So a while back, I made a vow

2017-05-28 04:45 am
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I would refuse to see Batman vs. Superman until I had tickets to see a Wonder Woman movie in my hot little hands.

And - guess what? I have those tickets.

So I hunkered down and watched Batman vs. Superman. It was exactly as joyless, miserable, boring, and generally intolerable as I expected - with, of course, the exception of the Wonder Woman bits.

But I did it - and now my appetite is whet for more Wonder Woman!!

Daily Happiness

2017-05-28 01:53 am
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1. Not only did I post more manga today, but I posted two different things!

2. We have had no trash pick up at work for a week, for unknown reasons (calling the trash company did not get us anything except promises to come the next day, which were inevitably broken), and our bin outside is jam packed and has been for days, so we just have a huge pile of trash bags building in our back storage area. I've been trying to get someone from corporate to help with this and finally today they called me and said they talked to the manager at the Gardena store and said we could send two pallets of trash per day to them and they would put it in their trash compactor. So a huge chunk of my day today was spent getting pallets of trash made up, which was not fun, but this will help alleviate the situation until we can actually get trash pick-up again, which will probably be Tuesday at the earliest (Monday is a holiday).

3. We got pizza for dinner. :D I texted Carla asking if she would be down with that and she had literally just been about to text me and ask me the same thing.

4. I love how Chloe looks like "ugh, stop taking my picture all the time, Dad!"

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Apparently Fallen London, and some people I RP with, are good for me. It's just the tiniest morsel of a snippet, but it's ending an indescribably long period of Not Writing. Brought into existence by what I read of Hallowmas and other festivities that entail wearing disguises. It's a start.

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Today has been very social, though not at all unpleasant. My brother's godparents are visiting from the Southwest, so we spent the afternoon with my family and then a sort of pre-Memorial Day dinner, which turned out surf-and-turf. There was way too much zucchini. There was not too much key lime pie. My three-year-old niece has discovered a pair of small stuffed animal rabbits which originally belonged to me and my brother—Bunnicula and Butterscotch—and is carrying them everywhere, even to dinner. She has decided that she wants a goat as a pet. (Suggestions that she ask for a pony instead were met with blank disdain.) I am no help to her parents in this argument. I think a goat in the family would be a great idea.

In the evening I met [personal profile] rushthatspeaks for a sold-out showing of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992) at the Brattle Theatre: I thought it was great. It's more overtly supernatural than the series overall—it's focused on the most overtly supernatural strand—but it's also decisively grounded by Sheryl Lee's performance, with Laura Palmer's very realistic anger, damage, and agency (it was not clear in the show that her final status was a choice rather than an inevitable consequence or a weird side effect of the manner of her death; the film offers her no good options, but she absolutely opts for the best of them, which makes it strangely difficult for me to classify the film as horror, even though content-wise I don't know what else it should be) interlocking across registers with the characters who live in the soapier layers of the plot. I was glad to see Harry Dean Stanton turn up in the supporting cast, because he feels existentially like someone who should inhabit a David Lynch universe. Now we just need to finish watching the remaining half of Season Two and figure out what to do about the third-season revival.

A later interlude of placidly watching candymaking videos by Public Displays of Confection with [personal profile] spatch was interrupted by Autolycus violently throwing up all over a box of hardcover Le Guin and Tanith Lee, but fortunately the box had a lid on it, the books have been transplanted to a high shelf, and a very shaken small cat was comforted after we emergency-mopped the floor. (There was much anxious purring. We reassured him that we know he does not throw up maliciously. He never looks like he enjoys it.)

Unless it gets a National Theatre-style broadcast, I don't have a hope of seeing the Crucible's Julius Caesar on account of it being in Sheffield and me being on the other side of an ocean, but it's being done with a diverse, gender-equal cast and I wish I could see it, because Zoë Waites has a hell of a lean and hungry look:


We are talking about seeing Jacques Tati's Playtime (1967) tomorrow. I haven't seen the movie since 2010, when it was also on film at the Brattle and I loved it. I should get to bed.

As I Lay Dying

2017-05-28 03:17 am
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Posted by <a href="/users/Vertolina/pseuds/Vertolina" rel="author">Vertolina</a>


Azrael uses a recent opportunity to visit Earth and find out the answer of a question that has been bothering her for a while.

Words: 3685, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 7 of Even The Devil Needs A Friend

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Posted by Amanda

Sarah: Am I the only one who gets a little zing! of excitement with the production company logo and music at the start of a movie? I think it’s a leftover reaction from going to a movie as a kid – which was a Big Deal of excitement.

Carrie S: Clothes!

Elyse: My fashion goals are to have a cape like Dorothy’s.

Carrie S: Three minutes in and I’m already in love with Jane Russell.

Sarah: What lipstick is Jane wearing in the opening sequence? I love it.

Ah, vintage movie credits. I can have a shower in the time it takes to get through them.

Elyse: Is “those girls couldn’t drown” a boob joke?

Carrie S: I feel like we need to discuss the flesh colored swim trunks but word fail me.

Elyse: Holy skin colored swim trunks. I love how the ship conveniently has a gymnastics studio next to the pool. Also what the fuck is the Australian crawl?

Sarah: Carrie, I agree. There is absolutely no subtext to men in flesh colored swim trunks dancing, wrestling, and swinging on a pole. Nope.

Dorothy with a black and white checkered cape. The underside is made up of bright yellow fabric.

RHG: Fuckboy Gus looks like Charles Boyle from Brooklyn 99 and that’s a substitution that’s going to keep me ENDLESSLY entertained for a while. All weekend, probably.

Sarah: Ok, when Junior Esmond walks through the backstage area on the way to Lorelei’s dressing room, he looks at all the women, and looks utterly confused what he’s doing there.

Elyse: I love Dorothy. LOVE her.

RHG: Jane Russell is the best, hands down. I want to get drunk with Dorothy and talk shit. Or with Jane. Both of ‘em.

Sarah: I love Dorothy’s confident sexuality. I love that the issue

RHG: RUNNING, why? “Sure it keeps you healthy, but at what cost?”

I deeply appreciate this workout scene. My face and Dorothy’s face are the same face and we would absolutely be best friends for ever. “I like a beautiful hunk of man.”

Dorthy is agog at a man flexing his biceps.

Sarah: “Nobody chaperones the chaperone.” And a thousand historical romances were born.

“Dibs on the shot putter.” Again, a thousand romances were born. Probably contemporary but I can be flexible.

Carrie S: When Lorelei and Dorothy walk into the dining room together there’s no lesbian subtext all. Nope. Not a bit.

Sarah: The choreography is something else – I don’t think their rib cages moved at all.

RHG: It’s nice to see actual dancing after that abhorrent remake of Dirty Dancing the other night with low energy, lackluster, barely dirty dancing.

Carrie S: I can’t figure out why I so very much want Lorelei to have love and riches even though she has the morals of a boa constrictor.

Sarah: Lorelei threatening to have her meals in her room so the head waiter has to give back his bribes – ma’am. I am so impressed.

Carrie S: Lorelei grand dismissal of annoying men is my everything.

Elyse: “The human ferret” is my new favorite insult.

Sarah: “Did you ever hear of a rich pole vaulter?” A thousand romances born? Well, maybe not a thousand. Maybe a six.

RHG: Oh, he’s good. Malone is VERY good at his job.

Ah! Elliot Reid reminds me of Christian Borle, especially in “My line? My most effective one is to tell a girl she has hair like a torch at midnight, lips like a red couch in an ivory palace that I’m lonely and starved for affection. Then, I generally burst into tears. It seldom works.”

Sarah: “You might be interested in my tiara.” I’m going to say that randomly, when I have a tiara in my bag. Which means I need to get a tiara to keep in my bag.

RHG: I’m going to start carrying around a tiara. Just in case. You never know when you might have a tiara emergency. “I just love finding new places to wear diamonds!” LOL.

Carrie S: OMG Lorelei is a terrible person. Blackmailing a dude to get a tiara is low, honey.

Sarah: Who packs a tiara in a leather briefcase without pad?

Elyse: Life goals: Needing 4 bellboys to unload my taxi…Except it would be all yarn and books, probably.


Lorelei (Marilyn Monroe) in a gorgeous deep blue dress.

Sarah: And Carrie, that cobalt dress…we are indeed not worthy.

Elyse: This movie is pure clothes pr0n. Except the cone bras. Those are a little scary.

RHG: The costumes in this are STUNNING. OMG.

Sarah: The fact that I’m really enjoying this movie and that it’s a musical is surprising.

Elyse: Where do these women buy their lipstick?! It survives kissing…getting knocked in the pool…like a million cocktails…

Sarah: Dorothy is making me rethink pantsuits.

Dorothy has a pink lipstick now – and I don’t wear pink but I like it. I need makeup lessons from whomever chose her cosmetics.

RHG: THAT IS A VERY LARGE LISTENING DEVICE. “If you’ve nothing more to say, pray, scat.” BRUTAL.

Lorelei (Marilyn Monroe) telling a dude that if he has nothing more to say, pray, scat.

Sarah: Malone would make a terrible paparazzi. And I defined about sixteen abdominal muscles cringing at Piggy’s tales of Africa. Good grief.

Carrie S: I’m disappointed by the wedding dresses. I thought they’d be more outrageous.

Sarah: I was not expecting tea length wedding dresses and lace.

Lorelei and Dorothy's matching tea-length, lace wedding dresses.

Elyse: I don’t understand why the chandelier is made of women. Or the candelabra. HAVE THEY BEEN CURSED?!

Carre S: I love the female friendship and I love the tenacity with which the women go after what they want from life. It was a lot of fun! Also we have to provide a gif of Monroe smacking guys with her fan and saying “No, no no no no no” cause that’s the best.

Elyse: I adore the fact that Dorothy and Lorelei support each other unwaveringly. They may not always agree with each other, but they love and protect each other. I will watch/read that story always.

Sarah: I love that Lorelei and Dorothy’s friendship is immutable. They both know each other’s flaws and habits, but they defend one another and protect each other. And they’re honest about the circumstances they’re in, and don’t condemn each other for doing what they want, and going after what they want. I love that about this movie.

I also love their exchange:

“It’s just not fair.”

“Of course it’s not.”

They’re going to help each other and look after each other because nothing is fair.

RHG: That was charming and adorable, and I feel like Marilyn Monroe was a much better actress than a lot of people give her credit for. Sure, lot of people can do the breathy, “Oh my, isn’t that interesting?” thing, but to do it with enough layers, and being able to let the camera see the machinations behind it all? Noice. Pity that most people now seem to see just the hair and the boobs and the legs.

Elyse: “Really, then why are you wearing that hat?” I LOVE DOROTHY.

“You hold your breath till I call.” I LOVE HER EVEN MORE

RHG: Dorothy and I would TOTALLY be BFFs. We’d be salt-mates. It would be amazing.

Sarah: It’s hard to grade this because through my present-day lenses (all four of them) there are some cringe-tastic moments. I’m generally not a fan of musicals. (WHY. WHY DO YOU BURST INTO SONG AND DON’T KNOW YOU ARE SINGING WHY.)

It’s not perfection but it’s very close. B+

RHG: I’d agree on the B+ grade…although, thinking back to the dude workout song, that pushes it up to an A- for me. I do love me a beautiful hunk of man.

Elyse: This was super fun. I liked the romance but I loved the female friendship and the clothes were AMAZING. I agree with B+/A-.

Did you watch Gentlemen Prefer Blondes along with us? Do you have a favorite costume? Are you more of a Dorothy or a Lorelei?

First contact

2017-05-28 02:44 am
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"An amateur historian has unearthed compelling evidence that the first Australian maritime foray into Japanese waters was by convict pirates on an audacious escape from Tasmania almost two centuries ago..."

Hamaguchi wrote of sailors with “long pointed noses” who were not hostile, but asked in sign language for water and firewood. One had burst into tears and begun praying when an official rejected an earlier plea.

A skipper who looked 25 or 26 placed tobacco in “a suspicious looking object, sucked and then breathed out smoke”.

He had a “scarlet woollen coat” with “cuffs embroidered with gold thread and the buttons were silver-plated”, which was “a thing of great beauty, but as clothing it was gaudy”.


The skipper gave instructions to a crew that “in accordance with what appeared to be some mark of respect” followed orders to remove their hats “to the man, most of them revealing balding heads”.

They “exchanged words amongst themselves like birds twittering”.

A dog on the ship “did not look like food. It looked like a pet.”



Another samurai chronicler called Hirota noted the crew offered gifts including an object he later drew, which looks like a boomerang.

One sailor bared his chest to the disguised samurai to reveal a tattoo of “the upper body of a beautiful woman”, Hamaguchi wrote.

Another produced “a big glass of what appeared to be an alcoholic beverage and indicated that we should drink”.

“We declined by waving our hands, upon which they passed the glass around themselves, one by one tapping their heads as they drank to indicate the good feeling it brought them, and finished the lot.”

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This had better be awesome. I'd forgotten how much work sautéing ground sausage is. Ow.

Originally from the Peace, Love and Low Carb blog. I have, as usual, changed it:

3lb ground Italian sausage (used Johnsonville)
2 + 2 Tbsp butter
2 + 1 Tbsp olive oil
2 C spinach, packed (baby, and all of a 5oz package)
1 C carrots, diced
1 leek, not so small, cleaned and sliced
1 box (6oz) minced onion and celery
~5 C chicken stock
1.5 C lentils (green)
1 C heavy cream
1/2 C Parmesian cheese, grated
2 Tbsp Dijon mustard
2 Tbsp red wine vinegar
salt and pepper

Original instructions: Heat slow cooker on low setting. Thoroughly rinse lentils, and add to slow cooker with chicken stock.
In a large skillet over medium-high heat, brown sausage in olive oil and butter.
Using a slotted spoon, remove sausage from pan, reserving drippings. Add the cooked sausage to the slow cooker.
Add spinach, carrots, onions, garlic, leek, celery and a little salt and black pepper to the pan. Sauté vegetables over medium heat until tender. About 10 minutes.
Add sauteed vegetables to the slow cooker and mix in.
Stir in heavy cream, Parmesan cheese, Dijon mustard, and red wine vinegar. Cover and allow to cook on low 6-8 hours.

What I'm doing:
Brown sausage in olive oil and butter. Sauté veggies + salt & pepper in drippings. Package everything up and put in the fridge.
Do everything else tomorrow.

The original had one sautéing 1.5lb ground sausage in 2 Tbsp each of olive oil and butter. I wound up buying 3 1lb packs, and running low on oil in the pan about half way through and sloshed more olive oil in there. Then when sautéing the veggies (which were, like 2x the original) in the drippings, it looked too dry, so I added 2 more Tbsp of butter.

Right now I have the sausage browned and the veggies sautéd; I'm pretty much ready to combine everything when I wake up tomorrow so it can cook through the day.

check in day 28

2017-05-28 07:10 am
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How is the writing going today? What about yesterday?

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 0

Today I

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Discussion: what are you working on this week? any deadlines looming?

Reminder: NaNoDownUnder

2017-05-28 06:10 pm
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Just a reminder that [community profile] nanodownunder starts on 1 June (New Zealand time).

Want to kick-start your writing?

Set your own goals -- this doesn't have to be a full 50K-word endeavour, just whatever you want to aim for. Pick a WIP to finish, or set a daily time- or wordcount-goal. Or just wing it, if you prefer.

Daily check-in posts. Locked comm so we can chat/cheer/commiserate in semi-privacy (ie, you have to join to play, but membership isn't moderated). Come one, come all...

Wiscon 41 - Day 2

2017-05-28 01:00 am
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So, Saturday. We decided to forgo 8:30am panels, instead having a quiet Starbucks breakfast, then running into [ profile] butnotdegeneres in the lobby on our way to check out the art show. I did go to a 10am panel, on crowdfunding (hashtag). I took a lot of notes on that one and will try to write it up at some point.

We followed that up with a taco lunch, and then I had to run back for my first panel of the day: It's OK Not to Like Stuff, where we talked about the delicate art of having unpopular opinions on the Internet, particularly as a critic. Although there were only three of us, we developed a great rapport, and afterward, the mod ([ profile] crosberg) expressed sadness that I live too far away to come replicate the panel at C2E2 next year. The hashtag for that one didn't get too much action, sadly, because it was a fun discussion of how to navigate negative reviews, how we communicate differently when we're being a critic as opposed to when we're being a fan, and how to tactfully disengage when someone insist that you must be wrong not to love the thing they love.

My next stops were a panel on the ever-evolving SF/F canon (hashtag), which may become the fodder for arguments and discussion at a later time, and an entertaining group reading featuring Charlie Jane Anders, Mark Oshiro, and more robot sex than expected. After dinner, I dropped by the Tiptree Auction; [profile] branewane was in top form as auctioneer, just as she was last year, but the highlight of my time there BY FAR was the auction for a bottle of lube autographed by Zoe Quinn on behalf of Chuck Tingle (final sale price: $125).

My last event of the day was my third panel, about fanfic. The description was a little broad, so in our pre-con email discussions we decided to make it a conversation about the connections between fanfic and historical fiction (using Hamilton as a jumping off point), and about older canons like Sherlock Holmes, Shakespeare, and Jane Austen that still have transformative works being made about them. It was a pretty lose panel with lots of audience participation (and a fun, active hashtag, where [ profile] afranklinhudson helpfully posted links to many of the fics and other works mentioned). Also during that time period was the panel I was saddest to miss, on the joys of Leverage, so I am very glad that it was live-tweeted by a number of people.

It was a good day but also a long day, so after a quick nightcap at Michelangelo's followed by a pass by the Floomp, we are back in our room, typing away on our computers and recovering from a day of talking and sociability (at least I am). Looking forward to tomorrow, but for now I am happy to relax for a bit.

Post-Deadline Pinch Hits

2017-05-28 05:11 pm
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The assignment deadline is past. I gave some extensions, so if you do not have a gift and do not appear as a pinch hit, feel free to check with me - - as to when your gift may appear.

Pinch hit #8 still needs a writer - please claim it at that post or by email.

See below for four further pinch hits (please reply here or email to claim).
Pinch hit #10 - fic, art )

Pinch hit #11 - fic )

Pinch hit #12 - CLAIMED )

Pinch hit #13 - CLAIMED )

Pinch hits are due at 11:59pm EDT Thursday 1 June. (Countdown)

I will shortly post a playlist of all songs for which a work has been posted (updated as treats & pinch hits come in, of course).

(no subject)

2017-05-27 10:01 pm
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I am halfway through crocheting my 7th hat of 25 goal crochet hats. If I hit that target number before the weather turns cold (which is months from now), I'm going to increase it so I'll have more hats to donate to a local charity.

This past month, I've been continuing to go to different Dem caucus meetings and events. It's been great to hear about what's going on in local politics and issues that the different caucuses have, and how people are fighting to make things right in our state.

My House (Dem) rep (or at the very least, her office in DC) is on fire with responses. I've been using resistbot to send her my concerns and thanks, and her office has been mailing me letters thanking me and telling me what my rep has been doing in regards to said issue. I'm surprised because I don't need responses, but it's really nice to know that her office are getting my messages.

My recent impulse buy was a magnet from Michaels which read 'My cat is a Democrat' :D I thought it was funny and took a picture of it to send to my best friend before I realize, "Oh wait, I should buy this!" and I did. It's now on my fridge and I get a kick out of it every time I'm in the kitchen.

Wiscon 41 - Day 1

2017-05-27 11:55 pm
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I typed this up before bed Friday, but wasn't able to post it because I got kicked off the wifi and wasn't able to log back on until this afternoon. Now Saturday is over, but both days have been so full that I wanted to keep it all separate. I'm not going to go through and rewrite the whole thing, so consider this a snapshot of my yesterday. :)


WisCon proper kicked off this afternoon. We had a very lazy morning, sleeping in and then getting breakfast at Michelangelo's, followed by a trip to A Room of One's Own for some actual book shopping (we decided not to deal with the lines after the reading on Thursday). I got the second volume of Bitch Planet and Rainbow Rowell's Carry On. Then it was time to check out the Gathering, followed by my very first WisCon panel!

The panel was about women who play video games, and it went very well. To get a flavor of the discussion, I suggest checking out the Twitter hashtag, #WomenGameWriters. Of the five panelists, two are professional video game developers, and the moderator, [personal profile] tanyad, is the founder of #INeedDiverseGames; myself and the fifth panelist are gamers with no industry connections. So we brought a nice mix of professional and non-professional, outsider and insider viewpoints to the conversation. We talked about the perception of women gamers -- women don't play shooters, women only play casual games, casual gamers aren't "real" gamers, and so on -- and also about the perception that the people who make and sell games are all cis white dudes (a stereotype with some truth to it, but there have always been women and people of color in the industry, and their numbers are growing all the time, especially in the indie game space). I felt like we had a good conversation and that I made some worthwhile contributions. I was also very glad to have a microphone, because although I'm feeling a little better today, my voice is not in any shape to project.

The next panel block was Mark Oshiro's "Queer Eye for Sci-Fi", which I was very happy to attend for a second year in a row. Similar to last time, the panelists discussed their experiences as queer people of color who are fans of sci-fi and fantasy media, in all its glory and with all its problems. The hashtag for that one is pretty great, too.

Afterwards was dinner; we headed to a local brewpub for some burgers and fried things, where I introduced [personal profile] justira and [personal profile] renay to the wonders of deep fried cheese curds, and then we dropped by the Opening Ceremonies. Just like last year, Katherine Cross gave a stirring speech, this time on the subject of the importance of WisCon and the safer space it provides for marginalized fans, and why it's vital to keep it going in Trump's America. Our next stop was the game tables, to play a long-planned game of Slash hosted by Jed. Slash is a card game in the style of Apples to Apples, except instead of adjectives and nouns, the cards each have the name of a fictional or historical character, and the objective is to make the best pairing. Some of our better results included Gandhi/Hannibal Lecter, Veronica Mars/Marge Simpson, and a whole harem (including Rasputin and Andre the Giant) for the cast of the Golden Girls. Then I dropped by the annual vid party, which was an excellent set list as always. I left after the first half, which ended with a funny and moving tribute to Carrie Fisher that left half the audience literally in tears. I'll post the complete set list when it's available.


I plan to type up today's con experience now, but it might not go out into the world until tomorrow, depending on how long it takes. It's going well, and I'm having fun with Ira and Renay, but I so wish this cold hadn't decided to come along. It's kind of getting better, but the amount that I'm talking is probably not helping matters. Stupid cold. But it's not getting me down too much. I just have to take it a little easier than I would prefer, which overall is maybe not a bad thing.

(no subject)

2017-05-27 09:13 pm
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It has been a busy couple of weeks. I spent one week on Maker Faire (I hope to have pics soon). 

Just before Maker Faire Donald and I went up to Ukiah to finish up the drip irrigation on Howell Creek and Red Barn Creek.  Donald was my hero, digging way more than his half of the 75 feet of ditch for the new faucet at the Red Barn.  We did get it done, but only because Donald cancelled his usual Tuesday night class.  It felt really good to get the drip established on the Red Barn Creek.  Maybe the little plants will make it through the summer this year! The next day Maker Faire started.

When we arrived at Maker Faire the boss announced that we were all "hand picked and requested"  which is a very nice compliment.  The Faire was its usual zany self.  To my vast relief I was assigned to the "Homegrown Barn", the space I was in last year for the first day.  It was really hot this year, but in general it was great.  The steward on the call mentioned to me that I am absolutely certain to be on the crew as long as I wanted the job.  Very nice to hear.

The garden is still lovely with late spring/early summer flowers. 

Donald and I went to Ukiah just before


2017-05-28 12:31 am
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A tiny little hair that is still one day away from being long enough to tweeze is an Abomination Unto Nuggan. And also painful.

rib roaster, n.

2017-05-28 12:00 am
[syndicated profile] oed_wordoftheday_feed
OED Word of the Day: rib roaster, n. In cricket and baseball: a ball bowled or pitched so as to strike the ribs

Deadline reminder!

2017-05-27 07:49 pm
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Don't forget, your fanworks are due late in the evening on June 1 -- just about 5 days from now. I'm not going to be a terrible stickler about it; as last year, I'll wait 'til morning on June 2 to figure out what I have or don't have, at which point I will default any unfilled assignments and assign pinch hitters. If you know you'll need an extension or have to drop out, please contact me ASAP!

Once your assignment is finished, you might consider making a treat if you happen to see anything appealing in the list of requests. This is definitely not required, but it's an option if you are inspired.

Speaking of inspiration, there are tons of screencaps and historical info sites in the resource post, and there's also the prompt post if you're stuck for ideas and want to peruse the prompts. (I added a few that were contributed since the post was last updated.) And don't forget the beta thread if you are in need of a beta or would like to offer your services.

Out of curiosity, does anyone have any suggestions for inspiration/encouragement/cheerleading type posts that might be useful as we head into the final stretch? I meant to do more of that kind of thing this year and the deadline got away from me, as deadlines often do; I'm not sure if it would still be useful this late. But if some commiseration and cheerleading threads would be helpful to anyone, then by all means let me know and I'll put some up.

Scanlations: Fulldrum ch. 3

2017-05-27 08:59 pm
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Hey, guys. So volume one was finally released last month, and the ebook came out this month, so now we have nice HQ tankobon scans! We are working on getting the first two chapters redone with better quality scans, so I will upload those as soon as we have them ready.

Title: Fulldrum
Author: Hakoishi Toru
Publisher: Young Jump
Category: Seinen
Genre: Humor, Sports
Status in Japan: 1 volume, ongoing
Scanlator: Megchan's Scanlations + Anima Regia
Scanlation Status: Ongoing
More Info: Baka Updates

Summary: Hino is obsessed with playing sports in high school, but not because he loves sports (he doesn't), or is any good at them (he's really not). He's doing it because that's the way to get a girlfriend (or so he thinks). After getting kicked out of half his school's sports clubs, he's still convinced he just hasn't found the sport he's truly destined for. When he (literally) runs into Noborito Ayako, manager of the rubgy club, it's love at first sight (for him), but all she's looking for is another warm body for the struggling rugby club. Could this be the chance he's been waiting for?

Chapter Summary: Nobody thinks Hino can stand up against Asakura, not even Hino himself. But Noborito still hasn't given up hope...

Chapter 3: Take Back the Honor

Dept. of Passages

2017-05-27 09:48 pm
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One More Gone

I grew up with the Allman Brothers Band. I didn't know dick about rock and roll until I was a young adult, but I loved the sound of Duane Allman and Dickey Betts urging each other on on their guitars; I loved the non-stop double set of drummers; I loved Gregg Allman's raw-throated vocals. I didn't know their names at the time I fell in love with their music, but I went out and found their albums, and then I learned their names. 

I find it weird that just a few nights ago I got the unstoppable urge to listen to "Layla," in which Duane and Eric Clapton and the rest of the band tear the world apart for love. And tonight, I'm mourning the little brother who idolized big brother Duane. 

Here are possibly my two favorite Allman Brothers' Band songs. Midnight Rider, because of the controlled desperation of the lyrics, which Gregg's voice carried; Whipping Post because it made me feel every lash of the whip, and filled my head with its thunderous bass line and Gregg's howl. (The live version at the Fillmore is amazing - go watch it here - but I include the album version here because that's the one that hit me in the gut first.)

RIP, Gregg Allman; you finally made it to angel. 


2017-05-27 11:20 pm
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Today has definitely been a day of ups and downs.

On the up side, I managed to do some quiet knitting and catch up on Night Vale and a bit of the new season of Alice Isn't Dead. I got new boots for Larp that I think will work out at least for that purpose (they're army surplus, so need a bit of love, but they were cheap). I had cupcakes and macarons. Nary was here for a bit!

On the down side: Vicious bees, annoying to bad news on the house selling front for Nary, household-related social tension, I can't figure out putty to manage the msql import for the database for the rocksfall wiki.

Can anyone help with the last one? I can get logged in now, but I need to run the code for the import (which I have) from the right directory, and I can't get it to actually tell me what directory I am in in order to navigate there. *sigh* I looked up the commands online but when I type them in, nothing happens, or it crashes.

Also the database I have to import has a folder with the name wikiname.msql, and then there is a file with the actual .sql file inside that. I'm not sure a: if what I need to upload is that folder or the file inside it, and, if the latter, whether putty will even recognize the folder as a folder or not.


It had been going pretty well, but a lot of those negatives have been weighted towards the end of my day so far :|
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Title: Good Catch
Fandom: Person of Interest
Rating: G
Words: 100
Characters/Pairings: Finch/Reese
Warnings/Content: Fluff, domesticity, hazardous bathroom floors
Notes: For [community profile] 100_words, Challenge #43: Touch.

Summary: Sometimes for Harold, beauty outweighs common sense.

Also at the Archive

Harold is admiring John's back )
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The first episode of the season which hasn't thrilled me, but I liked it better than some.

'I got your spoilers cheap.' )
[syndicated profile] lj_fan_flashworks_feed

Posted by m_findlow

Title: The old oak tree
Fandom: Torchwood
Characters: Jack Harkness
Author: m_findlow
Rating: PG
Length: 1,935 words
Content notes: none
Author notes: Written for Challenge 192 - Tree
Summary: Jack has come to say goodbye to an old friend.

Jack tucked his hands into pockets, staring across the lush green grass towards the heavy machinery now situated in the middle of the large park. There were several big trucks, a tall cherry picker style crane, and about a dozen men in bright high vis jackets standing about, each staring around and offering the others their opinions on how to best go about the task, pointing and gesticulating.

Ianto shambled up to stand next to him, offering him a paper cup, full of steaming hot coffee, against the chill of the morning. Reluctantly, Jack pulled his hands from his pockets and allowed the cup to warm them.

Ianto stifled the yawn rising inside him. It had been a long night, and he would have preferred to be in bed, safe in the knowledge that the spacecraft that had crashed here not eight hours ago was now safely ensconced back at the hub, and its less than peaceful occupants locked away, awaiting a Shadow Proclamation vessel to come pick them up and put them on trial for attempting to invade a Category Five planet.

They might have succeeded had they not crashed, losing a third of their crew. Even so, between the remaining crew, they had enough weapons and artillery to wipe out half of Europe. What they hadn't counted on was Torchwood; Jack having distracted their advance force, whilst Tosh installed a protective barrier, effectively cutting off their forces from their ship and their ability to launch weapons. It hadn't prevented them from taking shots at Jack, killing him, but it gave Owen, Gwen and Ianto time enough to return fire and eventually force their surrender.

'Why are we here, Jack?' Ianto asked. Had they missed clearing the area of some obvious piece of evidence? Sure, it had been dark, but the ship, damaged as it was, was still largely in one piece, able to be dragged away and loaded onto one of Harwoods largest trucks. All that was left now was the impressive divot in the grass, and the mangled old oak tree it had hit on its way down. That was the reason for all the men here now, called out to pull the tree down, too damaged to leave in its current state, and probably too damaged to heal itself.

The story had gone around that some drunken teenagers had stolen a car, tearing it around the park in mad circles until it finally wrapped itself around the old oak. No one had seen the car, nor its passengers, either before or after the incident, but that's what all the police reports said.

'Came to say goodbye to an old friend,' Jack replied, raising the cup to his lips and breathing in the heavenly scent, letting his exhale create a cloud of white in front of his face.


Jack inclined his head towards the gaggle of council workers and tradesmen, busy surrounding the thick trunk of the tree with broad strapping, trying to tether it upright from its knocked over angle, at least until they could cut some of the higher branches from the main body of the tree, steadying it for its ultimate removal.

'The tree?' Ianto asked, clutching his own coffee, needing it more for the caffeine than the warmth, though the warmth was a definite bonus.

'That oak tree has stood here for over two hundred years,' Jack stated.

'Finally something in Cardiff older than you,' Ianto quipped.

Old indeed. That oak had been just a young tree when Jack had first been stranded here, its bark still smooth and unweathered. It was the first to be planted in the new botanical gardens of the time, and over the next generation had devolved into a park for all the public to enjoy, with more oaks and birches planted, creating long avenues in some places, and sprawling gardens in others.

This particular one though was special for Jack. In the early days he'd slept under its leafy boughs through the mild summer months, and even some of the bitterest winter nights, kept warm by the alcohol running through his veins, thrown forcibly from the pubs too drunk to find proper shelter. Plenty of his pre-Torchwood days had been spent living rough.

Over the years, he'd enjoyed picnics here in the spring, sprawled on thick rugs, enjoying egg and lettuce sandwiches and lemonade, the weak Welsh sunshine breaking through the canopy of leaves overhead, and the sound of children and dogs running and squealing their delight.

He'd had occasion to spend afternoons there, lying in the grass, watching his lover of the time fussing over a canvas, trying to capture the simple beauty of the place. Jack would have preferred if he'd wanted to paint him, since he was sure he was the most appealing view in the park. Instead he'd left for Paris only a few weeks later. Jack had always known it would be short lived, just as his lover had been short-tempered and frustrated by a lack of creative inspiration.

He'd watched Lucia and their daughter collecting acorns beneath the grand boughs, his little girl fascinated by everything she touched. It left him wondering how life after so many decades had finally decided to grant him the kindness of a loving family. He should have known it wouldn't last. Being immortal and working for Torchwood was a recipe for disaster. He couldn't change who he was. All he could do was wait for his Doctor to return.

He'd chased plenty of weevils through the park, even clambering up into the twisted branches to get the jump on them, or to make a hasty escape when things had gone south on him. It turned out weevils couldn't climb trees, which was a handy thing to know.

He'd met Ianto for the first time, just a few dozen yards away from it, on just one of those occasions when his legs couldn't carry him far enough to reach his trusty refuge before the weevil was on top of him. He and Ianto had shared long walks through the park, hand in hand, enjoying the dappled sunlight on an autumn day, kicking through the red and golden leaves, listening to the satisfying crunch underfoot, and sometimes grabbing handfuls of them and throwing them like children tossing snowballs, forgetting age and responsibility for just a few minutes.

Yes, Jack and this tree went way back. He'd be sad to see it go, having stood there all those years, watching the world go by, just as he had. It would be slowly cut into more manageable chunks by disenchanted council workers, thrown through a woodchipper machine and ground up into little bits. It deserved a better end than this.

'It survived the winter of '65 and the rain of fire of '82.'

'Rain of fire?'

'Long story. I never imagined it would ever die. Always figured it might be the one thing to outlive me.'

'It gave its life for a noble cause,' Ianto replied. 'Had they not accidentally crashed into it, we'd probably all have been killed asleep in our beds before we even knew what had happened.'

It was true, Jack had to admit. He shuddered to think what might have happened had it not been for that one tiny stroke of misfortune. The precise how of the matter was yet to be determined. It was so unlike that species to be so incompetent. They could've landed in a dozen places clear of any obstacles, the plass, the Millennium Stadium, Ninian Park, the list went on. Perhaps they'd had mechanical problems. Tosh would be able to tell them in the coming days, once she'd taken a good look at it. For now, it seemed they'd all been saved by an act of serendipity.

As the sound of the first chainsaw fired up, Jack knew he'd seen enough. He didn't want to be here when they started hacking away at his old friend, leaving nothing but a gaping hole where it had once stood tall and proud.

'Time to go,' he said, throwing back the last lukewarm remnants of his coffee and handing it back to Ianto, before stalking back to the SUV. Ianto watched him go, collar pulled high, long strides putting distance between them.


It was a good three months later, when Ianto left work early one afternoon to take delivery of some furniture for his house. All Jack was concerned about was the word that a new bed was forthcoming, bigger than the one they currently had. Ianto's intention was to have everything unpacked and installed before Jack came home. It wasn't the bed he was planning on surprising Jack with.

Running a polish cloth over the new table, he admired the lovely colour of the timber. It was a fine replacement for the ratty old pine table that Ianto had never gotten around to upgrading or replacing since they'd moved in together properly. The chairs were equally pleasing, Their legs and backs artfully turned by hand, and it was nice to have a matching set for once. Nothing in his house had coordinated when he'd first moved in, a cobbled together hotchpotch of hand me downs from Rhiannon and his mum, stuff from his old flat in London, and a half a dozen items picked up along the way from discount retailers. It was slow going, but eventually everything would be replaced with nice new furnishings, coordinated and more suited to a proper house than a twenty something's bachelor pad.

'I'm home!' came the yell from down the halls, signalling Jack's arrival.

Ianto smiled inwardly, waiting for the big reveal.

'What's say we skip dinner and road test this new bed?' Jack said, stepping into the main living area.

'Well, we could,' Ianto said, 'but then you wouldn't get to enjoy dinner at our new table.'

Jack turned his head to look around Ianto at their new table and chairs.

'That wasn't the one we picked out,' he said.

'I thought you might like this better.'

Jack ran his fingers along the knobbled edge of it, the length of it cut from a single tree, and the bark on each side forming a rustic bevelled edge.

'It's incredible. Where did you find something like this? It must've cost a fortune.'

'The timber came surprisingly cheap. It only cost me a small bribe to a city council arborist. The man who built it is the one just outside the city that made those love spoons we bought. He was rapt to get the commission. I figured with a bit of care, that old oak might live to be enjoyed for a few hundred more years.'

Jack's head shot up. 'You mean it's?'

'Yes, Jack,' Ianto replied, loving Jack's priceless reaction. It was exactly what he'd been hoping for. It was nice to know he could still surprise Jack every now and then.

Jack ran his hand along the edge again, feeling that same of old gnarled bark he must have touched half a hundred times.

'It's perfect,' he said. 'You're perfect,' he added, coming over to hug his ever thoughtful lover.

'I know,' Ianto replied, letting Jack kiss him. 'Just keep that in mind the next time I screw something up.'

'Not gonna happen,' Jack said, grinning. 'Now what was it you said about dinner?'

'Almost ready.'

'Good. I just hope you had this table built good and sturdy. I might want to have dessert here as well.'

Ianto laughed, giving Jack a playful peck on the cheek. 'It's oak. It'd take an alien spaceship to break that.'

5 good things

2017-05-27 06:41 pm
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1. Yesterday, a meeting I stressed over all week was cancelled, and instead I treated myself to a nice lunch and a long afternoon nap.

2. My house is mostly clean, and the new vacuum cleaner works well.

3. The dog's medication is working, which means she no longer pees in her sleep. (Yes, really. Sigh.)

4. I had a lovely lunch (with gelato!) and a long walk in the redwoods with [personal profile] laurashapiro and [personal profile] shrift.

5. There are still 2 more days of the weekend, and I have no obligations whatsoever. This is kind of awesome.
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(even if I don't like Traister a whole lot. LOL NO Hillary Rodham Clinton is not going to go to therapy, have you met a stoic Midwesterner type?)

Inside Hillary Clinton's Life after the Election

As staffers and friends began to melt down with shock and grief, Clinton, by all accounts, remained preternaturally calm. One staffer speculated that she was able to do so because she is a person who often expects the worst and does not trust the best: “It was an example of reality rising to meet her expectations.”

“I remember having conversations with her which were gut-wrenching to me,” says Mook of that night. “Saying to her, ‘The math isn’t there. It doesn’t look like we can win.’ She was so stoic about it. She immediately went into the mode of thinking, Okay, what do we do next?”

Speechwriters Dan Schwerin and Megan Rooney realized that they were going to have to produce a concession speech. Rooney had drafted one and stuck it in a drawer. As the evening wore on, they started working on it. By the time the results were certain, Clinton and her advisers felt that it was too late to make a speech; she wanted to consider carefully what she had to say, and went back and forth with her team about the stance to take toward Trump. When Schwerin and Rooney came to her suite at the Peninsula Hotel the next morning to go over the draft, Clinton was sitting in her bathrobe at the table. She had slept only briefly, but she was clear: She wanted to take a slightly more aggressive approach, focusing on the protection of democratic norms, and she wanted to emphasize the message to young girls, the passage that would become the heart of her speech.

As the pair of writers left her room and walked down the hall, Rooney turned to Schwerin and said, “That’s a president.” Schwerin remembers: “Because here, in this incredibly difficult moment, she was thinking calmly and rationally about what the country needs to hear.” Schwerin said that until then he had held it together. “But I kind of lost it then.”

And flashback, from the same writer, almost exactly a year ago:

There is an Indiana Jones–style, “It had to be snakes” inevitability about the fact that Donald Trump is Clinton’s Republican rival. Of course Hillary Clinton is going to have to run against a man who seems both to embody and have attracted the support of everything male, white, and angry about the ascension of women and black people in America. Trump is the antithesis of Clinton’s pragmatism, her careful nature, her capacious understanding of American civic and government institutions and how to maneuver within them. Of course a woman who wants to land in the Oval Office is going to have to get past an aggressive reality-TV star who has literally talked about his penis in a debate.

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2017-05-27 08:32 pm
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