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GIP as I'm feeling less lotrippy these days. Though [ profile] slashababy fics are up and really good!

So I'm still existing. Job hunting. Finishing annual LOTR rewatch with the girlchild. Life too boring to contemplate.
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When girlchild and I went to see the LOTR films on the big screen this summer, we agreed that Sam is a true hero, so I wanted an icon, and [ profile] fileg just posted some beautiful ones. I highly recommend her icons, they're a treat for the eyes!

fileg's LJ LOTR movie and actor icons and fileg's icon site
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I've been sucked into Merlin, at least watching (girlchild loves it but gets scared when things get tense) and reading the fic, some of which is so good I had to rec it. It's an utterly ridiculous twisting of the Arthur stories, of course, and I'm still in love with the 12th century versions. But the characters in this are just so damn cute, I can't resist. Therefore, an OT4 icon, made by [ profile] miakun, because I like them in any and every combination :-D


2009-07-01 01:01 pm
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I needed a skeptical icon and I wanted a Donna/Catherine icon, so thanks to LJ user [ profile] future_love_art, I got both :-)

And from [personal profile] toft: four naked guys do crispbread dance on Sweden's Got Talent. That cheered up my day, and I hope it does the same for you.

Other than that, my life is boring, so I haven't been posting. How are you all?


2009-06-08 08:47 pm
msilverstar: Viggo and Sean Bean, laughing, from the Empire Awards, Feb 2009 (viggo-bean 09)
This icon is Viggo and Sean Bean, looking tousled and happy, from the Empire Awards back in March, and it just makes me happy. Thank you so much for the icon, [ profile] qthelights!

And because I can't post just the one thing, I'm also linking to the [community profile] lotrips listing, over 100 fics in May.

And I've started a community on Dreamwidth: [community profile] lotr_cast_fandom. Anyone who wants to join, cross-post, or even link is very very welcome!
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[ profile] thefourthvine says: Sometimes you may say to yourself: all these people have me friended. And yet I posted a story (or a link, or four extremely compelling pictures of my cat, including one where she almost had a ribbon on her head) and many of them have not commented! You may wonder why. You may even be downcast in your wonderment and confusion.

She has been doing some careful research on this very topic, and she has all the answers. WHAT a relief to have it put in perspective that way ;-) If you are a lurker, that's OK with me. But just so you know, even short comments on any of my posts are precious. I am always greedy for more.

Plus: GIP. That there my icon is me, in my Big Chair, all blurry but that disguises all my chins. That is my laptop with my old-style rainbow apple sticker. I use the other one too much in my work persona.

Dreamwidth test & notes )


2009-03-11 10:50 pm
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I love these pictures so much, not just the cast leaving Wellington all together and obviously giddy. But this in particular: I can't find the pictures, but a bunch of girls stood at the terminal window with their shirts partway up, showing the O R L A N D O written on their bellies. So Orlando did it back (of course), so Billy poked him in the belly button (of course). And it just makes me a happy fangirl.

My life's been dull these days, which is why I'm not posting much. I could just recycle my personal posts for any random day in March the last six years. I just checked. Yep.

How are you all?
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  1. First day in office, President Obama (oh how I love typing that) put limits on lobbyists, and froze the salaries of staff making more than $100k a year (New York Times).

  2. They have good taste in computers: The team members, accustomed to working on Macintoshes, found computers outfitted with six-year-old versions of Microsoft software. Laptops were scarce, assigned to only a few people in the West Wing. The team was left struggling to put closed captions on online videos. (Washington Post)

  3. I'm not much of a gamer, but the US Democracy Server : Patch Day post cracked me up! (gacked from [ profile] kntb )

  4. (late) A commitment to closing Guantanamo. What a pathetic legal fiction, where only the honor of military lawyers and judges kept us from running Stalinist show trials. What a horror that was. POW status would have been much more appropriate.

in foot news: ow ow ow ow ow.


2008-09-12 06:57 pm
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Icon of Viggo and Elijah from a party after the New York premiere of Appaloosa. So many gorgeous photos lately, yay!

Also, I highly recommend Disk Inventory X (Mac only), an excellent shareware program to clean up your hard disk. I cleared an additional 14 GB. Most of it was deleting all Garage Band folders, but still. I'll be donating, yis.
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] too_shy and [ profile] sandelwood You've both had rough years and I hope this next one will be fabulous!

Cat GIP (he's curled up on the rug, at yet another spot just off the central medallion)

And a question, since I now live with a cat, We have been using some of the clay litter, which is way better engineered than last time I had cats, in the 80s. It doesn't smell and is easy get the pee and poop out of. But apparently, it's a big eco problem, despoiling the landscape and such. I tried some pine pellets but realized our little rake scoop thing has too-small openings. So I ask you, flist, what kind of environmentally responsible cat litter should we buy?


2007-12-15 03:13 pm
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[ profile] stormatdusk was inspired by our weekly fic round-ups on [ profile] lotrips. SO NICE OF HER!


2007-09-16 11:49 pm
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I think I needed more smiles.

elijah and pam in airport martha jones smiling
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Title: Untwisting
Authors: [ profile] msilverstar and [ profile] ripsgirl
Pairing: Billy/Dom
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The first time Billy uses anything on Dom's arse but his hand, Dom's reaction comes as a surprise to both of them.
Disclaimer: Not true, we made it up.
Warnings: BDSM, rimming

Notes: The Push/Pull/Push universe began as a kinky AU to our Establishment RPG Billy/Rachel Weisz vanilla romance.. This is backstory, set in New Zealand, but previous stories in this universe are Early Billy/Rachel and Billy/Dom/Rachel in 2007 Hawaii. Icon by [ profile] kiltsandlollies.

Push/Pull )
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[ profile] dizzydame, writer of great Monaboyd fic and reccer of same, have a great birthday and a wonderful year.

I don't think you'll mind too very much sharing your post with a gorgeous new Billy icon by the fabulous and generous [ profile] kiltsandlollies .


2007-04-28 05:13 pm
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[ profile] slashfairy has re-ignited my fondness for Karl, and he is so photogenic that it was a lot of fun to make the icon. I want to try writing some fic with him.

(ETA: I uploaded this whole photoshoot and will do a picspam soon)

While I was at it, I made one of Billy singing at the Hotel Cafe, from one of [ profile] rosamundeb's gorgeous pictures.

I'm not very good at icons, I tried and failed to make a toppy!Billy one and a new Elijah one, from Oxford Murders or last summer with his shaven head, but they all came out badly. I don't quite know what I wanted, but whatever it was, I didn't get it. /whinge

In other news: I finally got a haircut and no longer have a mullet :-)


2006-11-13 11:38 pm
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John Barrowman, from that fabulously uninhibited interviewmedieval s

And from the lovely [ profile] semyaza, a random but pretty Medieval S.

It's raining here, and I'm feeling low-energy. Tomorrow I will do as [ profile] txvoodoo reminds us: get some sunlight.
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I just finished watching Fellowship with the kidlet (had to hug her tight during the scary bits) and oh, the wonder, it's still there for me too. Yay!

So. I've been collecting icons for a little while, [ profile] lotricons is very useful this way, as is [ profile] fileg's wonderful Gryphonsmith site (click on LJ Icons and then "Tolkien") on the left. The Ian and Peter one on this post is by [ profile] fileg and I <3 it muchly. And I have some icon space left, I was inspired to finally upload them.

Cut to avoid bombarding you with gorgeousness )

But this one last one is too neat to cut. It's from Tolkien's heraldic device for Earendil, by [ profile] swanboat_icons -- go see the rest, they're beautiful!

GIP x 2

2006-09-24 11:08 pm
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Zoe & Wash made by the wonderful [ profile] fileg

And House, lookin' sexy. hugh laurie icon

(When I was looking for Hugh Laurie icons, I was amazed at how well he's grown into his face. The Fry & Laurie / Blackadder / Jeeves face was meant to look foolish and it does. But this face, oh yeah.)

GIP x 3

2006-09-07 11:01 pm
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Orli squinchyface from [ profile] mafaldita_coura. Orlando & Viggo in Wellington, December 2003, (by me):
Sean Bean & Viggo in Toronto, 2005 (by me):

(I am feeling a little better. Watching a schmoopy movie with my guys helped, and also all the hugs.)

(ETA: I made about a zillion typos in the text, much less the html. WTF is going on?)
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