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The Lay of Dwalin the Dwarf by Glorfindel (aka [personal profile] zana16)

Stellar fanfiction, set after events of The Hobbit, with great setting and characters that fit into the source, and enough gorgeously-written UST to sink a battleship! Also a great trans character, politically brilliant Dis, sympathetic Elves, and mine worker organizing, which in my book is a giant plus.

It's mainly movieverse as there isn't much to go on in bookverse, but (probably) AU in some important ways. It's also epic: a complete series of 4 works, 205,982 words.

Fic like this makes me so happy to be in fandom.
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Hobbit RPF fic is getting pretty good, satisfying my Lotrips habit. It seems to be centered at the Hobbit Kink Meme RPF prompt post and I'm saving my bookmarks with some recs. I'm madly in love with Graham McTavish, who is a darling on twitter.

I find myself also reading Hobbit movie fandom fics, unlike LOTR, it's very odd. I like the odd pairings (you probably knew that) and long detailed fics and am surprisingly OK with brother incest, though not much for mpreg or kidfic (bookmarks).

I wish there was a good place to be fannish together -- the meme and AO3 and Tumblr are deeply unsatisfying.

Also! there are photos on the Internet of Billy and Orlando shopping in LA last week, with HUGS, warms the cockles of my fangirl heart!
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Some days I feel weird about fandom, wish I could be as excited and squeeful as before, and as my friends discovering new fandoms. I feel bad about not commenting on more fic, writing, linking more. And then I remember, yeah, I'm still doing my links, lotrips on delicious most days / [ profile] lotrips on LiveJournal. / [ profile] lotrips_de_list - feed on LiveJournal / [syndicated profile] lotrips_list_feed - feed on Dreamwidth. Also, the odd fic rec, when there's something that catches my fancy. Something, at least.
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Yay! Even the conservative part of the US has realized that not letting people fight and die in the military because of their sexual orientation is stupid and wrong. DADT is dead, finally!

In more fannish news, [ profile] lobelia321 posted her [ profile] help_haiti, Beer, Sweat and Tears (Orlando/Dom), it's an angst fest, satisfyingly unromantic, and wonderfully written.

I posted the May 2010 Lotrips listing, and am very slowly catching up. We still have a hell of a lot of fics, hidden in pairing communities and personal journals.

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This Is the Way the World Ends by [ profile] sema427 (formerly [ profile] semaphore27 and [ profile] scriptorium27). Primarily Dom/Billy, supporting cast includes Elijah/Orlando, Sean Astin/OFC and Viggo/OFC.

I'm not a horror fan, but the lush intensity of the characters and events in here makes it utterly wonderful. Sema summarized it like this:
In this story, the world of Lotrips mingles with that of Stephen King’s The Stand, with the timelines bumped slightly into the future. In a nutshell, the basic premise of the book is: after the population of the US has been devastated by a "super flu" the survivors divide into two groups, those who follow Mother Abigail, and represent good, and those who are drawn to Randall Flagg, a demon.
I am such a wuss that it kinda squicks me to even paste those words, and the sadness of the story makes me cry in places, but it's ultimately hopeful.

Warnings: explicit violence, nuclear explosion, partner and child death, self-sacrifice, excruciating pain...

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54, 55, 56 : #56 (April 2010) is the latest posted at time of rec.

ETA: I found that last one, #56 in her [ profile] scriptorium27 journal
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abundantlyqueer is posting fic again! She's done more of the Elijah/Orlando "Dragon Slayer" AU, lots of plot and character tension, still in suspense. And a fantastic Green Street Hooligans fic, Matt (Elijah's character) / Pete (Charlie Hunnum), dialect written so well I could hear his voice: Kick Off.

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More seriously: LiveJournal is purging old journals, the old suspended ones (kicked off for cause), and possibly some deleted by the users. And they're doing it now. Which means that familiar names may show up but are not the same people as they were before. Be careful before friending, k?

off to bed
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A funny thing happened on the way to the librarie also known as the "Bookshop Monaboyd"*. Co-written by [ profile] v_angelique and [ profile] rainbowcobweb, it manages to get both of the characters' inner voices as well as snappy dialog.

In this AU Billy owns a bookshop in Paris and Dom's a teacher at a primary school. There's a some odd reason they don't shag until about the seventh date, but I can't remember it and the UST (Unsatisfied Sexual Tension) is so good that I honestly don't care. Then there's a whole bunch of happy sex, with just a touch of imperfection. They experiment with bondage and D/s, with some very hot switching top and bottom roles. And then it gets a bit fluffy, with times out with friends (including a fun Andy Serkis) and meeting their families and clubbing in Manchester and getting married and living happily ever after. All in all, very satisfying.

* "librarie" means bookstore in French, "bibliotheque" is the word for library

For another thousand or so of my recs, see msilverstar on delicious
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I had 27 windows open, most of them with at least five tabs. I keep meaning to comment, to rec, to read more carefully... but it isn't going to happen. I apologize for not doing all those good things, but I'm making links as I finally get them closed:

[ profile] greenqueen's nostalgic LotR actors (huggy) picspam

LOST Finale Explained Well - one of the show's writers makes a whole lot more clear to me.

It's [ profile] monaboyd_month! 30+ days of DomandBilly fannish goodness :-D

LotR actor picspams, Billy Boyd news, femslashy porn inspiration, kink poll, etc. )

also, updated my fanfiction recs
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Simla by ismenin

OK this isn't technically a WIP, in that she just posted the last chapter, but it was in progress when I started my list, and it's way too much fun to skip.

It's an AU set in a romanticized colonial India, where Dom is Prince Udom Singh, Maharajah of the fictional country of Ranjipore, and Elijah a well-connected British officer. They meet and discover their mutual adoration and sexual compatibility, but there are complications. It's a lovely long romp, with lots of danger, plots, and political maneuvering, as well as very enthusiastic sex.

Supporting cast includes Billy as Elijah's valet (who has his own secrets), Ian McKellen as an elderly doctor, David Wenham as a British officer, Bernard Hill as a British soldier, Viggo as another rajah, and I'm sure more that I missed.

For more recs, see my LOTR RPS recs on delicious

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Boston by eff_reality

AU with Billy as a graduate student of film and Dom as a prostitute. Unlike most relationships, this one starts with the sex and then they move towards each other emotionally, but sometimes veer off in the wrong direction. This series works really well: it's slow and complicated and the sex is delicious, and there's chicken soup. Orlando and Elijah appear as friends. I'm enjoying the later chapters as much as the first ones, getting into both their heads in alternating points of view.

My LOTR RPS recs on delicious

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The Little AU by slashfairy

A Viggo/Orlando/Karl ménage à trois AU, this series generally tracks real events in these actors' lives from 2000 to the present. A lovely series of vignettes, just slices of life: some blissfully happy, some intense, some frustrated. There's sex but that's not the point, the real story is of love.

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Beyond the Sea by suede_scripture

Long, involved, satisfying AU wherein a stressed-out New York social worker (Dom), on a cruise where he meets a singer (Billy). Their characters are complex and realistic enough to make it more than a simple romance, and the sex is wonderful. Supporting roles by Sean Astin (social worker), Elijah (cruise ship steward) to Liv (manicurist). The first series, Beyond the Sea, is complete; the second, Threadbare Gypsy Soul is progressing nicely.

Warning: Realistic NYC social worker failures includes Details of child abuse and death..
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Heart of Ciara by se_seerslair

Sean Astin is an Earl in Regency Britain who meets his heart's desire, falls madly in love, and insists on bestowing his family's heirloom gem. Elijah appears in Society as an empty-headed fop, but he is determined to help his sister marry an Englishman who will love and protect her. There's also a thief named "Le Petit Papillon", a cruel aristocrat, a doughty street urchin, a novelist mistress, at least one balloon, an incisive Countess, and true love, all written in delightful period style. The journey is the reward.

My Lotrips recs featuring Sean Astin

ETA: fixed two bad links, what was I thinking?

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The Beguilement by itstonedme
Gorgeous sensuous AU series in which Orlando is a designer, Elijah a high-end prostitute, but none of that matters when they meet, and two years later, meet again. Beautifully written explicit sex with a strong emotional connection between them. Cameos by Dom and Ian McKellan. Most sections are about 3,000 words. First sections are standalones, later ones are more of a series. All of it compelling and hot as hell.

Other Elijah/Orlando fic recs
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A WIP is a Work In Progress: an incomplete series. I enjoy reading them in installments, though I know many other people don't. My favorites are finished enough to be satisfying as they stand.

Incline of Trees by [ profile] kiltsandlollies and [ profile] almaviva.
AU Billy is a professor at a British university and Dom is a student. They meet and find themselves falling in love. Yearning, angst and deep love, along with smoking hot sex and D/s and more angst, it's fabulous writing. Start with Acting on a Crush, as it was the beginning of it all: you can go back later.

I was going to post them all at once, but I have too many and want to give each their chance to shine. So: a WIP of WIPs (kinky!)

ETA: link to all my fic recs
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Why did I think my birthday was tomorrow instead of today? I blame the calendar people )

Thank you to everyone who wishes me well. It makes me feel lovely! What I'd like in fandom, (besides a bunch of handsome naked actors, more lotrips, my writing mojo back, and a pony), is for people to read my recs! They're at (an experiment, some truncated descriptions) and, [ profile] msil_fanfic_rec feed on LJ, [syndicated profile] msil_fanfic_recs_feed on Dreamwidth.

<3 fandom and you wonderful dear people, thank you for being so fabulous!
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[ profile] slashababy is still open for signups! It's the Lotrips holiday fic exchange, so the more, the merrier. Anyone who doesn't want to sign up on LiveJournal, please send email to secret slasha @ -- we can do it that way, no problem.

It's rec the reccers month at [ profile] lotr_fic_recs.

If you're thinking of writing adoptive kid fic, you must read [ profile] viggorlijah's post, Fandom Primer on International Adoption as a story trope: read it and weep. But the stories based on RL issues could be really good.

RPS Kink meme - just getting started. Some of the other kink memes have been amazing and very inspiring...

And because I've been told I don't plug myself enough: links to all the LOTR RPS fic I could find through September are at [ profile] lotrips (October to come soon), and I'm still posting my fic recs on delicious.
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I have been making so many recs, I love reccing, I want all appropriate people to see the gorgeous fic! I also have about 800 recs at, maybe you'll like some of those...

My main fandom is now and always will be Lotrips. But I've branched out a bit, and rec fic in lots of other fandoms (including ones like SGA that I don't even watch), because good stories are worth sharing.

So: my last 12 recs: lotrips, bandom, merlin, torchwood )

That would be lotrips, bandom, merlin (mostly RPS and/or AUs), and doctor who/torchwood. Feeds are at delicious/rss/msilverstar, msil_fanfic_recs on LJ, [syndicated profile] msil_fanfic_recs_feed on dreamwidth.

I would post recs here more often if it wasn't such a huge pain in the ass. This took me hours to fix up and I hate the format. Anyone have a nice delicious to LJ/DW script that runs on Macs? I'll run a command-line program in the Terminal if I have to.

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I'm looking for webcomic recommendations for my kidlet (she's now 9, she was 3 when I got sucked into fandom, wow). She has read and liked Get Medieval, Gunnerkrigg Court, and the Order of the Stick so far. She likes silliness, puns and adventures. Also, minimal angst and violence; and young sympathetic characters are always good. Thanks in advance from both of us!

PS I've been reccing a bit lately, Lotrips and otherwise, are at
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My Remix is woooonderful, thoughtful and sexy and gives me shivers in a very good way. There's a little bit of bondage and stuff, but it's not hard-core at all, really more about character than kinky sex. From What You Do, Because of You, Dom/Orlando, amazing!

I sympathize with all my SGA-loving friends: they shouldn't oughta cancel your show! [ profile] telesilla is having The Second International Blanket Fort Day for group hugs and commiseration.
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We watched Ocean's Eleven the other night. Didn't do much for me, but Andy Garcia was gorgeous.

There's an interesting fanfic and children's literature survey.

We now have corn-based cat litter and an amazing cat brush, The Furminator! (Wot, you think "cats" is not a fandom? I beg to differ.)

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