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  • It was 91F (33C) at my mom's house and the farmer's market today, no wonder I felt incredibly tired afterwards.

  • We've had more heatwaves this fall than I can remember. And a three-year drought, everything is kinda crispy, including me.

  • It's Fleet Week in SF, I saw three propeller planes flying in tight formation on Thursday and a distant bit of the Blue Angels from the Richmond Bridge today. I'm a bit conflicted about the whole thing, they're noisy and it's a blatant waste of gas, but they are also amazingly good at doing acrobatic tricks at awesome speeds, incredibly closely. Kindof the Olympic gymnasts of jets.

  • Work is... weird. I keep catastrophising and things keep working out.

  • I wish Dreamwidth would indent bullet lists properly (ETA: I wrote up a suggestion, linked to the HTML standard, as it's been bugging me for years)

I'm going to stop there for the moment. And try to post again sometime.
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The earthquake this morning was strong and long enough to wake us all up, but not enough to break anything in our house. Considering the bookhenges, that's pretty mild.

We're 40 miles from the epicenter though, and it was a bit worse up there. Some of the oldest buildings in California are in Napa and while they mostly stayed standing, a lot of decorative facing bits and bricks fell over. Some trailer homes fell off their foundations and some collapsed. But this was a relatively light one, 6.1, and the California building codes are quite strong, so it could have been worse.

The SF Chronicle local newspaper has a good story

and the US Geological Survey has the definitive data

So it's not the Big One, like the 1960 San Francisco earthquake, which was a 7 (10 times as strong as a 6). We're going to be in so much shit when that one comes...
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  • We went to Guardians of the Galaxy last night. It was cute, but by far best enjoyed with a kid, though we were disappointed by the Bechdel test failure.

  • Said kid is having a meltdown in the bathroom after the first week of being a Junior Counselor at dance camp. Fourteen is such a hard age, everything is so intense.
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    I want to commemorate this moment when I spent a half hour looking out the window, marveling at my luck of living in this gorgeous place and riding the fancy bus instead of driving.

    I thought about Stuff, including a couple of failures, and did not instantly spiral into brainweasels reminding me of Everything That Is Wrong In My Life. Nice! I vaguely remember being basically happy, and wow do I miss this.
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    - I wore my bra inside out the whole day.

    - failed to see the Captain America movie, or otherwise leave the house, except:

    - succeeded in taking girlchild to her middle-eastern drumming event and short performance

    - succeeded in doing three loads of laundry

    - failed to do the taxes (which should be EASY this year as we are not self-employed)

    - succeeded (?) in reading a ton of angsty hobbitfic, and not so angsty, some captured in my ao3 hobbitfic bookmarks)

    - failed to go grocery shopping

    I am going to regret the failures tomorrow.
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    [personal profile] hanarobi suggested that I try posting tersely. So I am.

    Today I ended up working on details because the big picture is too much. So far behind in everything else.
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    • still alive

    • work going pretty well

    • desperately bored with myself

    • terser than ever

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    So. I liked sleeping late this US holiday weekend. When my kid moves out, I'm sleeping late all the time. I did a bit of work, including finishing a non-profit client's report even though I ran out of billable hours. We had an early Hanukkah/Thanksgiving family party last weekend. Then teengirl went with my mom to our Very Christian cousins in Texas. Twenboy may have an event-producing temp job with our SIL this month: he thinks he deserves a cool programming job but has not done enough to make it through an interview :-/

    But still, hey, the next Hobbit movie premiere is tomorrow! It's livestreaming on Facebook, whatever the hell that means, at 6:30 PST on Dec. 2. Two of the prettiest Dwarf actors (Aidan and Dean) answered random questions on Facebook. My Tumblr friends are squeeing with glee. The RPF will be epic :-D
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    Teengirl and I are finishing Buffy, and jeez Season 7 is wrenching. I sometimes hide behind the laptop.

    So we looked around for other things, and just started Due South, which is actually better than I remember from my first attempt to watch a few years ago. Watching with her is definitely fun!

    But she doesn't know anything about Superman, how weird. I would like advice about the best comic anthology or movie to fill this void in her pop culture education: what would you recommend?

    TAJ and work )


    2013-02-27 04:16 pm
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    I've been very bad at commenting and replying to email, and I'm sorry for keeping people hanging. Bit of a midlife career crisis and existential angst.

    Also, I have gotten incredibly terse lately. Not sure why, please don't ever take it personally?


    2013-01-03 07:52 pm
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    GIP as I'm feeling less lotrippy these days. Though [ profile] slashababy fics are up and really good!

    So I'm still existing. Job hunting. Finishing annual LOTR rewatch with the girlchild. Life too boring to contemplate.
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    I'm here, I'm working my ass off at work, and reading journals and twitter and tumblr and fic (lotrips and otherwise) all the time I'm not working (while feeling guilty because there are so many other things I should be doing). But I mostly can't get myself to type anything.

    My occasional actual recs are on but rather than paralyze myself because I can't be articulate, I've started putting links without comments to fic in all fandoms that I'm reading in So that's what it is.
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    Yay! Even the conservative part of the US has realized that not letting people fight and die in the military because of their sexual orientation is stupid and wrong. DADT is dead, finally!

    In more fannish news, [ profile] lobelia321 posted her [ profile] help_haiti, Beer, Sweat and Tears (Orlando/Dom), it's an angst fest, satisfyingly unromantic, and wonderfully written.

    I posted the May 2010 Lotrips listing, and am very slowly catching up. We still have a hell of a lot of fics, hidden in pairing communities and personal journals.

    random other stuff )
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    I got no work done today at all, but I did declutter the living room and talk to my mom for two hours. Win?
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    Why did I think my birthday was tomorrow instead of today? I blame the calendar people )

    Thank you to everyone who wishes me well. It makes me feel lovely! What I'd like in fandom, (besides a bunch of handsome naked actors, more lotrips, my writing mojo back, and a pony), is for people to read my recs! They're at (an experiment, some truncated descriptions) and, [ profile] msil_fanfic_rec feed on LJ, [syndicated profile] msil_fanfic_recs_feed on Dreamwidth.

    <3 fandom and you wonderful dear people, thank you for being so fabulous!
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    Maybe round numbers are the key: I hope 2010 is fresh start for those of us who need it. *hugs everyone really hard*

    Also, the [ profile] slashababy fics are posted, and it was easy this year ([ profile] feelforfaith rocks), and there are some fantastic stories there, as every year.
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    It was a long drive plagued by Really Stupid Drivers (tailgate at 75 MPH, must slam on the brakes when someone merges, causing yet more tailgaters to slam on their brakes, eventually stopping the whole damn freeway.) GRUMP.

    We are so happy to be home! *clings to friends*
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    Well. After much standing in line and waiting and sitting and waiting.... the trial was called off. The judge said he appreciated we were there, and was quite sorry we'd been unable to see the judicial process because it's not like TV. He even invited us to come watch trials and bring our kids (to the less gory ones).

    I drove home and dove into bed and slept, am still exhausted though I shouldn't be.
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    I have Jury Duty this week. I postponed it twice so far this year: once I simply flaked and forgot all about it, once it was the week we were going to the mountains. So I'm to be at the courthouse 9 am tomorrow morning in downtown Oakland.

    I can do that. It's the rest I'm not so sure of. I never bothered to get a disability assessment because I'm self employed. I just work less and earn less. So honestly don't know if I can physically handle a long week.

    Jury duty is important, and I'd really like to do it if I could. Not so much for a high-profile trial, but just because it's part of what makes things work here, part of the checks and balances that keep judges (in this case) from having too much power. So we shall see.
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    I am completely addicted to Trader Joe's Southwest Salsa and Organic White Corn Tortilla chips. The salsa is perfectly spiced for me (I a wuss about hot peppers) and the chips are wonderfully crunchy and I can't stop eating them. Yummm.
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