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Fandom: LOTR RPS
Rating: NC-17
Summary: What Elijah wants and what Elijah gets.
Feedback: Yes, please, especially constructive criticism
Disclaimer: This isn't true, I made it up.
Archive: my livejournal, my site it comes back), otherwise OK, just let me know
Notes: Thanks again to [ profile] cupiscent and [ profile] hanarobi for several rounds of fabulously thoughtful and supportive betas; and to [ profile] jubilancy and [ profile] anatsuno for giving me the confidence to post this when I was nervous. And always, always [ profile] shaenie.

full pairing and warning info here -- for those who don't like surprises )

He's a volcano demanding sacrifices. )
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Title: What Changed
Pairing: Sean Astin/Christine Astin
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sean deduces why Christine has changed
Feedback: Please, fascinated to know what you think
Warnings: Het, crack!fic
Disclaimer: Never happened, just appropriating real people's names and lives
Archive rights: please contact me first
Notes: Straight married people don't *have* to be boring. Thanks for great betas by Rhiannan and [ profile] andrealyn

What Changed )
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Title: Some Twisted Mirror
Author: [ profile] msilverstar
Fandom: LOTR RPS
Pairing: SB/EW/SA/DW/Lucifer
Archive: Please ask first
Rating: NC-17.
Summary: Lucifer plays with actors
Feedback: Always grateful for.
Warnings: RPS, religious figure misrepresentation
Disclaimer: Not real. Even more than other RPS.
Notes: This came directly from a dream, and basically wrote itself. I have no idea what it means. Many thanks to [ profile] viva_gloria for allowing me to use her Lucifer, and for lovely betas from Herself, the gracious [ profile] cinzia and [ profile] lobelia321, who all helped me believe it was worth posting.

(ETA: updated link to gloria's fic)

Some Twisted Mirror )
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TITLE: Improv
AUTHOR: MSilverstar
PAIRING: PB and SA (not)
NOTES: My first fanfic since I was 14, and I bet it's the first about PB
DISCLAIMER: Never happened

Sean was having problems with the lines. )
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