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It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…

1. My coworker caused a car accident and I don’t feel safe riding with her

My job involves visiting clients and vendors at their offices, going to other offices for meetings, and visiting job sites. All of these visits are done via company car, anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours away from my workplace once or twice a week. My coworker was coming back from a job site when she caused a collision by driving into the back of an 18-wheel truck. She says she forgot that company cars don’t have a sensor which slows or stops the car automatically if there is an object or traffic like her personal vehicle does. She had the cruise control engaged because it was on the highway and traffic was stopping or slowing down in front of her and she didn’t slow down or brake and crashed into the back of a truck.

My coworker walked away without a scratch, but she had one of our students along and she ended up with a broken radius bone. The car had to be written off and my coworker was found at fault by both insurance companies and the police. She was arrested and charged by the police. But she has not been disciplined or spoken to about it here at work and the company is still allowing her to drive places in a company car. The student never came back because she was so mad at my coworker and some people have expressed concern about getting into a car with her after what happened. Management says it is fine and won’t authorize anyone else to drive in her place. There are only a couple of other people in my division who the company has authorized to drive their cars, and if those other people are out or not here my coworker is the only choice. How do I express my concerns about my safety to management? My coworker continues to minimize what happened and says it was not her fault because she forgot the car doesn’t stop automatically. She also calls her arrest a witchhunt and says the student exaggerated her broken arm to make my coworker look bad to the police. I don’t want to risk my safety by getting into a car with her.

How do you exaggerate a broken arm, I wonder? There are X-rays.

Anyway, I’d say this: “Given the accident and Jane’s cavalier response to what happened, I’m not comfortable riding in a car where she’s driving. I don’t think it’s safe. I’d be happy to ride with someone else, or be the driver myself, depending on what you prefer, but I’d need to see much safer driving from Jane over a sustained period before I’d judge it safe to ride with her.” If you get pushback, say this: “It’s really not possible for me to ride with Jane, for safety reasons. Given that, how should we proceed?”

Ideally you want other coworkers saying this too, possibly as a group. It’s going to be a lot harder to blow all of you off than if it’s just one of you.

2. Is it okay to take notes at a job interview?

Is it okay to take notes in an interview? I’ve got a not-so-great memory and I manage it with notes and other tools so my work isn’t affected. It’s mostly when talking in person that I have issues. I usually pull out my notebook and write notes of any work conversation because I have trouble remembering specifics after or sometimes that I had it.

Is it okay to do this in an interview? I haven’t interviewed in years and (haha) I can’t remember if I did that before. I’ll have a folder with extra resumes and references with me so I could keep a sheet for notes there. I’m also talking specifically about job details, hours, etc.

Yes, you can take notes in an interview! The key is not to let it it interfere with the flow of the conversation or with the rapport you’re building with your interviewer. You don’t want to be so focused on your notes that you’re not connecting interpersonally; be sure you’re looking at your interviewer significantly more than you’re looking down at your paper.

3. Being referred to as “support”

I work for a company where the obvious focus would be site operations and management, but we have in-house departments for IT, Marketing, Software Support and Training, etc. These departments work with all levels of operations staff and all of the site teams (many, many people), but don’t directly oversee staffs of their own.

Departmental employees are less respected than operations employees despite expertise or title. Department heads are D-suite employees with years of experience dealing with high level work, but are often referred to as “support.” While this term might not seem like a big deal internally, it’s also used with clients and during executive management discussions.

I’m not knocking traditional support staff. Ours love their work and we have a great team of them, but the work is entirely different in both scale and complexity.

I know that the greater issue is getting people to recognize how difficult and valuable the departmental work is to the organization, but is it off-base to ask not to be referred to as support? Like departments are just helping operations do the real work?

This is actually isn’t that uncommon; it’s not just a weirdness of your company. Technically, speaking, departments like IT and marketing are supporting the main operations of the company, and sometimes (not always) it’s useful to be able to distinguish that. It doesn’t mean “support” in the sense of “I am your assistant,” but in the broader sense that those departments exist so that the operational staff can do the meat of whatever the company does.

If it’s literally just the wording that bothers you, I’d let it go; you’re reading more into it than you should. But if it’s bothering you because it reflects a broader issue in your company — where some work isn’t respected as much as others — that’s a legitimate issue. In that case, though, the issue still wouldn’t be the term “support”; it would be the bigger problems you’re seeing.

4. No going-away party because I’m non-exempt

My boss won’t throw me a going away get together during work hours because I am non-exempt. I asked why and she said it is because its not “work work.” Now the get-together is planned for after work, but people are already saying they can’t come because it’s … after work. In the past year, we have had going-away lunches (that last much longer than normal lunch breaks) for employees leaving, and even had parties for graduating students that last in excess of two hours long. This is leaving a sour taste in my mouth as I depart for my next gig. Am I being too sensitive here?

No, that’s pretty crappy.

5. I have to pick up a coworker, off the clock

At my job, we have an employee with no wheels. When this employee works a shift, we are asked to pick her up (depending on who is either working that day shift or with her on the night shift.) Recently, they told us that we had to clock out. Shouldn’t we get paid to pick up another coworker?

Yes, if they’re instructing you to do it. If you were going it on your own as a favor to your coworker, then no. But if your employer is assigning you to do it, they need to pay you for that time (assuming you’re non-exempt, which it sounds like you are). You can test this by seeing what happens if you politely decline to pick her up next time. If they say you have to do it, then you can say, “I thought she was asking it as a favor. If it’s a work assignment, I can of course do it, but we’d need to pay people for that time.”

my coworker caused a car accident and I don’t want to ride with her, taking notes at a job interview, and more was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

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I have a computer that won't boot to anything but a black screen with a mouse cursor. I can boot from my recovery dvd, and I can boot in safe mode, and go into the bios menu, but I can't get into Windows and run any kind of a system recovery.

I suspect a corrupted driver somewhere along the way, but I have no idea how to fix it if I can't even get into Windows, not even safe mode.

My desktop is running Vista, because I haven't had any need to replace it. It's run perfectly fine for *mumble* years.

Am I screwed or is there anything I can do? Please help. I'd rather not just give up and buy a new computer right now.

cheer me up?

2017-07-27 10:40 pm
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I had the predictable depressive crash after disrupted sleep (Joe had to go out to work last night from 11:30 p.m. to 4 a.m.--I fell asleep before he got home, but only managed to go to bed around 2 a.m., which is not optimal either).

Send cute kitten pics/silly gamer stories?

Alternately, leave me a silliness prompt and I might write you a tiny!silly!crackficlet?

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2017-07-27 10:33 pm
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I just saw someone on Tumblr call Guns N Roses 'classic rock'.
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[dreamwidth.org profile] wildpear was over last night, and among other things, we started talking about how it'd been ages since we watched anything together. We keep meaning to do that regularly during our hangouts, but ultimately The X-Files wasn't working for her--it's so very much of its time, although she's glad to have much more context for it now, because of course it's also powerfully influential--and we haven't really started in on anything else, other than the time I showed her an ep. of Princess Jellyfish.

We talked a bit about things we've been watching and meaning to watch individually: me wanting to watch Black Sails, her starting in on season 2 of Switched at Birth (which meant I got to tell her that Allison Scagliotti guest-starred in a couple of episodes at some point--[dreamwidth.org profile] wildpear, if you see this, she's in season 2!) and having watched the first few episodes of Wynonna Earp). Wynonna Earp led to talking about shows that come with the "the first chunk of episodes are weak/terrible/not representative" warning, which is so common (see also: Black Sails), and between those things Stitchers came up, and then I was saying I still haven't seen the final season of The Vampire Diaries, other than the season premiere, even though--despite having wandered off from the show in early season 5 or so--I've been meaning to watch that season because Scags is in it.

I remember showing [dreamwidth.org profile] wildpear a random episode from...uh, I don't remember; maybe late season 2?...back when I was watching TVD, and I don't think she remembers anything about that, but she somehow wound up watching the very first episode at one point and (fairly) thought it was absolutely terrible...and her mentioning that led to me telling her that even though I abandoned the show, it was way better than that once you get through the first chunk of episodes, although I honestly can't imagine ever rewatching past the first couple of seasons (once it gets into the whole Originals thing, roughly).

Upshot: I read her the Wikipedia summaries for episodes 1x01-1x05, and showed her 1x06, in which Elena and Stefan have the whole "oh God, you're a vampire!!!" day of explanations and he tells her some things about Katherine. I don't know if we'll watch further; I'm game, so it depends on her. (From the summary I expected more Katherine backstory than we actually got in that episode, which is why we watched that one, but IIRC that's around when the show actually starts finding its feet.) But wow, so many of the core cast aren't in that episode at all! Jenna's not around (possibly for reasons explained in a skipped episode), and Caroline and Bonnie and Tyler aren't onscreen at all. (Caroline's mom is, though!)

...and okay, I kinda want [dreamwidth.org profile] wildpear to see some of the show so she can see Candice Accola work, because a) I wholeheartedly adore Caroline even though she doesn't remotely match the character type(s) I usually fall for, and b) Accola ("King" now, I guess?) is my fancast for Kelly Connolly in Newsflesh.

(While writing this post I got sidetracked by rewatching vidder dayln03's Caroline vid for the first time in ages, and I'm full of feelings now. I can't find the vid online to link to now, though. :/ The vidder's YouTube profile is easy to find, but that vid isn't there.)

Shortly before [dreamwidth.org profile] wildpear headed home, I wound up telling her some very random things about Game of Thrones, which she is never, ever going to watch. It came up because some of the things people were saying about the current season, at least after the season premiere and maybe second episode, have been making me vaguely want to check in with the show after bailing an episode into...season 5, I think. (Huh. Same as with TVD.) I don't miss Game of Thrones, really, but wow, some of the acting is amazing. (See: Lena Headey for Stacy Mason! I mean, speaking of Newsflesh fancasting.)

(I really ought to consolidate my "fancasting" and "dreamcast" tags here. >.<)

Weekly Reading

2017-07-27 07:30 pm
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What are you currently reading?
I started as in opened the file on my phone, but did not actually read any of Hollow City, the sequel to Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

I am also still in progress on The History of Forgetting: Los Angeles and the Erasure of Memory, though I don't think I read any this last week at all.

What did you recently finish reading?
I finished the aforementioned Miss Peregrin's Home for Peculiar Children a few days ago. Overall I really liked it.

I also read Alison Bechdel's Are You My Mother? As opposed to Fun Home, which is a pretty straightforward memoir about her relationship with her father, this wanders a lot, with probably as much time spent talking about her time in therapy and her readings of various famous psychologists, as well as her wondering how to write this book that she's writing, as there is stuff about her interactions with her mother. But it works really well and I enjoyed it a lot.

I read the first volume of Urasawa Naoki's Billy Bat the night before last. I had been putting off reading it until it was complete, because with this sort of suspenseful story, I knew I didn't want to have to wait between releases. And then the series ended and I loaded it all on my ipad and didn't read it because I don't know why. But now I finally started and it's just as suspenseful as I knew it would be. In fact, I stayed up way too late reading the first volume because I kept telling myself I'd stop with the next chapter and then couldn't!

What do you think you'll read next?
More Billy Bat for sure. Also I definitely plan to get started on A Wrinkle in Time soon, since it is a library book and I can't let it sit forever (though at least as an older book it's four weeks instead of two; but I imagine with people wanting to read it because of the upcoming movie, copies might be more in demand than they normally would be and I can't count on being able to renew it if I don't finish before the due date).

Writing against type

2017-07-27 08:18 pm
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I'm writing a fic right now that's somewhat challenging in its characterization, and it got me thinking: how do you tackle characters dealing with emotions or reacting to situations they've never come close to encountering in canon? Or them consciously choosing to change who they are as a person?

For me, my fic is a Riverdale/Archie Comics fic for the FP Jones/Kevin Keller pairing called "Second Time Around." It has FP Jones, a rough and tough gang leader in canon, now trying to step up in his role as a newly single parent, as well as trying act more like a gentleman in order to convince Kevin Keller to stay with him. It can get difficult, because the situation in itself requires FP to change from how he is in canon into someone who's more gentle and caring, so it can very easily stretch the willing suspension of disbelief.

And now I'm curious! How do you, as a writer, believably keep a character as themselves while writing about them acting differently than how they are in canon, or willingly choosing to act unlike themselves?

[Check-In] & Deadlines

2017-07-27 08:15 pm
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Since we're at the last post for the month, it's time for list revision. You are free to look over your list and remove anything that you've realized isn't working for you. There is nothing wrong with keeping all your bunnies, of course, but it is also okay to let go. We all grow and change and moving on is a thing that happens.

This is also a weekly check-in! You do not have to check in, of course, but if you would like to comment on the last week, feel free!

Deadlines! I always offer to give deadlines and I mean it! The few times I've given deadlines to people, I've put a sticky note up on the wall by my desk and done a couple PMs as reminders. Other options include a sticky 'deadlines!' post on the community if members would be comfortable with that. (Or any combination of things...)

Do you have something you think you'd be more motivated to work on if you had a deadline for it?

If so, mention it in your comment, when you'd like your deadline to be (or I can pick something), and how you'd prefer it to be administered (community sticky, private PMs/sticky note, other, all of the above?), etc. There would, of course, be no penalty or guilt if the deadline doesn't happen. It's a hectic time of year for a lot of people and I only want to offer gentle nudges in the rear, not stress.

Time is so sweet and absurd

2017-07-27 08:15 pm
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We have a couch! We finally have a couch! It is grey-green and comfortably springy and fits into the space between the windows at the front of the apartment and there was an exciting hour when we weren't sure if it had been lost in transit because the tracking website listed it as delivered and it was definitely not in the apartment and the warehouse couldn't get hold of the drivers to ask where on earth either they or the couch were, but it arrived and was carried upstairs by two very pleasant and competent people who took all the packaging away with them afterward and then I sat on the couch in my living room and talked with Matthew until he had to leave to catch his train, although he took a picture of the couch first:

Hestia set the first claw in it, of course. Now she crouches on the back like a demon rabbit, staring out into the world with wide gold eyes. Autolycus leapt onto the cushions, prowled, sniffed carefully all around, and then took possession of a stack of displaced boxes of slightly greater elevation. I am sitting on it with my computer like a sensible person. I could sit on it and read books. I could drag the coffee table over and watch a movie without being at my desk. I could, some afternoon, fall asleep.

Yay, having furniture.

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2017-07-28 01:47 am
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There are over 200 wildfires blazing across British Columbia this month, forcing over 14,000 British Columbian residents from their homes. Click here to read "Ways You Can Help the BC Wildfire Relief Effort".

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2017-07-27 03:58 pm
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(rape warning)

....do you not WANT my money, Marvel? For any fucking thing? Because real life already punches me in the face with this shit already. I don't need my hobby to do it too.


2017-07-27 10:11 pm
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Posted by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

I might have spoken too soon when I said I was feeling better, so let’s just do Karmic Balancing gifts and try not to think about it. I’m taking today and knitting a sock, and working on catching up on paperwork, and trying to put my business to bed for the week that I’ll (hopefully) be away, and I’m trying not to whine. Thanks for the donations my petals, you guys are so amazing that I’ve now met my public goal – I’m looking now to blow it out of the water. Last year you guys took me way, way over my private and public goals, and I know that there’s no force out there like knitters. None. Every ding on my phone makes me feel a little better, and makes me more hopeful that this is going to be okay. Let’s hope that Karma works, and that trying to put something good out there does something good for how I feel. A miracle cure by tomorrow would be nice.

Anne at The Twisted Fleece has two beautiful gifts the first one is for Grace T:

Annehook 2017-07-27 Anneroving 2017-07-27

100 g of handdyed Shetland roving. Dyed by Anne, and the fleece came from her friends’ flock. Comes with a handcrafted (again, made by Anne) orifice hook, of sterling silver, embellished with a handcrafted lampwork bead.

Anne also has 3 skeins of 100% merino worsted weight yarn. Dyed using food safe dyes. 120 yards/skein, 1.75 oz, 50 grams, and she’ll be mailing those to Kay W..

Anneyarn 2017-07-27

Belinda went for a stash dive, and came up with these two beautiful skeins of Malabrigo Lace. Turns out they’re for Helen H. Enjoy!

belindamalabrigolace 2017-07-27

The Oswego NY Coffee Connection knitters would like to donate two skeins of Berroco Weekend in colors 5947 (salmon swimming upstream) and 5966 (blue sky in summer). They’ll be mailing it out to Peg L, and I hope she loves it.

berrocoweekend 2017-07-27

Helle has two beautiful skeins, going out into the world to make a little magic. Heritage Yarns 100% tencel, colour is Sunrise Serenade 8 ounces; 1680 yards for Donna G.

heritageyarnsunrise 2017-07-27

and Knitted Wit Worsted, 100% Super wash Merino, Colour: She Persisted (how appropriate) 4 ounces, 200 yards for  Lisa B.  Thank you Helle!

knittedwitworsted 2017-07-27

Our good friend Kathleen Sperling has three lovely gifts of e-book pattern collections. First, her blanket trilogy, consisting of Cervelli, Around the Block, and The Celtic Knotwork Baby Blanket. That’s for Donna B.

blankettrillogy 2017-07-27

Then an Accessories Quartet, that’s Dambrod, Balthazar’s Jumper Socks, Jianzhi cowl, and the Addis Abeba shawl. Those are going to Jessica R.

accessoryset 2017-07-27

Last, but not least, she’ll be sending her Darling Layette eBook to Maggie B.

layetteset 2017-07-27

Tim has a set of four 3 X 4 1/2″ wonder wallets, each with five pockets. They are great for extra credit cards or cash or for giving gift cards. Those are going to Pippi S.

wonderwallets 2017-07-27

Next, a copy of a great new book from Tracy Purtscher, Dimensional Tuck Knitting.

tuckknitting 2017-07-27

It’s not out until September, so there will be a tiny delay in getting it, but when Tracy H does, I hope she loves it.

We’ve got a few from an amazing person who would like to be an anonymous Balancer, one 8oz bag of Elsie’s Discount Roving & Dyes “Amethyst”, and one in purple. The secret Santa will be mailing those to Rhea K.

purple top 2017-07-27 amethysttp 2017-07-27

Our mystery person also has approximately 20 batts, each weighing about 40 grams, of a creamy white Finn-cross roving. Hand processed by Anonymous Balancer, those are for Robyn R.

batts 2017-07-27

She’s also parting with one 40 oz. bundle of Plum Crazy Ranch Fiber Art Mulberry Silk Sliver, and one 1oz bundle of blue-green, hand-dyed Firestar, and mailing it to Linda L.

silksliver 2017-07-27

Last but not least, she’s somehow parting with THREE braids of Upstream Alpaca “Hand Painted Combed Top 100% Baby Alpaca” in “Pinot Noir” – 4 oz each braid. Those will be winging their way to Kelly M.

upstreamalpaca 2017-07-27

Emily has an amazing gift. 8 balls of gorgeous blue angora, in its original box. Emily says “It is old, though I don’t know by how; I received it from a fiber artist friend who is retiring and downsizing. Her only condition of giving it to me was that I “make something awesome”, and since you are doing that with PWA and the Rally, it only seems fitting.” I hope Holly W makes something awesome!

angora 2017-07-27

Karen Fletcher’s got a good one, TEN free copies of her pattern The Texture Block Cowl.  It’s a good one, takes a single skein of worsted weight yarn, and looks like a charming defense against the elements. (And a good Christmas present, if you’re in the mood.)  She’ll be sending those along to Kathleen R, Cherilyn P, Sarah R, Barbara J, Tara W, Jaime P, Beth W, Maggie H, Alicia R, and Belinda H.

textureblockcowl 2017-07-27

Finally, a gorgeous “Rainbow is the new black” project bag from Jan Smiley. (Peek at her shop, it’s all lovely.) This bag is for Janis M, and I hope she loves it.

orangisthnewblack 2017-07-27

Now, if you’ll all excuse me, I’m going to go lie down and wait for my miracle. I’m sure it’s on its way. Cross your needles, everybody.

Loose-leaf Links #44

2017-07-28 08:00 am
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Iron Goddess, Guan Yin, Guanyin, Quan Yin, Kwan Yin, loose-leaf tea, Adore Tea, Loose-leaf Links, Earl Grey Editing

Loose-leaf Links is a feature where I gather together the interesting bits and pieces on sci-fi, fantasy and romance I’ve come across and share them with you over tea. Today’s tea is Iron Goddess Tie Guan Yin from Adore Tea. Being an oolong, it’s a little heavier than green tea, though this one retains a bit of the grassy flavour of sencha.

Awards News ) Community and Conventions ) On Equity ) For Writers ) For Readers )

Mirrored from Earl Grey Editing.


2017-07-27 05:51 pm
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1. Friends who love me even when I'm having a terrible day.

2. The "New Beginnings" playlist that [personal profile] heresluck made for me last year, to which I am listening even now.

3. Setting a pretty Shabbat table for tomorrow night.

4. The many excellent things that have been recommended to me in the last 24 hours! I devoured The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe (a truly lovely novella) last night, and am now beginning to read Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud: The Rise and Reign of the Unruly Woman, which, um, yeah.

5. I'm gonna pour myself a glass of pink wine, because it's wine o'clock, y'all.

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2017-07-27 04:05 pm
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Door number one: A class in restoration ecology!

Door number two: A class in creative writing and social justice!

Door number three: Take them both and try not to fall into an overworked panic!

... I feel like not taking that social justice class is a thing I'm going to regret, though. I wonder if I can still get a friend to drop it for me.

(It's full, but I know one or two people who are thinking of dropping.)
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This is a tutorial/live example on how to mimic the look of letters, fliers, and stationery (as well as other forms of written media) without using images. For all your epistolary fic needs.

On AO3

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Title: A Symphony of Chemical Reactions (link to fic)
Author: what_alchemy
Reader: cellar_door
Podfic: http://www.audiofic.jinjurly.com/symphony-of-chemical-reactions
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Length and File Size: 22:28, 21.6MB, mp3

Reccer's Remarks: So, I am not in general a fan of audiobooks, and therefore not of podfics, either, but cellar_door does full justice to the voice of this fic and adds some lovely touches of their own. (The music!) I promise you have never laughed so hard at hearing someone say "fire extinguisher."

AO3 link here.
Direct download here.

Fic rec:

2017-07-27 04:08 pm
ancientreader: black and white pet rat (Default)
[personal profile] ancientreader posting in [community profile] 221b_recs
Title: A Symphony of Chemical Reactions
Author: what_alchemy
Length: 2351 words
'Verse: BBC
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Rating: G
Author's summary: Cooking’s just chemistry and time management.

Reccer's remarks: Oh hey! Another one from the "How on earth has this never been recced before?" department. And it was a Holmestice present for our very own [personal profile] unovis . Sherlock prepares supper for John, with attendant research and predictable results. Empty bladder before reading. Do not attempt to consume anything, whether solid or liquid. Note this was posted in 2012, so considerable water has passed under the bridge, but I submit that anyone incapable of being delighted by this story is incapable of being delighted, full stop.

In the cupboards: half a loaf of brown bread gone stale, tins of beans and sponge and soup, taxidermy owl, millet flour, melted sweets, mousetraps, desiccated clementines.

Fridge contents: snout of wild boar, aloe plant, blackcurrant preserves, empty milk carton, thin-sliced roast beef (by smell, too old for consumption; not too old to repurpose into mould cultures), apple juice, HP sauce, leftover beans, squirrel scalp ...

Toad update

2017-07-27 08:03 pm
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Karl has eaten four out of the five crickets, or so we hope because at this point we only see one cricket in the bin; it’s currently sitting on Karl’s butt, having the time of its life and enjoying the scenery. 

Whoever thought that a toad would make a good pet should have adopted a rock instead. 

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2vNiGYO

Orbit US turns 10

2017-07-27 03:56 pm
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Over the last decade, Orbit US, an imprint of Hachette Book Group, has quickly established itself as one of the premiere publishers of science fiction and fantasy, and a reliable source for everything from innovative works of science fiction to blockbuster epic fantasies. To celebrate the milestone, a selection of landmark Orbit titles is currently available on Nook for just $2.99 each, but we wanted to do more than point you toward some great titles, so we asked Orbit’s publisher, Tim Holman, to share a bit of history. Below his comments, you’ll find a timeline of key dates in Orbit’s history.

More here

My family...

2017-07-27 08:15 pm
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Very random post, but.

A few weeks ago we watched the pilot for the new The Tick TV series.

As there were sadly no more episodes, we then watched The Seventh Seal.

Somehow I felt this summed us up rather well.

And today I remembered to buy more Earl Grey (we had run out!!) but forgot toilet paper.

So if you wonder what we are like - well, this post is it. Very eclectic viewing tastes and an addiction to (good) tea. :)
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A reader writes:

I have a young colleague on my team at a rather large company — let’s call her Arya. Arya doesn’t report to me, but I’m senior to her and participated in her interview process. She’s been with us a couple years, and this is her first job out of college. She’s proven to be bright, enthusiastic, and eager to learn.

Here’s the issue: Due to some family connections, Arya was on a first-name basis with several of our senior office managers prior to working here. And ever since she was hired, those managers have treated her as their go-to warm body for various favors, from arranging venues for outside meetings to securing catering to planning office parties.

I should mention that Arya’s role at the company has nothing to do with event planning or office management or any role that would typically handle these kinds of arrangements. Her work is entirely separate from this arena.

And while I know that in many workplaces, people from all departments will pitch in to help with things like party planning committees on work off hours, that’s not what happening here. It seems that she’s increasingly being given organizer role for company events, and she’s having to use office hours to complete the tasks.

It irks me because I feel that the senior managers are taking advantage of Arya’s youth and enthusiasm to rope her into tasks that aren’t what she was hired for — and that, being young and eager to gain favor with the higher-ups, she’s not inclined to speak up when it’s interfering with her actual workload. It’s also particularly grating that these extra tasks are ones that historically get foisted onto female employees.

I floated my concern to our mutual manger (who is excellent, by the way), and she agreed that it was problematic but felt that it would be inappropriate to intervene unless Arya voices concern about this on her own. I think she’s right, but I also worry that, being new to the working world, Arya might not know what’s okay to complain about, you know?

So what say you? Should I mind my own business? If we find out that Arya actually enjoys this type of work, does it affect whether or not it’s appropriate for management to keep giving it to her?

In theory, this isn’t really your business or something that you have standing to intervene on.

In practice, it’s possible that you have the kind of role and/or standing in the organization where it would make sense for you to talk to Arya about the situation.

But it’s harder to do that now, when you’re already talked to your manager and your manager has essentially said “we’re leaving this alone.”

And even if you did talk to Arya, I suspect it would be a tricky and maybe fruitless conversation. Since Arya is new to the work world, she probably doesn’t yet have the experience or judgment to know if she should be concerned about what’s going on or not. So there’s a high chance that she’d tell you that she doesn’t mind helping out at all — because that’s the kind of thing people say when they’re new to the work world and want to make a good impression.

Because of that, her manager is the one who’s best positioned to address this, since she can take a better look at how it’s really impacting Arya’s workload and Arya in general.

But for some reason, her manager is taking a weird stance on this. Her statement that it would inappropriate for her to talk to Arya about it unless Arya raises it herself is bizarre. Managers need to intervene in all kinds of things that an employee might not raise on their own.

But for whatever reason, her manager has told you clearly that she isn’t getting involved, and I think ultimately you can’t circumvent that call.

Big-picture, is it a problem that senior managers are pulling Arya into this sort of work? Maybe, maybe not. Who knows, maybe she’s expressed an interest in doing that sort of work, and she’s thrilled they’re delegating it to her. Or maybe not — maybe she’s being pigeon-holded into work that has nothing to do with her career goals and either doesn’t spot it or doesn’t know how to push back against it. That’s where her manager talking to her would be really helpful.

I don’t want my young coworker to be taken advantage of was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.

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No, really, if you return to me a copy-edited article for my attention, and mention that you have made changes to the text (as well as changing the title to one that I think is misleading), please to be sending it to me with your changes tracked and marked up.

For if you are going to insult my ability to write English prose, I think I should be able to see how you have 'improved' my text without having to compare it line by line with the text I sent you.

I may possibly have dumped my bibliography on this editor's head...

Writing in my sleep

2017-07-27 01:53 pm
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I dreamed that all the personal names in a mystery manuscript were wrong, and called my dream-editor with changes:  the middle-aged detective-figure and her brother the Duke were now Helen and Humphrey, and their eccentric brother, Lord Instead.

I wish my waking muse were that inventive.

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Forgot to mention that I have this whole fic written & finished, which is nice. :)

On AO3 this is tagged with 'Aggressive Sarcasm' and 'Mutual Antagonism'. In other words: I had a lot of fun writing this.

Summary: How do you save people that don't want to be saved?

For info etc, please check out The Prologue.

Note: Gallifreyan will be indicated by the use of « and » rather than "". It seemed the simplest solution.


A Long Way from Sherwood: Chapter 1 )
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Here are three updates from people who had their letters answered here recently.

1. Someone drew genitalia on our intern’s cast

The intern was only in her third week here. The intern and the employee who did the drawing both had the same manager and that manager is one of my reports. The company does not have an HR department and, as at least one person in the comments guessed, there were some politics in play.

Both the employee who did the drawing and the manager were suspended for a day without pay and sent to sexual harassment remedial training. The employee was warned that he’s on thin ice and if he puts one toe out of line, he will be out the door. The manager was demoted. Although it is still a management position, her title and pay were both lowered and she no longer has anyone reporting to her. A reminder of the laws and company rules regarding sexual harassment was sent out to everyone.

I spoke to everyone who worked with the employee and manager and those who were witnesses and they all said that although the found the behavior upsetting, none of them had ever witnessed stuff like that before and had never felt harassed on any occasion by the employee or the manager.

I attempted to contact the intern after she ceased contact. The phone number and email address she had used on her resume were no longer in service. She was couriered a letter of apology and a list of the steps taken to remedy what happened, along with an offer to return to her internship. It was returned the next day unopened with a profanity written on the envelope.

(One point of clarification: There were many comments about course credit and the intern being a student. The intern is not a recent graduate or current/prospective student and no school has anything to do with the internship)

2. My boss won’t approve my time off for a video game competition

Thanks so much for answering my question and to your readers for all their encouraging comments and additional advice! I did go to my boss to ask about the day off again, using the language you suggested. The second time he agreed to let me have the day off, though he was clearly unhappy about it. I mentioned the situation to a couple friends at the office who have been here much longer than I have, and they both said that boss’s son is a bit of a difficult/spoiled kid and apparently, it’s not uncommon for boss to complain that video games are ruining today’s youth and his son. I guess there’s the explanation for his weirdly intense opinion on how I spent my time off.

In terms of my own future, my team performed very well in that tournament and in subsequent ones. The game I play is starting to move towards building the professional scene, and I am in a position where I may be soon facing the choice of leaving my job to play full-time. I haven’t decided yet if that’s a good idea, but I’m happy to be here and happy to know I can count on days off for future tournaments (even though I won’t be telling my boss that’s what I’m doing!)

3. I accidentally described myself as “outgoing” when I’m not (#3 at the link)

I emailed you a few months ago to ask if misrepresenting myself in an interview as “outgoing” would hurt me in my then-upcoming, now-current job. You said it probably wouldn’t, but I was still unsure.

I have a really good update for you: it ended up that calling myself outgoing in that interview hasn’t been a misrepresentation of myself at all. I LOVE this new job – the culture, the nature of my position, and the people have actually turned me into a legitimate social butterfly, to the point where I now realize how much of a bad fit some of my other jobs were inasmuch as they made me somewhat reserved. But now that I’m surrounded by people who have similar values and career goals to mine with different skill sets and backgrounds (think musicians, magicians, theatre people, painters, voice actors, etc.), I’ve been flourishing. This job is a perfect fit and I’m so sad that my term is scheduled to end (as is everyone’s; it’s a summer position) in only a few weeks. You told me: “your best bet here is to be yourself and see how it goes.” Well, it’s been going amazingly!

P.S. A few people said that having a job at Disney World meant I should be fine calling myself “outgoing,” but that job required a VERY different type of “outgoing-ness” than other jobs I’ve had. That job was very, very, very repetitive (I have my spiel memorized, even 3 months after leaving, because I said it hundreds of times a day), and being “outgoing” there was very draining in a way that it isn’t here at Current Job.

Thank you for your advice!

3 updates from recent letter-writers was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager.


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Feelings the first: I've just had A finish Season 1 of Korra, and I'm going to be making him watch Spirited Away before Season 2, because that sequence is frankly one of the few things I like about Season 2, so. BUT. Having very recently watched the end of Book 3 of A:tLA with him, I Noticed a Thing about the end of Season 1 that I had not, previously, and then FEELINGS. Spoilers, obviously. )

Orphan Black is also a bunch of FEELINGS, also has spoilers (up to 5.07), and also comes with a content note for Significant Gore slightly beyond what one normally expects of the show, along with all the usual "everything is horrifying but I love all of them" caveats.

Read more... )

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