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Orlando and his wife Miranda Kerr canoodling a bit, at the Global Green event. I love that she seems to be squeezing his non-existent ass

Orlando Bloom

Billy photo op at the same event
Billy Boyd

Elijah DJed in Moscow, and a fantastic interview with him (in the Daily Mail of all places!)
Elijah Wood

And Dom tweeted:

Off to do ridiculousness. Air date to follow. Billy has just left my house. It feels like a haunted tomb. I'm just holding myself tight.
You know what's weird? Dom's using an icon in twitter almost exactly the same as one I started using 10 years ago. So, happy fanniversary to me!

(thanks to [ profile] karin_woywod, [ profile] mayfrayn and [ profile] elijahs_mumble for the pictures & links)

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Hobbit RPF fic is getting pretty good, satisfying my Lotrips habit. It seems to be centered at the Hobbit Kink Meme RPF prompt post and I'm saving my bookmarks with some recs. I'm madly in love with Graham McTavish, who is a darling on twitter.

I find myself also reading Hobbit movie fandom fics, unlike LOTR, it's very odd. I like the odd pairings (you probably knew that) and long detailed fics and am surprisingly OK with brother incest, though not much for mpreg or kidfic (bookmarks).

I wish there was a good place to be fannish together -- the meme and AO3 and Tumblr are deeply unsatisfying.

Also! there are photos on the Internet of Billy and Orlando shopping in LA last week, with HUGS, warms the cockles of my fangirl heart!
paparazzi warning )
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TORn Tuesday: an hour and a half of Billy and Dom hanging out with Cliff Broadway, plugging their various projects (especially Dom's Wild Things), answering fan questions, and clowning everyone's amusement, especially their own. Includes: responding to the name Monaboyd, laughing at their own ignorance of Spanish, Billy talking Dom into going to DragonCon this year, and repeated fart jokes.
Dom and Billy TORn interview more gifs on tumblr

Interview video part 1, and part 2 (links via [personal profile] sandelwood

liveblog by ayerlind on tumblr, part 1, part 2

I have a bunch of screenshots (I stopped uploading at 24) and all the sound in one 45MB or three smaller files, if anyone wants them.

So not over this fandom.
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Dom and Billy at the Hobbit premiere in London, 12/12/12

2012-12-12 Dom and Billy at The Hobbit premiere London_001 2012-12-12 Dom and Billy at The Hobbit premiere London 2012-12-12 Dom and Billy at The Hobbit premiere London

And you can't even see Dom's mustache in that last one... Tumblr crashed right after I saw this, managed to grab the images (click through for big versions), thanks [ profile] padabee
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  • I'm trying hard to feel the Hobbit movie love, I could have done without the Denny's and Microsoft tie-ins. But the six-week pre-filming Dwarf Book Camp has interesting possibilities, and here's a checklist of which dwarf is which. Speaking of which, Happy Birthday to [ profile] caras_galadhon!
  • I noticed that Photobucket is sticking people's "real" names in the titles of pages, even when the name isn't visible otherwise. They did that to a person in LoTriPS, she was Not Happy to find out about that. Delicious was doing a similar kind of auto-personalization recently, so if you are keeping your fannish and other online personas separated, go check both sites!
  • Dominic Monaghan's trying to be the David Attenborough for the next generation, he has a show about nature and rare animals, Dom's Wild Things. British people can watch it on Fridays or online, it's coming to BBCA and Canada in January. I happen to know that tunnel bear works too.
  • found somewhere: a serious survey on non-monogamy (link anonymized)
  • A friend's interest was piqued by Sean Bean in Accused and she is looking for reliable and positive resources on cross dressing that might answer some respectful questions. Any good communities or sites?
  • Apparently Rachel Weisz and Viggo will be acting together in the next Cronenberg film, that much combined seriousness and gorgeousness makes me sigh! Also, smartass Robert Pattinson.
  • ways to make LiveJournal behave itself, using the URL parameter style=mine to avoid seeing the crappy wide interface for a while at least.
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I keep seeing fannish things and meaning to share, so here:

Billy's new Beecake songs are lovely and I have preordered the EP, cos I'm a fan. Please Stay on and The Clown on Jim Gellatly's New Music Podcast (starts around 15:00) (link via

Dom has finally discovered Twitter, and is using it as a way to plug his upcoming nature show but also being very entertaining at @DomsWildThings. He's apparently learned how to type since the infamous hobbit chat of 2002, but punctuation on the iphone eludes him. And there's the odd back-and-forth with Billy on the @OfficialBeecake account that's delightful!

And finally, Martin Freeman's reaction to the hedgehog thing as reported by his wife on twitter, via [personal profile] tvillingar / [ profile] tvillingar cracks me up )
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Dom and Elijah did bits as trash-talking fighters for the Fantastic Film festival in Austin hobbit vs. hobbit fight embedded video )

The first video of the actual debate, with Dom on the virtues of the game World of Warcraft as escapism embedded video )

So far, there's no video of the boxing part, but one picture from @heuge and one after (apparently Dom won) from @jenyamato
Elijah,Dom,2011,event Dominic,Elijah,2011,event

And a lagniappe: Dom rapping karaoke:embedded video )
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Viggo's at the Venice Film Festival for "A Dangerous Method" with a San Lorenzo doll, with Vincent Cassel, with fans, in black tie:
viggo 2011 event,viggo,2011,event viggo 2011 event,viggo,2011,event viggo 2011 event,viggo,2011,event viggo,viggo,2011,2011,event,event,viggo 2011 event viggo,viggo,2011,2011,event,event,viggo 2011 event viggo 2011 event,viggo,2011,event viggo,2011,event viggo,2011,event viggo,2011,event

And a photoshoot from the cover story in the September issue of L'Uomo Vogue. Viggo is wearing what seems to be a couture version of his green and white plaid shirt! (more gorgeous scans at Viggo-Works).

(cross-posting this a bit)
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and here, have three pictures of Billy from 2010 that I don't think I've posted before: one big, one small, and one with The Proclaimers

Billy close-up, late 2010 Billy in Herald Scotland, July 26, 2010 Billy with The Proclaimers
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The Delicious bookmarking site has been bought by, but the transfer has a catch: all accounts not specifically opting in will be deleted and all their bookmarks will disappear. Some time in July, all that lovely fandom linkage will die and I will be very sad.

If you have not opted in to the transfer of your fandom accounts, please do it! (or go to the Settings page / Data Opt In link).

if you aren't sure about yourself or anyone else, there are instructions for checking the opt in status. If you know anyone who has not opted in, please ask them to do it! [ profile] murklins is also saving public bookmarks from fandom sites that have not opted in, you can add to the list for archiving.

A couple of new Billy photos for the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, changing its name to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (why I dunno, the historical Scottish/French connection? But everyone including me will murder the pronunciation). Anyway, photos via [ profile] kiltsandlollies and [ profile] bboyd:

Billy clowning, RSAMD photo Billy, RSAMD photo
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Orlando, Elijah and Liv as if in Classical European Paintings Includes Orlando in Renaissance garb, Elijah as a Regency gent (he should do more costume dramas!) and Liv in something very frothy that might be Georgian but maybe I'm dreaming and it's Victorian.

Elijah & Zooey Deschanel at CCTV awardsElijah's doing a ton of PR for his new series, Wilfred (starts on the 23rd on FX TV US) Tons of good links on Always & Forever // Elijah Wood, but my fave, for Ces and ana: Elijah and Zooey Deschanel at the Critics' Choice TV Awards from

Sean Bean also around doing Game of Thrones PR lots of links on The Mighty Bean, the skype interviews are particularly fun to watch.

And I'm willing to give Peter Jackson, Fran, Philippa, et al., the benefit of the doubt on Hobbit movie casting. I didn't think I'd like the Haldir changes in LOTR, or Arwen, and I now love them both. Making The Hobbit a little bit less of a Boy's Own Story is fine by me.

WH Auden seems to have written a really explicit poem, The Platonic Blow. It reminds me of excellent slash fic, in quatrain rhymes.

ETA to fix mighty bean link, thanks splix!
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It's been 10 years since the FOTR publicity push at the Cannes film festival. [ profile] kiltsandlollies has a sweet hobbit-heavy picspam, [ profile] not_alone's Cannes section from her delightful fannish narrative, A Journey with Frodo, and [ profile] nzstories has another picspam

All that inspired me to organize my various images, and I found some additional ones: Hobbits and PJ doing a kickline, Viggo in a green shirt, Liv in a black dress, Ian Holm, Christopher Lee, John Rhys Davis, Ian McKellen, Sean Bean with Orcs, Dom with Orcs, Orlando in a buzzcut and suit, and Orlando kissing Viggo's cheek, and Orlando kissing Viggo's cheek. so young! )
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    1. Dom in eyeliner:

    2. Orlando and his baby (paparazzi photos)

    3. When Your Dog Gets To Kiss Viggo Mortensen and You Do Not - confessions of a middle-aged Viggo fangirl. She apparently doesn't know that he's a ridiculous fan too, only in his case, it's San Lorenzo.

    ETA: fixed links to big Orlando photos
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Billy and Dom are in LA, and there are fun new pictures of them together, warming a fangirl's heart :-D

Dom and Billy at some event 2011,Dominic,Billy,event Dom and Billy at some event

Other sources: kiltsandlollies picspam, [ profile] dom_media, Dominic Monaghan Resource
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miranda kerr and babyOrlando and wife Miranda had their baby on January 7 (I think). She posted a note that he's named Flynn (for Errol I wonder?), and a lovely photo of her and the baby on her blog, (which is now overloaded, story at

I hope the photo gets young moms considering breastfeeding, which is usually healthier for everyone. Also she is very pretty. Also the baby looks like both of mine, who were of course, gorgeous :-D
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ETA: more at Zimbio!


fandom squeeeeeeee!!!!!!

Billy event 2010 billy,event,2010 Dom,Event,2010

I mostly hate the sun newspaper but they have the wedding article & pictures. Maybe to make up for that horrid headline a couple of months ago.
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Entertainment Weekly is doing a Cast Reunion Issue, and they have photos of of LotR actors looking happy and fabulous! They're from May and July of this year, and successfully hidden from fans until right now. There's a small photo of Dom, Elijah and Sean Astin on the front cover and three other photos of them, a gorgeous one of Bernard Hill, Sean Bean, Peter Jackson, Orlando, Billy and Andy, a photo of Hugo, Miranda, Cate and Ian McKellan (I know!), and a two page spread of Orlando and Pete. Oooo, I just found a Dom, Elijah and Sean article... The text here and in the magazine is OK, the pictures are priceless!

Let us all praise EW and [ profile] primula_baggins who made scans of all of them to share!
fangirl squee to the max! )

There's also video! Dom, Elijah, and Sean were filmed doing the photoshoot and telling stories, also on the on the EW site. embedded video behind the cut ) [ profile] rakshi already has screencaps!

It's like someone decided to cheer up my whole week, and I'm going to bed a happy fangirl, (especially if more people sign up for [ profile] slashababy!)
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I am usually the least likely to picspam, but then there were so many great new photos, I could not resist!

Sean Astin at Dragon*Con (photos by [ profile] cara_chapel, posted with her kind permission)

Sean Astin at Dragon*con
and many more great ones
and more in the grey shirt )

Billy Boyd at the Dundee Rep (reposted with thanks to [ profile] mata090680)

Billy at Dundee Rep - blue sweater photoshoot
more with the blue sweater )

Dom at the LA airport (paparazzi photos) (reposting with thanks to [ profile] mata090680)

and more with the red shirt )

New Elijah photoshoot (reposting with thanks to [ profile] mata090680)

more in the suit )

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