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[personal profile] anatsuno linked to a Merlin tentacle porn manifesto, and it's fantastic, full of clever thoughts and links to good fic (mostly BBC Merlin/Arthur).

RPS makes it harder to incorporate tentacles, but AUs are good :-) I only remember one for Lotrips:
"Pet" by [personal profile] anatsuno & [ profile] shaenie, (Elijah/Viggo)
[alternate site, shaenie's part 3]

LOTR RPS: Elijah as a defiantly independent (but broke) scientist with a tentacle fetish. Viggo as a man who has found, or been found by, an alien with a sensuous nature, which he thinks of as Pet. Viggo who has a direct brain connection to the Pet, and to his spy cameras in Elijah's apartment. When they finally make contact, Pet and Elijah take to each other in very porny ways, with Viggo watching/feeling too. And the tentacle part is really sexy. Apparently destined to be a WIP forever, it's amazing as is -- a wild AU grounded in recognizable characters -- and it's really great and hot.

Five more in other fandoms: )
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Hobbit spam! Screenshots from the trilogy: all Hobbits, all the time. Great captions cracked me up, but the pictures made me all nostalgic.

I'm reading a very satisfying Dom/Billy WIP Boston by [ profile] eff_reality. And I don't just say that because I suggested the name. It's Billy the film history graduate student, and Dom, the mostly-cheerful prostitute, but it plays with the conventions and there are missed connections and it avoids a lot of romantic clich├ęs.

omg bandfic? me? well, just these two AUs )

Also, I'm sorry that the feed msil_fanfic_rec (LJ) and msil_delicious (IJ) kinda went crazy, and started sending out tag links, alphabetically. It's, and I don't know how to keep it from happening again :-(
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I should be doing my remix, but noooo, i'm reading smut. And fandom is making me happy tonight. So I'll share.

Orlando/Viggo, Bean/Orlando, Dom/Viggo, Billy/Dom, Elijah/Hagrid (!)  )
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How I wish I could be organized and methodical and rec as I go along. This is a mix of old and new, as usual. But mostly new!

OMG, I'm reading (and reccing) mpreg. WTF? I said I never would, but good writing got past my defenses!  )

And some relatively sedate Billy/Dom:

Fealty (by [ profile] mirabile_dictu; Billy/Dom, Dom/Bernard; set during filming; PG-13). Bernard's presence reveals and heals some self-deception.

It Has Two Faces (by [ profile] sparkythehamstr; time unknown; Billy/Dom; NC-17). Billy watches himself and a quite toppy!Dom in a mirror, in a hot explicit PWP. Fabulous imagery, made me squirm.
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This is nothing like a complete list of my favorite recent stories, I just decided I had to post instead of wibbling. More to come, I'll try to be faster next time.

Genfic and Non-Explicit )

Your Basic Lotrips Slash (mostly hobbits) )

Lovely Hot Het! (lotrips and King Arthur RPS) )

AUs )

crack!Fic )

Other Fandoms )
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[ profile] loose_your_dogs - Do You See? (R), starts with angsty!Billy, and proceeds to strip away the angst and bring on the lust, in a fabulous process that I think is incredibly hot.

[ profile] airlia_vega - a crack!fic parody that pretty much covers it all. With fellow_shippers as the heros, sort of.

And I'm still feeling good and somewhat productive...
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