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Lotrips fandom has lost one of our own when [ profile] ismenin died early this morning. She was a great Elijah fan, a wonderful writer of over-the-top romances, and a gracious and generous person. I only got to know her in the last few years, but will always miss her.
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I worry about friends and everyone else. Please post every so often, let us know you're OK?
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A friend of mine has gigantic student loan debts, and I want to help so I did a little research and found a newish law which implements Income-Based Repayments so there's a limit to how painful they will make your monthly payments:

Income-Based Repayment (IBR) caps monthly federal loan payments at an affordable level based on your income and family size. If you owe more on your federal student loans than you earn in a year, you can probably benefit from IBR. The lower your income, the lower your monthly payment will be: in some cases, as low as $0. IBR is available for almost all federal loans

Essentially, they can set it up so you don't have to pay more than 15% of your income if you are working, maybe nothing but accruing interest if you are unemployed or broke. If you repay under the IBR plan for 25 years and meet certain other requirements, any remaining balance will be cancelled (from

More information: - tons of info, including an animated video (!) and a repayment calculator, and a May 2010 New York Times series Answers About Student Loans.

Better things to come from the new new education law attached to HCR in March; no surprise, it passed with no support from Republicans. No more publicly-supported private loans any more, and as of 2014 new loans will set future repayment amounts limited to 10% of income, forgiveness after 20 years. USA Today and NY Times

For people with lots of different loans and private loans, start by looking at government debt consolidation options. Right now, if you have private loans and a nasty bank, you are screwed: you can't even discharge them through bankruptcy, and the interest just keeps piling on. However, there are bills in Congress to limit unfair practices and fraud, and limit repayment burden, including bankruptcy protection. These are being pushed by Obama and the Democrats, of course. For more, see the Project on Student Debt

(my links go to legit sites -- there are ugly scams out there: good advice from the feds)

ETA: National Student Loan Data System - see how much you owe, and to whom. I'm glad that's available, it's clearly worth filling out the forms.
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Health care reform is all very well and good, but I want all my fandom friends to be well and secure right away dammit! So I found some places that might help.

I had a boyfriend working for the 1980 Census (yes, I'm that old), and they kept him on for months after the first wave was over. So please consider applying: it can't hurt.

apply for jobs with the Census )

Americans tend to be conflicted about asking for government help except when they are automatic and/or we feel we've earned it, like unemployment benefits. But we can't really be self-sufficient, not now or here. We need backup, and that's what government should be for.

You may be eligible for medical coverage )

more possible benefits )
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I like this meme :-)

Today has been declared lurker amnesty day!  Have you read me but never commented? Do you surf by occasionally? Here for the recs? Say hello! You are under no obligation to ever comment or delurk again, but here's a chance to do so in a post just for that. And if you do, no need to apologize or explain, I'm just curious.

IP checking is off, ljtoys is off, anon commenting allowed but screened to avoid spam and trolls.
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Why did I think my birthday was tomorrow instead of today? I blame the calendar people )

Thank you to everyone who wishes me well. It makes me feel lovely! What I'd like in fandom, (besides a bunch of handsome naked actors, more lotrips, my writing mojo back, and a pony), is for people to read my recs! They're at (an experiment, some truncated descriptions) and, [ profile] msil_fanfic_rec feed on LJ, [syndicated profile] msil_fanfic_recs_feed on Dreamwidth.

<3 fandom and you wonderful dear people, thank you for being so fabulous!
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My friend is raising money by selling her old fandom stuff, including action figures. She has amazing stuff, at very low prices. So far my favorite is "Legolas with Dagger-Slashing and Arrow-Launching Actions" because the description just makes me giggle. Anyway, go! buy! I can vouch for [ profile] thejennabides being painfully ethical: if you buy from her, you will get your figs, I'm sure of that.
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We have a wedding to celebrate: Ruth and Nancy got married last Friday! So this moot we will have a little party to revel in the accomplishment.

So, this Sunday, Sept. 14, my house in Berkeley, 1 pm to 6ish, it will be lovely to see you all. You are all, (except Ruth and Nancy), invited to bring some snacks to share. Email me for directions, and I'm sure we can arrange some carpools or BART pickups.

See you then!
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Happy Birthday to [ profile] too_shy and [ profile] sandelwood You've both had rough years and I hope this next one will be fabulous!

Cat GIP (he's curled up on the rug, at yet another spot just off the central medallion)

And a question, since I now live with a cat, We have been using some of the clay litter, which is way better engineered than last time I had cats, in the 80s. It doesn't smell and is easy get the pee and poop out of. But apparently, it's a big eco problem, despoiling the landscape and such. I tried some pine pellets but realized our little rake scoop thing has too-small openings. So I ask you, flist, what kind of environmentally responsible cat litter should we buy?


2008-08-02 10:03 am
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Have a lovely time, you all, see you on Thursday afternoon!
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Collective intelligence: people filled in a form to say how much is shook near them, and out comes a map. USGS was doing mashups before there WAS a google maps.

earthquake map

I'm not hot-linking to the dynamic updating one. You can go see the updated map or .report your own experiences. I always check there first, I think it's amazing.

For some reason, this is my earthquake icon.
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[ profile] lilithlotr has tickets for sale:
2 tickets at will call for Warped in Cincinnati on Wednesday. I can throw in one of the Warped 2008 Compilation CDs, if you need it. Because of the uncertainty of will call tickets (Will they actually be there? You never know for sure until they hand them to you) I'm only asking for $30 for the pair, which is less than the cost of one ticket.

2 tickets for Warped in Indianapolis on Thursday. I have Music Saves Lives VIP vouchers to throw in with these. $60 cash for the pair, must meet me before doors on Thursday at the venue.
Send her an lj message or email for the tickets, not me.

Also, I am so proud of myself, I got off my ass and made something tasty and healthy: Tomato & bean salad )
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mirabile_dictu is who I want to be when I grow up. She's been through it all and come out the other side with grace and happiness. Beautiful inside and out, and a wonderful writer, her stories sing to me long after I read them. Happy birthday dear heart, may the good times roll!
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Birthdays! I have let them get away from me again :-( But I love my friends so thought I'd say a little something about the people I care for. In mostly-date order )

In other news, I have bid for and won fic-writing services from Sweet Charity of [ profile] dizzydame, [ profile] asknosecrets, and [ profile] shaenie. Squee! Knowing there's fic coming makes me happy. When the stories are posted, I will rec them with great fervor.

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The Colour of Magic / Light Fantastic tv movies are premiering out this week -- the event is on Monday March 3rd 2008 at the Curzon Cinema Mayfair. The producers are encouraging anyone who would like to come along and wave and cheer before the first screening [6:30 pm] - costumes are, of couse, most welcome. This is the one where Sean Astin plays Twoflower.

I'm slowly updating my recs on (as a feed: [ profile] msil_fanfic_rec), mostly LOTRIPS and a few Torchwoods and other fandoms. very hot cross-dressing Billy/Dom rec )

And birthdays! Hopes for a fabulous year to [ profile] bunniewabbit, [ profile] airgiodslv, [ profile] rosiespark, [ profile] rosamundeb, and [ profile] v_angelique!!! *Sings various embarrassing birthday songs*

PS I am still stuck on chair or wheelchair, so rather bored. Talk to me, people! Lurkers, come out and say hi!
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I wish I could arrange for Billy to sing to you, but cute pictures are good too! Have a lovely year, sweetie.


(pictures from John G. Moore's web site)


2007-10-06 11:46 pm
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What a couple of days! [ profile] txvoodoo and [ profile] viva_gloria and [ profile] saxony and [ profile] antigone921 and [ profile] kaige68 and the amazing [ profile] feelforfaith! Happy happy happy birthday to you all <333333333
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I love writing with you so much, it's my joy and delight, my partner in crime, my lunchtime retreat from stats and log analyis!

Just for you: Our Boys in the Box in Glasgow:

Happy Birthday [ profile] unstealthy-- they're planning to jump out of your cake!
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Two of my favorite people evah, [ profile] anatsuno and [ profile] ipso__facto! Next year's going to be fabulous, I so decree it!

<3 always
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[ profile] stewardess has rescued me from my own petard, and has offered to host the fandom moot on Sunday, July 1, from 1ish to 6ish, in Oakland. Please plan to bring a little something tasty to share and contact her or me for directions.

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