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There's a terse statement at and updates at the community [ profile] lj_maintenance. No details, just that a couple of server clusters are having trouble and it may be 6 to 8 hours (9 - 11 am GMT on May 16) before they're fixed.
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  • I'm trying hard to feel the Hobbit movie love, I could have done without the Denny's and Microsoft tie-ins. But the six-week pre-filming Dwarf Book Camp has interesting possibilities, and here's a checklist of which dwarf is which. Speaking of which, Happy Birthday to [ profile] caras_galadhon!
  • I noticed that Photobucket is sticking people's "real" names in the titles of pages, even when the name isn't visible otherwise. They did that to a person in LoTriPS, she was Not Happy to find out about that. Delicious was doing a similar kind of auto-personalization recently, so if you are keeping your fannish and other online personas separated, go check both sites!
  • Dominic Monaghan's trying to be the David Attenborough for the next generation, he has a show about nature and rare animals, Dom's Wild Things. British people can watch it on Fridays or online, it's coming to BBCA and Canada in January. I happen to know that tunnel bear works too.
  • found somewhere: a serious survey on non-monogamy (link anonymized)
  • A friend's interest was piqued by Sean Bean in Accused and she is looking for reliable and positive resources on cross dressing that might answer some respectful questions. Any good communities or sites?
  • Apparently Rachel Weisz and Viggo will be acting together in the next Cronenberg film, that much combined seriousness and gorgeousness makes me sigh! Also, smartass Robert Pattinson.
  • ways to make LiveJournal behave itself, using the URL parameter style=mine to avoid seeing the crappy wide interface for a while at least.
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The community [ profile] no_lj_ads has info on LiveJournal's plans for some kind of advertising I don't understand, involving self-promotion that earns tokens, paying for reposts, and entries floating to the top of your friends page, apparently visible even to paid and permanent accounts… There's more at [ profile] ruljautonews and [ profile] manonon.

And the current scrapbook ( is being replaced by a new one. They're changing all flavors of friends group locking to "private", and the redirects are supposed to be automatic and invisible, but at least one of my friends has lost links to half of her thousands of images, so keep an eye on your old entries.
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What's up with LiveJournal

BEST POST: [ profile] caras_galadhon: Things You Should Know When LJ Goes Down--

also, from [personal profile] killabeez: If you love us, you'll archive your fic

Background info on the DDOS
(DDOS = Distributed denial of service, get a bunch of bots (computers under hacker control) to all send a bunch of requests to a domain at the same time, it gets overloaded and can't answer anyone)

Agence France Press service: Russian bloggers accuse authorities of cyberwar

Global Voices Online: DDoS Attack on LiveJournal has Russians Debating Internet Politics

Securelist: LiveJournal under attack

Lovely Hobbit Movie News!
Andy will be The Hobbit's second unit director - best info from Kristin Thompson Frodo Franchise blog

Figwit will be in The Hobbit

Orlando got the script for The Hobbit and is making jokes about growing his hair long and blond.
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Slashababy 2010 fics are up! 30 gift fics, authors not yet revealed, please read and comment on all of them!

This year, I revamped the web site: it's not spiffy but it's clean. It's nice not to be entirely dependent on LJ. I'll be poking at it, filling in the missing years, but it's a nice feeling to have it finally working.

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I can't seem to get the diigolet working on Dreamwidth -- it says "Loading Diggolet..." but never goes anywhere. I don't want to run the diigo toolbar as it feels like overkill.

But it's going to be a bitch to debug, because I'm running Firefox 4.0b8 with a bunch of windows and tabs open, and Add-ons galore: AdblockPlus, DownThemAll, File Title 1.4, Link Checker 0.6.6, WordCount Plus 1.2.3 and Status-4-Eva4h 2010.11.20.19.

ETA: With more reports and evidence is now support request 8089.

Also: I can't get Flash to work right any more, and I miss it more than I thought I would. Any suggestions?
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So the "sunset" of delicious shows that our fannish community homes are more fragile than we thought. People are starting to address this with technology, planning to make fandom-oriented social bookmarking services. But there's a way we can make our bookmarks themselves do half the work.

My suggestion: Fandom Tags! If we can all use the a few standard labels, we can find each other on other systems.

I propose Fandom for pretty much everything fannish, then get more specific: LotRiPS, Star Trek TOS, The Last Airbender, Girl Genius, Merlin x HP crossovers, Wrestling, Bandom... . There's another facet, which is the kind of fanwork, so adding tags like fanfiction, fanart, fanvid, fan-music, fandom meta, even something like fan-larps...

Adding a couple of tags to every fannish post or bookmark is a bit annoying, but it will be worth it!

BTW I'm slightly obsessed with a tetris-clone called torus, and play it waaay too much. Sorry for so much radio silence. And now to bed.
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I can see why LiveJournal management wants to integrate with the "winners" in the social networking world, Facebook and Twitter. They probably imagine seamless conversations across networks, where everyone gets to stay in the interface they prefer. This makes sense for some LJ users, especially those using it as a public forum. For example, the author [ profile] ellen_kushner, probably has the much same relations with friends and fans on many systems.

That doesn't work for many of us fandom people. details not applicable to Dreamwidth )

ETA: updated to properly link to Greasemonkey DisConnect script.
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abundantlyqueer is posting fic again! She's done more of the Elijah/Orlando "Dragon Slayer" AU, lots of plot and character tension, still in suspense. And a fantastic Green Street Hooligans fic, Matt (Elijah's character) / Pete (Charlie Hunnum), dialect written so well I could hear his voice: Kick Off.

funny things, free Mac thing, that word doesn't mean... )

More seriously: LiveJournal is purging old journals, the old suspended ones (kicked off for cause), and possibly some deleted by the users. And they're doing it now. Which means that familiar names may show up but are not the same people as they were before. Be careful before friending, k?

off to bed
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Hope is looking for new maintainers for these livejournal communities, anyone want to take them over?

[ profile] borderlinesfans and/or [ profile] caseyzeke
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For quite a while LiveJournal has had three profile options for gender: male / female / unspecified. Someone decided to "fix" that, for whatever commercial or gender-normative reason, and limit choices to male and female.

But LJ is full of people who do not fit into either of those two options, and get righteously pissed off. [ profile] rm posts about how wrong this change is, and [personal profile] synecdochic explains more and suggests polite but firm feedback.

This works: LJ backs down and promises to remove the offending code.

Crisis averted, but people may want to take a look at Dreamwidth, They have split off the code into something better than an LJ clone, and are building a sustainable business based on subscriptions rather than ads. They keep adding cool new features, the most important of which is separating a subscription (see someone's journal posts on your reading pages) from access (let someone see locked posts of your own). I have a bunch of invitation codes, please just let me know if you want one.
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It's easy to forget dreamwidth is not really done yet, because things are going so well. But:

There was a bug in sending email notifications due to a fix to another bug that I made last night. I've fixed the email notifications so they will start to go through again, but there's not a way for me to resurrect emails that didn't get sent overnight.

If you are missing a notification, you will probably be able to find it in your Inbox. If you can't find it there, and you didn't get an email, we don't have any ways of seeing what you missed overnight.

My apologies for the inconvenience.

[staff profile] mark posting this morning in [site community profile] dw_maintenance

I'm lucky, not many possible losses. But if you posted something controversial recently...

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A recent change to the nav bar has screwed up the width of Transmogrified layouts, so there are excessively wide side margins.

There's an easy fix in the [site community profile] dw_styles community:
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Dreamwidth invites - I have a couple left ETA none left evening of May 1st, but I should get more eventually. So, if you want them, please comment and I'll do what I can. There are already nifty new features (like comment preview, whee!) and bugs fixed daily: it's pretty exciting to be around.

DWO stuff - for interested parties only )

Happy May Day in any case!

(this is a repost of a cross-post because my first one failed. It's been a week like that.)
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Dreamwidth invites - I have a couple left. If you want them, please comment and I'll do what I can. There are already nifty new features (like comment preview, whee!) and bugs fixed daily: it's pretty exciting to be around.

more DWO stuff - for interested parties only )

Happy May Day in any case!
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[ profile] thefourthvine says: Sometimes you may say to yourself: all these people have me friended. And yet I posted a story (or a link, or four extremely compelling pictures of my cat, including one where she almost had a ribbon on her head) and many of them have not commented! You may wonder why. You may even be downcast in your wonderment and confusion.

She has been doing some careful research on this very topic, and she has all the answers. WHAT a relief to have it put in perspective that way ;-) If you are a lurker, that's OK with me. But just so you know, even short comments on any of my posts are precious. I am always greedy for more.

Plus: GIP. That there my icon is me, in my Big Chair, all blurry but that disguises all my chins. That is my laptop with my old-style rainbow apple sticker. I use the other one too much in my work persona.

Dreamwidth test & notes )
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It's been really hot here. Way beyond my normal tolerance, as the temperatures are usually in the 70s F/ 20s C. Yesterday it was 91 F / 32.8 C! Today 89/ 31.6. I know that's normal summer for lots of people (even 10 miles inland or south), but we're wusses. Berkeley has eight to twelve really hot days a year, so we don't have air conditioning, even a swamp cooler, and our house just gets hot and stays hot. So please forgive me when I sound a bit addled and/or do not comment on something.

checking out dreamwidth )

I'll be cross-posting for the foreseeable future, I couldn't leave my peeps at LJ/JF/IJ! *clutches you all*
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Just in case you didn't see the LJ reminder:

LJ will be down for maintenance, they say for four hours only.

03:30 UTC - 07:30 (on Thursday)
Coordinated Universal Time / GMT / British Standard Time

Melbourne Australia time: Thursday 2:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Eastern Daylight Time: Wednesday 11:30 PM - Thursday 3:30 AM

Pacific Daylight Time: Wednesday, 8:30 PM - Thursday 12:30 AM
By the way, the US changes from Daylight Savings Time on the first Sunday in November, aka this Sunday, the 2nd
If you need another time zone, use very helpful time converter at, set to the start of downtime

argh I think I have food poisoning :-(
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LJ management is offering to restart Basic Accounts. But they want people to see the ads (particularly annoying for communities). And I'm pretty sure will apply to all Basic accounts, even ones that were made before the changeover. their "proposals":.
Proposal 1: Advertising would be displayed to visitors who are not logged in to LiveJournal at the time when they are looking at Basic Account journals and communities.

Proposal 2: Advertising would be displayed to logged-in Basic Account users when viewing application pages - pages which are not part of a community, a user's journal, profile or friends page (e.g. Update page, Edit Entries page, Manage Tags page).

Proposal 3a: Advertising would be shown to logged-in Basic Account users when viewing a journal which they have not friended or community they are not watching (e.g. if you friend a Basic journal, you do not see advertising; mutual friending is not required to avoid advertising).

Proposal 3b: Advertising would be shown to logged-in Basic Account users when viewing a journal of which they are not a mutual friend or a community of which they are not a member (e.g. if you friend a journal and they do not friend you, or if you watch a community but are not a member, you will see advertising; if you do become mutual friends or a member of a community, then you will no longer see advertising in that journal or community).
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The election is for what I suspect is a largely symbolic seat on the LJ Advisory Board, but symbols matter.

[ profile] fandom_votes has lots of info on why voting for a fandom-oriented candidate is a good idea, and where the various candidates are in fandom. [ profile] metafandom has many links to posts on the topic.

I'm voting first for [ profile] rm, who I've seen while wandering friendsfriends and is generally both rational and insightful. My second choice is [ profile] vichan who founded [ profile] fandom_counts, and my third is [ profile] legomymalfoy who has a lot of fandom endorsers and a good platform.

OTOH, I very much dislike [ profile] jameth who is a poster of horrible blinking animations (which completely disqualifies him in my book) and tends to slag off fandom (ditto).

VOTE before May 29! Vote for three different people: second and third choices count during runoffs. Vote!

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