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It's been really hot here. Way beyond my normal tolerance, as the temperatures are usually in the 70s F/ 20s C. Yesterday it was 91 F / 32.8 C! Today 89/ 31.6. I know that's normal summer for lots of people (even 10 miles inland or south), but we're wusses. Berkeley has eight to twelve really hot days a year, so we don't have air conditioning, even a swamp cooler, and our house just gets hot and stays hot. So please forgive me when I sound a bit addled and/or do not comment on something.

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I'll be cross-posting for the foreseeable future, I couldn't leave my peeps at LJ/JF/IJ! *clutches you all*
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I'm glad this week is over. I'm wearing gorgeous stripy socks in green-and-black and my calves feel shapely!

We're off to Sunny (today) Santa Cruz Watsonville for a nice Passover Seder with my brother and his wife's family, who we like a whole lot. We're bringing: salad. And maybe store-bought cheesecake because I'm a lazy slug and can't find my great-grandma's recipe (her trick to keeping it from being overwhelming is hoop cheese or farmer's cheese instead of cream cheese).

In the spirit of my dad's liberation theology haggadah (which I promise to post soon), may all slaves be free, may there be peace, justice, and plenty (sustainably) throughout the world.


2009-03-11 10:50 pm
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I love these pictures so much, not just the cast leaving Wellington all together and obviously giddy. But this in particular: I can't find the pictures, but a bunch of girls stood at the terminal window with their shirts partway up, showing the O R L A N D O written on their bellies. So Orlando did it back (of course), so Billy poked him in the belly button (of course). And it just makes me a happy fangirl.

My life's been dull these days, which is why I'm not posting much. I could just recycle my personal posts for any random day in March the last six years. I just checked. Yep.

How are you all?


2009-02-11 09:15 pm
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My cough is nearly gone, what a huge relief! I walked a mile in my new shoes and my feet don't hurt!

I got nada done at work today but I'm trying to be optimistic about tomorrow.

Is JournalFen down for anyone else? eta: Thursday morning, it's back up
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