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We're going to see t'husband's mother and sister, and possibly make an Expotition to the snow around Mt. Lassen. Wish I were more excited.

I leave [ profile] slashababy in the capable hands of [ profile] feelforfaith, who can do everything just as well as (and often better than) me.

Happy everything to you all, and I shall look forward to watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special when I get home :-)
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1) My virus-based misery is much reduced.

2) I may be on jury duty, but at least the waiting room has wireless net access for a modest fee.

ETA: the case was settled out of court, I've fulfilled my commitment as a citizen and I'm free
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[ profile] lotrips_remix is finally done for this year, also the Remix web site, and I am only reasonably sane thanks to [ profile] feelforfaith. I'm pathetically grateful to her for stepping in and doing half the work, probably boring her and everyone else with my thanks but it keeps pouring out of me. She's also automated the whole [ profile] lotrips storage and posting process, so it's painless to get the fic lists collected and posted. See why I keep saying wonderful things about her?

Hand-editing is a pain in the ass and always takes forever. Anyone have a suggestion for a Mac wsywig HTML editor? Something like Dreamweaver with fewer bells and whistles?

There were some great stories in the Remix (I recced the ones that spoke to me on but the angst kinda got to me today. Also my Two Of Us fic is angsty.

On the other hand, [ profile] unstealthy and I are still happily tigging along with [ profile] push_pull_push. In our current story, Billy's about to do something intensely kinky to Rachel, who is bound and gagged so the neighbors won't hear.

Random note: it's really hard to write someone (not Billy, Dom or Rachel) who won't use any religious swear words, but is having wonderful sex.

[ profile] slashababy signups coming soon! I obviously have no life!
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I managed to spill some water into my MacBook and the thing is now booting again -- but also powering-down suddenly. So no commenting, chatting, tigging, or much of anything else from me until it's fixed :-( I'm going to bed and hoping it dries up by morning.

*misses you all already*


2007-04-22 02:37 pm
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I had a nice quiet weekend: kidlet's at my mom's house, husband is at a Ruby on Rails (cool programming tools) conference. Teenboy has a cold, so we hung out and made crepes and watched some Babylon 5 together, which was nice.

So I was inspired to tackle the giant pit of chaos that is the kidlet's room.  )

I'm also slowly getting back to reccing, mostly Lotrips, with the odd Firefly fic. Recs are at, the feed is at
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My head is stuffed up and my nose is running and I feel like crud so slept most of the day. Will try to get the talk notes done sometime soon. Blech.
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I overdid last Thursday and have been paying for it ever since, feeling all dissociated and fuzzy, barely made it out of bed for a few days. I feel mostly better now, and apologize for lack of responsiveness in tigging, beta, fb, recs, comments and everything. Still a bit fragile, so please bear with me.

Cheering me up: Scooter Libby was convicted of lying to the Grand Jury -- four felonies. Sure, they'll appeal, and Bush'll pardon him, but this is good strong push for the rule of of law in the US of A. We need that right now!

Also, many belated happy birthdays to [ profile] peachy_penumbra, [ profile] grievous_angel, [ profile] sadasi, and [ profile] apple_pi! Having you as friends definitely cheers me up!
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Went to see a talk on the rise of erotic fanfic on the Net, of which more tomorrow.

But it got me out of the house, which is amazing, as I've been huddling and hermiting a lot. I'm rather proud of myself for going, it rained, thundered and lightning as I left the house, but I persevered, made it up to campus and met [ profile] stewardess_lotr. Then into the library, my having contacted an old acquaintance to get us On The List. The talk was OK, if a bit too heavy on the jargon for me. But out! out is good!

While I have my head together, Happy Birthdays to [ profile] nikkie222, [ profile] bunniewabbit, [ profile] dargie, [ profile] airgiodslv, AND [ profile] rosiespark! What a great couple of days, to have such lovely people born in them :-)

virus yuk

2007-02-24 11:59 am
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I got what the virus that the kidlet had, and spent a miserable night trying not to throw up and only partially succeeding. Drinking mint tea and feeling a bit better this morning.

Also belated happy birthdays to [ profile] beizy and [ profile] tarteaucitron and [ profile] asynje!
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Had a fabulous afternoon in rainy San Francisco with the fantastic [ profile] sophrosyne31 -- even more wonderful in person than online! We walked around the Embarcadero (I think maybe the farmer's market is inside the ferry building?) and Fisherman's Wharf (tourists en masse), and talked and talked and talked, it was great.

And a challenge: [ profile] kyuuketsukirui's Imperfect Sex Is Not the End of the World challenge FTW! I hate impossibly smooth zipless perfect sex where there are no mistakes, everyone loves everything, and everyone comes perfectly. One perfect sex story blurs into another, but the imperfect ones have something special. There was a [ profile] contrelamontre imperfect sex challenge back in April 2003, and it was a big part of my Viggo/Ian fic, but there's never enough for me ;-). This challenge is easy: any fandom, any pairing, just post by Feb. 28!
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Keys found! I've been so worried that I lost them on the street but they were by the washing machine the whole time. PHEW. Also found my credit card at the restaurant I went to last week and my phone charger in the back of the car (huh?)

overdid a bit today )

*collapses in a heap on the floor*

PS: Last night, I spent a happy hour or two reading [ profile] viva_gloria's RPS. Some of the best Sean/Viggo I've ever read -- strong, sweet and incredibly hot -- and lots of other good stuff too: Hugo! Laurence! Elijah! Orlando!.


2007-01-16 05:21 pm
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[ profile] feelforfaith wrote me a lovely Billy/Viggo ficlet and [ profile] olivia_ramirez sent me a card and several people sent me birthday messages and comments and posts, all very gratifying.

I don't really mind being middle-aged and getting older, I have a lovely life (except for the brain-chemistry thing). Friends make all the difference. *hugs you all*
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