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- Much Ado About Nothing (the Tennant-Tate filmed play)
- The Princess Bride
- Young Frankenstein
- Legally Blonde
- Due South (Season 2)
- I, Claudius

I guess it's better than just reading the Mad Magazine parodies, which is what I did as a kid, as my parents were not big on movie going. I've never actually seen The Godfather or Planet of the Apes (shuddup, I'm old).
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So. I liked sleeping late this US holiday weekend. When my kid moves out, I'm sleeping late all the time. I did a bit of work, including finishing a non-profit client's report even though I ran out of billable hours. We had an early Hanukkah/Thanksgiving family party last weekend. Then teengirl went with my mom to our Very Christian cousins in Texas. Twenboy may have an event-producing temp job with our SIL this month: he thinks he deserves a cool programming job but has not done enough to make it through an interview :-/

But still, hey, the next Hobbit movie premiere is tomorrow! It's livestreaming on Facebook, whatever the hell that means, at 6:30 PST on Dec. 2. Two of the prettiest Dwarf actors (Aidan and Dean) answered random questions on Facebook. My Tumblr friends are squeeing with glee. The RPF will be epic :-D
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Teengirl and I are finishing Buffy, and jeez Season 7 is wrenching. I sometimes hide behind the laptop.

So we looked around for other things, and just started Due South, which is actually better than I remember from my first attempt to watch a few years ago. Watching with her is definitely fun!

But she doesn't know anything about Superman, how weird. I would like advice about the best comic anthology or movie to fill this void in her pop culture education: what would you recommend?

TAJ and work )
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Girlchild likes anime and manga, draws chibis, and would like to learn Japanese. We have a couple of simple iOS apps and intro books, but she's gone through those really fast -- she's willing to work hard at it.

So, are there some really great books or apps or online classes? Rosetta Stone? I couldn't find any local classes in Berkeley or Oakland, though I'll keep looking around.

I'm surprised to find myself wishing she was learning Chinese, as it seems like it would be more useful in the future.

ETA: she's 12 and prefers fairly structured classes, and is more a casual than intense manga fan.
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I'm looking for webcomic recommendations for my kidlet (she's now 9, she was 3 when I got sucked into fandom, wow). She has read and liked Get Medieval, Gunnerkrigg Court, and the Order of the Stick so far. She likes silliness, puns and adventures. Also, minimal angst and violence; and young sympathetic characters are always good. Thanks in advance from both of us!

PS I've been reccing a bit lately, Lotrips and otherwise, are at
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