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The Fillmore was sold out -- 1,250 people on a Wednesday, all rocking out! Some of there were more there for the punk than the gypsy, but there were a fair number of folkie-looking types and gray hairs. I cracked up when I realized that I'd missed punk in the 70s because I was so into folk music and folk rock, and one of the things I like best about Gogol Bordello is the Romany and Eastern European folk music parts... Apparently I haven't changed.

Everyone got sweaty and happy. We managed to find some chairs on the upper balcony so didn't have to brave the floor and had OK sightlines. I watched mosh pit for bit, it was intense and I'm glad I wasn't near it.

I think Eugene Hutz is heir to the title "The hardest working man in show business." I saw James Brown once and he gave everything to his show -- Eugene feels the same to me. The band were all great, high energy, tuneful, exciting. I am a music philistine and often get bored at concerts, but not this one! Pam did not crowd-surf on the drum, but she looked fabulous and I loved watching her. All of them were fabulous and they really did an amazing show. My feet didn't even hurt too much!

GB icon is by bananastand -- all my pictures are terribly blurry.

ETA: I used my cotton earplugs during the DJ set beforehand, but not during the concert itself. Yay for good sound systems and no distortion!
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I'm a little nervous, but wearing my "Start Wearing Purple" t-shirt and we're off to SF to see Gogol Bordello at the Fillmore. We'd take teenboy but he's got school early tomorrow morning. So it's just us middle-aged types, and I hope it's more Gypsy and less Punk. I gotta find my earplugs.
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They were great, very high energy even though they must be jet-lagged like woah, having come from Denmark yesterday! Non-stop singing dancing spectacle, really good sound system, they definitely rocked. The only problem was it was so short, only 45 minutes.

A bunch of people who were there for the Primus show were converted, buying CDs and T-shirts. I hung out by the merch table and answered questions about where they lived and nationalities and the best CD to buy -- that would be the yellow one, Gypsy Punks, which you can also buy via the iTunes Store..

Got to meet Eugene, who is definitely shorter than the six-feet (183 cm) I had him pegged at -- he's 5'9" (176 cm) or so, not that much taller than me. I was trying to figure out what was going on and finally realized that he was wearing (very cool) flat shoes, instead of his usual heeled boots. Oh, and he borrowed my pen for signing things: if anyone wants to give him a little gift, I'm sure Sharpies would be very welcome, possibly including a silver or gold one for the Multi Kontra Culti CD, which has almost no light space at all!

The other guys didn't come out when I was there, but Pam and Eliza did, and they were both really wonderful, chatting with me and the other fans with a lot of warmth and interest. Pam's ankles are both screwed-up and she's not taking proper care of them all (the mom in me worries about that) And she gives a nice hug.

(The Primus concert would have been have been good if a) I knew the songs and b) I felt like standing up.)
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One of teenboy's high school friends is also a Gogol Bordello fan, so we found out that they're going to be touring the US West Coast (+ Arizona), opening for Primus, and then going east, doing shows on their own.

We have tickets for the Berkeley show, it's in an actual theater, no mosh pit --which is fine by me. I do plan to take earplugs. Also: the theater's in walking distance ;-)

However, while I have vaguely heard of Primus, I know nothing about them. If anyone likes the, can you me a couple of songs so I can figure out if I like them or not?

PS: I love getting political news via flist, especially when it's good news. Dems own the Senate too! OMG, what a relief, I hope they can restore our civil liberties and keep authoritarian nutcases off the courts.
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A good idea PEDW (Post Every Day Week). So, GIP..

I finally imported a bunch of downloaded songs to iTunes. And found what I should hae known:, I should just trust my flist. I knew I'd like Sufjan Stevens, why did it take me so long to listen? Also the Finnish group Seminaarinmäen Mieslaulajat (type that three times fast!). And Dead Can Dance. And The New Pornographers. And Sondre Lerche. *going on an iTunes shopping spree*
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