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Title: Take Me Down
Pairing: Orlando Bloom / Dominic Monaghan
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Orlando wishes he was the kind of bloke who could kneel and worship
Disclaimer: Not true: I made it up
Warnings: D/s, some discussion of S/M
Feedback: Please! And constructive criticism of all kinds.
Archive: Please ask first.
Notes: I wrote this a while ago, experimenting with some of my kinks I haven't seen written much. Thanks to [ profile] anatsuno for the beta, I switched to pronouns.

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As You Like It: A Play in Eight Cities
AU Drabble for the Lotrips100 Challenge: what if the LOTR movies had never happened.

Miranda may have been born to play Rosalind, in hometown Sydney no less.

Just before opening in Central Park, Viggo finds the key to Jaques.

Billy the romantic hero? The director of the Glasgow Rep wants to make Orlando interesting.

Chewing the scenery a bit, Ian's happy to be Adam at the Barbican.

Dom hams it up as Touchstone in Bristol.

Not a big break, and Newcastle, but Orlando is thrilled even to be Corin.

PunkShakes in LA, Elijah plays Silvius just to hang with the musicians.

John thinks he's found his niche at RSC: Duke Senior today, Macbeth tomorrow.


Note: if you don't know the play, this may be baffling. The young hero is named Orlando, loved by the much more interesting Rosalind. Jaques is a philosopher, Duke Senior the overthrown good ruler, Adam the faithful servant, Touchstone a clown, Silvius and Corin shepherds (and comic relief). They all end up in the Forest of Arden wherein there is confusion, disguise, philosophy and love.
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For the [ profile] lotrips100 reflection challenge, [ profile] gabbyhope has the best ideas!

"You want to know why? Just look."

At that quiet command, Orlando looks at their reflection in the shop window. Imagining himself that lone woman, he sees that they do look menacing, looming in their dark coats, his mohawk. "We look like those twisted blokes at Columbine."

"And every white mugger in every bad movie."

"Don't want to scare her."

"Try this." Viggo starts whistling, of all things. The tune is fiddly, all jumps and trills, Baroque? The woman calms down, walks slower, turns the corner away from them.


"Classical music. It's very reassuring."

"Would it work with showtunes?"

Notes: Inspired by my tall brother, who hates making people nervous on the street. For a change, not triggered by a dream. Thanks to [ profile] hanarobi for encouragement.
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Title: Young
Author: [ profile] msilverstar
Fandom: LOTRPS
Pairing: Viggo/Orlando
Rating: R
Disclaimer: Inspired by real people, but fictional. I made it up.
Summary: Brings back memories
A/N: for the [ profile] contrelamontre alternate endings challenge, written in about 70 minutes but mulled over for most of a week.

Young )
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