays with the conventions and there are missed connections and it avoids a lot of romantic clichés.

omg bandfic? me? well, just these two AUs )

Also, I'm sorry that the feed msil_fanfic_rec (LJ) and msil_delicious (IJ) kinda went crazy, and started sending out tag links, alphabetically. It's, and I don't know how to keep it from happening again :-(
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This is nothing like a complete list of my favorite recent stories, I just decided I had to post instead of wibbling. More to come, I'll try to be faster next time.

Genfic and Non-Explicit )

Your Basic Lotrips Slash (mostly hobbits) )

Lovely Hot Het! (lotrips and King Arthur RPS) )

AUs )

crack!Fic )

Other Fandoms )
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New icon - Billy at MTV awards, yum. Thanks to [ profile] bleedskint!

a wide variety of recs )

In other news, I had a lightly productive work week, interrupted by too many appointments. Discovered RPG meta is fabulous but keeps a person up wayyyyy late. I'll be off to the in-laws' place for the weekend, so have fun while you think of me fixing fenceposts in the rain.

ETA: Eowyn in armor!!!
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[ profile] shaenie is finally done with Catalyst! It's long (5 parts?), angsty, intensely romantic, graphic BDSM, and together with the other Convergence-verse stories, one of the best novels I've ever read, online or off. When I read it in beta, it sucked my brain for two days. I'm sure it's even more fabulous in the final form.

*goes off to read now*
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[ profile] shaenie continues her series with a set of drabbles (R) set right after Convergence.

If you haven't read the earlier stories of an intense Billy-Dom-Elijah relationship, you have an amazing treat. Go read them at Convergence-verse (scroll down)
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In no particular order, I present to you my favorite recent stories:

[ profile] chaosmanor: Telling Secrets - desire delayed, Viggo/Orlando.

[ profile] luthienelensar: tempo di valse - two drabbles about Dominic and Miranda. Allusive, hinting at an earlier complex relationship, it's like peeking through a keyhole into an art museum.

[ profile] thejennabides: The Fit of the Stretch, a nice sexy story of Dominic and Orlando on a couch.

[ profile] shaenie has been writing all sorts of wild stuff in response to the challenges. Harry Potter and DomLijah and Faculty Casey/Zeke and my Dom/Bean...

Please note that her web site address has changed: it's now

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