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  1. The weather here has been cold (for us thinblooded types) but clear and gorgeous.

  2. Crossing things off lists! I found my list from Monday and I've done everything on it :-)

  3. Being used to my bifocals. I'm mostly nearsighted so I wear glasses all the time. But suddenly last spring, I couldn't read things about ten inches away, even with my glasses on, so I suddenly started bringing things close to my face, looking over my glasses. Hence: bifocals. I chose badly, they are not pretty, but it is nice to see properly.

  4. Synonyms for penis at Please note that the synonym "cock" is attested since 1618, "pillicock" c. 1300 and "dick" only since 1891. I don't remember which Medieval AU I was reading that used "dick", but it sounded really weird to me. And now I sit smugly knowing I was right :-)

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    I was too tired last night, but I do have some happy bits from yesterday:
    1. roasted sunflower seeds, in the shell. I have always loved them, they are so satisfying to me. Wish they weren't so full of fat.

    2. dried mango, which I just discovered. Happy happy tastebuds!

    3. good hair days. It's nice to know I can still have them. If I'd noticed earlier, I'd have asked the guys to take some pictures.

    Just all about me me me this time.
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    Kidlet is a dancing Ginger Snap in the Nutcracker tomorrow. That is the traditional youngest dancers bit, but their choreography is quite complex and it goes on for a longish time.

    ridiculous amounts of details I apparently MUST get out of my system )

    The guys had dinner out at Zachary's but they brought home some leftovers which is good because I hadn't actually eaten all day.

    And I have a purring cat sitting next to me in The Big Reclining Chair. He just fits in next to me.
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    tagged by [ profile] lionessfreedom, some happy things:
    1. My contract check came! I was pretty stressed because I'd done a lot of work with no pay, but they combined the first and second invoices and sent me a nice big check. WHEW.

    2. [ profile] kaydeefalls has made a fantastic Captain Jack vid. Watch it, for the montage of kisses if nothing else!

    3. A librarian of my acquaintance and probably yours is doing research on the use of Delicious in fandom, so you should all go fill out her interesting survey. I got to explain all about my tag bundles .

    am back

    2008-08-07 08:05 pm
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    Am back

    It was really really hot and my brain melts about 90 degrees F.

    Read about 7 books in 5 days. Being careful about choosing to take only good writing, I actually enjoyed them.

    Swam, hiked, chatted, slept, sat, read, talked to my kids.

    Did not open my computer once, much less drive to find WiFi. This is a victory.

    I am so very glad to be home. *hugs everyone*
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    I was so tired today I had two naps, the second one featuring a complicated dream eco-adventure involving nefarious conspiracies and polluted water. Probably because I watched The Constant Gardener the other day. Rachel Weisz and especially Ralph Fiennes were excellent in it, though I'd read the book so knew the plot already, but the acting and the visuals were stunning.

    [ profile] blythely, the books arrived safely, thank you so much! If you don't tell me what you want from the US, I'll be forced to guess, and that could be disastrous...

    My kidlet is massively in love with the song "The City of New Orleans" and wants to perform it karaoke-style. I don't even know where to start looking for something like that. Help?
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    At the library, I found Four queens : the Proven├žal sisters who ruled Europe, which I at first thought was historical fiction, but no, it's real history, though unfortunately the kind without footnotes. Oh the pleasures of reading about familiar events from a new perspective. Troubadours! Teenage brides! Savoy! Feckless kings of England! Manipulating Dowager Queens of France! Historical fiction makes me sad these days, because I'm all too aware that there are no happily ever afters, but I don't feel so personally involved with history.

    Nice weather today, next week is supposed to be hot and icky. I'm stocking up on ice cream.
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    The wedding was preceded by a > 100 F / 37 C heat wave, a wild fire about five miles from the house, a thunderstorm, and hail (well, really a small bout of frozen rain). The ceremony itself was graced by sun and light breezes, and was lovely.

    Both women were radiant: they said they were married four years ago in SF, which was voided, and again now. And they're "going to keep getting married until it sticks, everywhere!" It made me cry a little: I'm all for love, in all its possibilities.
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    So. My hard drive was dead, deceased, no longer of this world. Possibly backing up my Mail folder sent the drive controller over the edge, argh. This is the kind of dead from which gobs of money does not restore ones data, so I chose not to spend gobs of money. At least the apple tech guy installed the replacement, which is 30 GB bigger than my old one. Anyway: Incremental backups are your friend.

    And now I'm embarking on a voyage of discovery, and learning, just what did I back up and when? I did get my Firefox preferences as of early February, and I think I have most of my email, but XJournal seems to have lost track of me and yikes, it's going to be a pain to even figure out what I'm missing :-(

    Note to self and Mac-using friends: do not forget to back up the Library folder, as it has really useful stuff like preferences and keychains, as well as the aforementioned Mail folder.

    Please, everyone, back up early and often!

    oy vey

    2008-03-30 12:10 pm
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    I slipped on a magazine and wrenched my leg, the one that was broken. Still kinda hurts and I'm being very careful today, mostly sitting.

    Worse, I came out this morning and found my laptop screen all black and the fan running loudly. After I powered down and up again, the poor thing couldn't start, it just clicked a lot and showed me a blinking folder with a question mark on it. I looked up the symptoms tried everything I could, but it may be a disk failure or disk head failure. But I bought AppleCare on it and I have an appt. tomorrow at the local store "genius" bar.

    The worst part was that I was doing an overnight backup.

    Anyway, I have access to other computers, but I won't be on nearly as much until the MacBook is fixed. *hugs to all*
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    As I may have mentioned, I broke my left knee and then I slipped on the crutches and broke my left right heel. So I'm sitting a lot.

    Fan happiness: Dom lunching with Liev Schreiber in Australia, yay for new co-stars!

    Book that got me through the long day of tests: Beat Until Stiff - a really good murder mystery set in San Francisco, written by a friend of mine. The insights into the SF restaurant scene are fascinating and I even like the first-person narration, which usually bugs me.

    Other things that have been amusing me )

    ETA: Happy Birthday [ profile] beizy!!!
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