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I'm trying to do this in manageable chunks this month, so here's the first batch. Obviously there will be many more coming, but if you want to make sure I list a fic, you are welcome to drop me a link as a comment here.

I will be crossposting to the dreamwidth community lotrip_all_fic at least. If you're on DWO, that's a good central community for us to link to.

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Since there's no lotrips community here yet (and I don't want to be pushy about it), I decided to just post it here.

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Viggo-Works has interviewed Viggo and got answers about his plans for this year, Perceval Press, books he's reading, and more :-)

The community [ profile] bestorlando has a ton of great pictures of Orlando playing a rock star in a new movie.

[ profile] dom_media and [ profile] domweek have lots of Dom at Sundance and on the TV show "Chuck", including his interview with Craig Ferguson.

[ profile] elijah_finds has photos of Elijah at Sundance, in LA and with Dom during the super bowl.

I'm sure there's more, though pretty low on Billy and Sean Bean news... anyone?

And I've been updating [ profile] lotrips with all the fic I can find just about every week, so there's something for everyone! (If I'm missing anything, please let me know).
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Nifty Viggo interview from ctv and one from the Denver Post -- nothing really new and special, just little charming bits of Viggo-ness.

New Lotrips Fic Listing (31 new fics this week) -- check it out, find a new author you like!
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As per my poll, I'm now starting to store & post links to all the new lotrips fic I see, everywhere. I'm reviving the [ profile] lotrips comm to post in, so please watch that one as I may or may not post in my personal journal. Also, these should not be construed as recs, I'm still doing those separately.

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I will be doing another post soon, so please comment with any fics I've missed and I'll include them on that one.
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