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We could like meet up? I'll probably be wearing a big grey scarf and a leaf pin.

The fact that I'm leaving the house makes it a big damn deal for me. Not really planning a line party or anything.

Anyway, comment or dm or email if you'll be there?
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So. I liked sleeping late this US holiday weekend. When my kid moves out, I'm sleeping late all the time. I did a bit of work, including finishing a non-profit client's report even though I ran out of billable hours. We had an early Hanukkah/Thanksgiving family party last weekend. Then teengirl went with my mom to our Very Christian cousins in Texas. Twenboy may have an event-producing temp job with our SIL this month: he thinks he deserves a cool programming job but has not done enough to make it through an interview :-/

But still, hey, the next Hobbit movie premiere is tomorrow! It's livestreaming on Facebook, whatever the hell that means, at 6:30 PST on Dec. 2. Two of the prettiest Dwarf actors (Aidan and Dean) answered random questions on Facebook. My Tumblr friends are squeeing with glee. The RPF will be epic :-D
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All the photos and stories and videos that fans are posting are fabulous and make me all squee! But so many of them aren’t tagged and therefore are basically invisible. So I made a List, incomplete but sincere.

Dean O'Gorman and Aidan Turner at Boston Comic-Con August 2013

animated gif above thanks to the lovely and talented thorinshielding!

long list is long )
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'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' transcript.

(IMNSHO, it's disconcerting how little dialog there is)
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overall reaction: I went in hoping for the best, it kept quite close to the book (which is slight), too much action and suspense (literally) for me, overall B+/A-

feelings and spoilers )

I liked the 3D pretty well, and the fast frame rate and how clearly I could see the faces. But maybe it was where I was sitting, all the backgrounds looked fuzzy. Did anyone else notice this?

The very best part for me was watching my daughter react, she loved it!
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Hobbit premiere live streams available: E

ETA: best streaming is at
* New Zealand Herald live stream
* New Zealand 3 News live stream

The November 28 schedule is:
3:50pm Show Opening/Welcome
4:00pm Neil Finn Performance
4:30pm Talent arrivals, red carpet interviews & crowd interaction
6:30pm Official Speeches
7:00pm End of Show
New Zealand Daylight Time is GMT + 13, so here are some start times in other places:
London at 2:50 AM (Nov. 28)
New York at 9:50 PM (Nov. 27)
San Francisco at 6:50 PM (Nov. 27)

check times at
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  • I'm trying hard to feel the Hobbit movie love, I could have done without the Denny's and Microsoft tie-ins. But the six-week pre-filming Dwarf Book Camp has interesting possibilities, and here's a checklist of which dwarf is which. Speaking of which, Happy Birthday to [ profile] caras_galadhon!
  • I noticed that Photobucket is sticking people's "real" names in the titles of pages, even when the name isn't visible otherwise. They did that to a person in LoTriPS, she was Not Happy to find out about that. Delicious was doing a similar kind of auto-personalization recently, so if you are keeping your fannish and other online personas separated, go check both sites!
  • Dominic Monaghan's trying to be the David Attenborough for the next generation, he has a show about nature and rare animals, Dom's Wild Things. British people can watch it on Fridays or online, it's coming to BBCA and Canada in January. I happen to know that tunnel bear works too.
  • found somewhere: a serious survey on non-monogamy (link anonymized)
  • A friend's interest was piqued by Sean Bean in Accused and she is looking for reliable and positive resources on cross dressing that might answer some respectful questions. Any good communities or sites?
  • Apparently Rachel Weisz and Viggo will be acting together in the next Cronenberg film, that much combined seriousness and gorgeousness makes me sigh! Also, smartass Robert Pattinson.
  • ways to make LiveJournal behave itself, using the URL parameter style=mine to avoid seeing the crappy wide interface for a while at least.
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Orlando, Elijah and Liv as if in Classical European Paintings Includes Orlando in Renaissance garb, Elijah as a Regency gent (he should do more costume dramas!) and Liv in something very frothy that might be Georgian but maybe I'm dreaming and it's Victorian.

Elijah & Zooey Deschanel at CCTV awardsElijah's doing a ton of PR for his new series, Wilfred (starts on the 23rd on FX TV US) Tons of good links on Always & Forever // Elijah Wood, but my fave, for Ces and ana: Elijah and Zooey Deschanel at the Critics' Choice TV Awards from

Sean Bean also around doing Game of Thrones PR lots of links on The Mighty Bean, the skype interviews are particularly fun to watch.

And I'm willing to give Peter Jackson, Fran, Philippa, et al., the benefit of the doubt on Hobbit movie casting. I didn't think I'd like the Haldir changes in LOTR, or Arwen, and I now love them both. Making The Hobbit a little bit less of a Boy's Own Story is fine by me.

WH Auden seems to have written a really explicit poem, The Platonic Blow. It reminds me of excellent slash fic, in quatrain rhymes.

ETA to fix mighty bean link, thanks splix!
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Breaking news: The Hobbit movie is going ahead, in New Zealand. Peter Jackson is directing it. Weta is doing its thing. The cast looks good. What a relief!

TORN (The One has covered this in excruciating detail, along with the Frodo Franchise blog. Andy Serkis knew it. And the New Zealand newspapers have been slightly hysterical for a week.

And in less fraught news, TORn has a great Meet Your Hobbit Cast report. Martin Freeman even looks like a Hobbit, and like Ian Holm, which is nifty. He was in the new Sherlock Holmes series, and I I'm not quite sure what to make of some of the prettier actors cast as Dwarves, but hey, eyecandy is good!

PS I apologize to various people about not getting back to you. I've been sleep-deprived and stupid lately, and I'm sorry.
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Hobbit announcement expected by Friday (NZ 3 News). PJ and Fran Walsh visit the Beehive for Hobbit talks (apparently the Beehive is the New Zealand executive office building, and some people think it's ugly)

The whole process of doing the Hobbit, including MGM financing / NZ actor's union / director issues has become a bit farcical. Kristen Thompson's Frodo Franchise blog has tons of details, as does TORn.
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Hah! I said not to trust the agent! Peter talked to the New Zealand Dominion Post aka, and said:

Jackson met studio representatives yesterday to begin the search for a new director but wouldn't rule out directing The Hobbit himself if a suitable person could not be found. "If that's what I have to do to protect Warner Bros' investment, then obviously that's one angle which I'll explore," he said. But stepping in as director would be difficult as he had signed writer and director contracts with Hollywood studios for two other films, with one likely to begin next year. "The other studios may not let me out of the contracts."

Lots of caveats there but it's better than nothing.

ETA: correction, it's, my favorite New Zealand site

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The funding for the Hobbit movie is taking too long, the goddamn shitty studio executives around MGM acquisition couldn't finance their way out of a paper bag. They're not just delaying The Hobbit, they're screwing it up.

Guillermo del Toro has to pull out of the project )

ETA editorial fussing + better icon + cut because of next entry
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Positive news, Tolkien estate settles 'Lord of the Rings' wrangle, so there's no legal shadow over The Hobbit film going ahead. It seemed like this was coming, but is good to see it happen.

Also, Guillermo Del Toro went onto the TORn forums, talking about the the episodic nature of the Hobbit as a story. He says,
Thorin & Co repeatedly go:

BANQUET-TRAPPED-FREED (Trolls, Goblins, Spider, Elves)
when studying for PANS LABYRINTH, I found out that the "predictable outcome" of these episodes is part of the charm of this particular form of tale. So, don’t be afraid, we are truly trying to preserve the charm of it- the whimsy of it
We need to make sure there are "long lines" emotionally (growth, friendship, etc) amongst Thorin & Co and dramatically (how episodes "build" upon each other ) that will make everything feel more fluid.

(there's more, all good.) This is very reassuring, and gives me hope that they'll get it right.

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