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I learned today that Kassie/ethrosdemon died on 27 September 2016.

It sounds there won’t be any kind of public memorial type stuff happening. Information (there is very little) is here:

ETA slightly more info here

I knew her originally from Buffy, then later Lotrips, then CW (Smallville/Supernatural) - she was a key early founder of fannish infrastructure in the Supernatural fandom. Did not know her well but always enjoyed exchanging comments. She was sharp and hilarious, and her fic (both fan fic and published pro fic) was wonderful.

I’m also feeling sad about the dispersal of the livejournal fandom diaspora and how we have not been able to maintain anything like the kind of cohesion we used to have there. Feel like there is almost no one left on deck to do the kind of public mourning we used to do. IF I DIE, YOU GUYS HAD BETTER NEVER STOP POSTING ABOUT ME FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU (ok?).

ping @sharpestrose

Ethrosdemon was really nice to newbies like me back in the day, and we were talking US culture and politics on her LJ just last month.  I’ll miss her. Also, not a memorial:
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[ profile] fiercynn

password: awake

Wake Me Up [multifandom vid]
by Scribe and fiercynn

Fandoms: Futurama, Doctor Who, Supergirl, The Matrix, The Wizard of Oz, Supernatural, Stargate Atlantis, Inception, Smallville, The Flash, Merlin, Demolition Man, Avatar: The Last Airbender,, Firefly, Sleepy Hollow, Xena: Warrior Princess, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America (movies), Life on Mars (UK), 28 Days Later, The Walking Dead, Community, Waking Life, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Hannibal, Snow White & the Huntsman, Maleficent, House M.D., Over the Garden Wall, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vanilla Sky, Star Trek Into Darkness, Om Shanti Om, The Lord of the Rings, Torchwood, Elementary, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Killjoys, Sense8, Quantico

Content Notes: technically mild violence, major character death and suicidal imagery, but none of the characters actually die in canon (or, they’re resurrected)

Notes: made for Club Vivid 2016 at @vividconofficial. Thanks to bessyboo, marianas, feedingonwind, and pearwaldorf for helping us source!

Comment and/or download here or at AO3!

OMG so much this!

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My ancient Delicious feeds all blurted out this bizarre entry about Meet TulaCo. Turns out that "Sponsored" means advertising and they inserted it into the RSS of all Delicious accounts. Blrgh. It did remind me to change my password to something long and random.
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Authors/Podficcers Sign Up & Artists Sign Up @ LJ
Authors/Podficcers Sign Up & Artists Sign Up @ DW
Join us on Tumblr

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So, DragonCon, I am not there which is fine because I dislike heat, noise, and crowds.

But it's fun to watch the love-fest between fans and Dean O'Gorman (who played Fili in the Hobbit). He's clearly in that happy phase of genre stardom where he can be pleased by the intensity of the whole thing, and hop up on the table to take a beefcake pose for a moment before he gets a bit embarrassed and hops down again. I can't stop looking at the videos. In case you can't tell, I have a huge crush on him,. and am quite enjoying the feeling

2015-9-6 Dean Pinup Pose (screencap at Dragconon @filisleftmustachebraid).jpg

video by filisleftmustachebraid

And if anyone wants them, I have Hobbit RPF recs, frequently featuring the lovely Mr. O'Gorman.
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So there's a meme offering to talk about things on certain days of the month, but that's clearly not going to work for me. But I am happy to answer questions about nearly everything! Fandom, middle age, the Middle Ages, my kids, computer-y stuff from the mid-80s onwards, libraries, I dunno. Questions from new people who haven't heard my stories a zillion times are particularly encouraged!


2014-08-03 08:12 pm
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This just cracked me up.
The nice thing about headcannnons is that it's really easy to get other people to believe in them.

I love fandom.
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  • We went to Guardians of the Galaxy last night. It was cute, but by far best enjoyed with a kid, though we were disappointed by the Bechdel test failure.

  • Said kid is having a meltdown in the bathroom after the first week of being a Junior Counselor at dance camp. Fourteen is such a hard age, everything is so intense.
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    The Lay of Dwalin the Dwarf by Glorfindel (aka [personal profile] zana16)

    Stellar fanfiction, set after events of The Hobbit, with great setting and characters that fit into the source, and enough gorgeously-written UST to sink a battleship! Also a great trans character, politically brilliant Dis, sympathetic Elves, and mine worker organizing, which in my book is a giant plus.

    It's mainly movieverse as there isn't much to go on in bookverse, but (probably) AU in some important ways. It's also epic: a complete series of 4 works, 205,982 words.

    Fic like this makes me so happy to be in fandom.
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    - I wore my bra inside out the whole day.

    - failed to see the Captain America movie, or otherwise leave the house, except:

    - succeeded in taking girlchild to her middle-eastern drumming event and short performance

    - succeeded in doing three loads of laundry

    - failed to do the taxes (which should be EASY this year as we are not self-employed)

    - succeeded (?) in reading a ton of angsty hobbitfic, and not so angsty, some captured in my ao3 hobbitfic bookmarks)

    - failed to go grocery shopping

    I am going to regret the failures tomorrow.
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    - Much Ado About Nothing (the Tennant-Tate filmed play)
    - The Princess Bride
    - Young Frankenstein
    - Legally Blonde
    - Due South (Season 2)
    - I, Claudius

    I guess it's better than just reading the Mad Magazine parodies, which is what I did as a kid, as my parents were not big on movie going. I've never actually seen The Godfather or Planet of the Apes (shuddup, I'm old).
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    We could like meet up? I'll probably be wearing a big grey scarf and a leaf pin.

    The fact that I'm leaving the house makes it a big damn deal for me. Not really planning a line party or anything.

    Anyway, comment or dm or email if you'll be there?
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    So. I liked sleeping late this US holiday weekend. When my kid moves out, I'm sleeping late all the time. I did a bit of work, including finishing a non-profit client's report even though I ran out of billable hours. We had an early Hanukkah/Thanksgiving family party last weekend. Then teengirl went with my mom to our Very Christian cousins in Texas. Twenboy may have an event-producing temp job with our SIL this month: he thinks he deserves a cool programming job but has not done enough to make it through an interview :-/

    But still, hey, the next Hobbit movie premiere is tomorrow! It's livestreaming on Facebook, whatever the hell that means, at 6:30 PST on Dec. 2. Two of the prettiest Dwarf actors (Aidan and Dean) answered random questions on Facebook. My Tumblr friends are squeeing with glee. The RPF will be epic :-D
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    I find the term 'sleep pants' jarring, but lots of fanfic writers seems to love it. Why is this? Granted, there's an American (pajamas) vs. British (pyjamas) spelling thing. But it seems odd.

    in which I do some sleuthing )

    My only conclusion is that there's a generation that thinks pajamas only come in sets. I blame capitalism.

    Why yes, I am procrastinating on weekend work that I want to do because it really needs to be done and I faffed around a lot this week.

    ETA: [personal profile] telesilla says it comes from Star Wars fandom, which makes sense, 'pajamas' is a 19th century word and even concept.
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    Teengirl and I are finishing Buffy, and jeez Season 7 is wrenching. I sometimes hide behind the laptop.

    So we looked around for other things, and just started Due South, which is actually better than I remember from my first attempt to watch a few years ago. Watching with her is definitely fun!

    But she doesn't know anything about Superman, how weird. I would like advice about the best comic anthology or movie to fill this void in her pop culture education: what would you recommend?

    TAJ and work )
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    This is like Yultide in June: "Not Ready For Prime Time (Fandoms), or otherwise known as Not Prime Time, is a gen, het, femslash, and slash multifandom secret fiction exchange for medium sized fandoms. This is for the fandoms that are no longer eligible for Yuletide but are not megafandoms."

    LOTR RPF qualifies, as we only have about 3,200 works on AO3. Right now, the nomination list only has Sean Astin and Elijah (scroll to RPF and open the section).

    The process is pretty much like Yuletide. In the FAQ, they suggest that only people planning to participate in the exchange submit nominations:
    You may request up to 4 fandoms, minimum of 3. The maximum of characters you can request in one fandom is 4. If you’d like to request fic about a group of characters, don’t forget to nominate the ensemble during nominations (as an example, on AO3, The Lord of the Rings fandom has a character tag called The Fellowship of the Ring to denote a specific group of characters)
    Here are the Nominations Page and instructions -- nominations closing April 12 at midnight Pacific time

    Hope someone will enjoy this, thanks to [personal profile] lbilover for explaining this. A shame it's for fic and not other kinds of fanworks too.
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    Orlando and his wife Miranda Kerr canoodling a bit, at the Global Green event. I love that she seems to be squeezing his non-existent ass

    Orlando Bloom

    Billy photo op at the same event
    Billy Boyd

    Elijah DJed in Moscow, and a fantastic interview with him (in the Daily Mail of all places!)
    Elijah Wood

    And Dom tweeted:

    Off to do ridiculousness. Air date to follow. Billy has just left my house. It feels like a haunted tomb. I'm just holding myself tight.
    You know what's weird? Dom's using an icon in twitter almost exactly the same as one I started using 10 years ago. So, happy fanniversary to me!

    (thanks to [ profile] karin_woywod, [ profile] mayfrayn and [ profile] elijahs_mumble for the pictures & links)

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    Hobbit RPF fic is getting pretty good, satisfying my Lotrips habit. It seems to be centered at the Hobbit Kink Meme RPF prompt post and I'm saving my bookmarks with some recs. I'm madly in love with Graham McTavish, who is a darling on twitter.

    I find myself also reading Hobbit movie fandom fics, unlike LOTR, it's very odd. I like the odd pairings (you probably knew that) and long detailed fics and am surprisingly OK with brother incest, though not much for mpreg or kidfic (bookmarks).

    I wish there was a good place to be fannish together -- the meme and AO3 and Tumblr are deeply unsatisfying.

    Also! there are photos on the Internet of Billy and Orlando shopping in LA last week, with HUGS, warms the cockles of my fangirl heart!
    paparazzi warning )
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    'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey' transcript.

    (IMNSHO, it's disconcerting how little dialog there is)
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    HobbitCon by the RingCon people, March 31 to April 1 in Bonn, Germany. They have 10 of the Dwarves appearing, including the young ones, but not Richard Armitage :-/ RingCon reports have been so much fun to read over the years, so if you can go, consider it (how I wish I could)!

    found this via [ profile] ourdramaqueen

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